Top Casino Card Games to Play for Money


If you want to add excitement and risk to your gaming experience, then the world of casino card games will welcome you with open arms. From Poker to Baccarat, each game offers a unique appeal that can up the Ante for anyone looking for a little financial reward in exchange for their skills and knowledge.

With countless types of these beloved classics available, knowing which one will offer tremendous benefits can be challenging. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite top casino card games that you should try if you’re feeling lucky!

Winning Real Money by Playing Classic Card Games

Once you enter a casino, you’ll find numerous opportunities for betting and winning real money; card games are no exception. That said, here are some classic casino card games that offer thrilling gameplay and a chance to get substantial payouts.

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is one of the most straightforward variations of Poker, where players will play exclusively against the house instead of one another. The game starts with each Player and the dealer receiving five cards. The dealer will turn one card face-up while the player’s card remains face-down. The players will analyze their cards without saying any information about them.

Before the cards are dealt, players will place an “Ante bet.” After looking at their cards, players can choose to fold, surrender their Ante, or Raise. Raise refers to raising the bet twice the size of the Ante. To qualify, the dealer must have an Ace-King high. You win once you raise, and the dealer turns over anything less than the Ace-King high.

However, if the dealer turns over an Ace-King high or better, your hand is compared to the dealer’s. The best hand will be based on the standard poker hand rankings. You win even money on the Ante and the Raise if your hand is better.


Hearts belong to the “Whist” family of trick-taking card games, with slightly different rules due to its main gameplay elements. For instance, players need to avoid cards from the Hearts suit since these are equal to one penalty point. However, did you know you can play certain free online Hearts games for gambling? It’s the same as any Hearts game, where one point equals one chip.

Scoring basics:

  • At the end of the trick, all Player’s scores totaled.
  • The sum is divided by the number of players to get the average score.
  • Each Player’s average scores are calculated to get the difference.
  • Chips are taken or put inside the pot based on the value of your score compared to the average.

For instance, the total of all Player’s scores is 152, divided by four (number of players) to get the average score of 38. After that, each Player’s score is subtracted from the average score to take out or put chips into the put. If you want to know how to play this trick-evasion card game, it’s best to find a free online Hearts game to practice and familiarize yourself with the rules before betting with real money.

Casino War

If you have played War as a kid, you might be familiar with Casino War, its adult version. It’s also the simplest casino card game on our list, so you won’t have difficulty understanding its rules.

Each round will begin with the Player making a bet. Afterward, the Player and the dealer will each get a card from a six-deck shoe, which is what’s used in most formats. The objective is to get a card with a higher value than the dealer’s, with the Ace as the highest and two as the lowest.

You win an even bet if your card is higher, and you lose your bet if the dealer’s card is higher than yours. If you and the dealer draw the same card, then “War” ensues. Going to War means doubling the amount of your original bet. Or you may surrender half of your bet to end the round.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Every casino game list won’t be complete without Texas Hold’em. It’s the most popular poker variation, which is played worldwide. However, Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker is not your typical Texas Hold’em game since players are playing against the house instead of against one another.

The game basics:

  • Each Player makes equal Ante and Blind bets.
  • Both dealer and Player receive two hole cards and choose to play a bet (3 to 4 times the size of the Ante/Blind) or check.
  • During the first betting round, community cards are dealt.
  • If you played the bet based on your pre-flop hand, you can’t bet any further, and five community cards will come out.
  • The first three cards (flop) from the five community cards will hit the table.
  • You can either Play bet or check again.
  • The final two cards will hit the table whether you check or bet on the flop.
  • You can still bet with all five cards if you checked in both the pre-flop and flop rounds.

If you choose to play bet at any point in the hand, you and the dealer will turn over the hole cards, and the winner depends on who has the best five-card hand based on the combination of hole and community cards.


Finally, a simple card game that you’ll enjoy is Baccarat. It’s a massive favorite by high-stakes gamblers due to its fast-paced gameplay and simple mechanics. It only involves a hand between the Player and the Banker, and whoever has the best hand wins.

Both sides aim to get as close to nine points with their two cards. Outside players will bet on the Player and the Banker, whoever they think will have a card close to nine. Face and tens are equivalent to zero points, and Ace is one point, while two to nine equals their face values.

If the combined total is ten or more, one is removed. For instance, two eight cards are equal to six instead of 16. Whoever has a hand equivalent to nine or closer to nine between the Player and Banker wins.

Choose Your Card Game and Win Money Wisely

One interesting fact about card games is that they have been around for centuries, with different variations being developed across different cultures. It’s truly a testament to the enduring appeal of these games as a form of entertainment. Another fascinating aspect is how card games have evolved from purely recreational activities to incorporating real money for betting purposes. The games on this list are perfect examples, which those interested should practice to win bigger payouts!