What to Expect When Working with a Real Estate Lawyer?


If you’re thinking of or planning to buy or sell property, you may need to hire a skilled real estate lawyer. This post covers what you can expect when working with this type of legal professional.

Real estate is a very detailed and complicated industry, and depending on the type of property you currently own or wish to sell, certain professionals may need to be involved. It’s important to keep track of all your legal options so that you don’t end up with costly consequences. 

Real estate lawyer’s responsibilities

In the US, lawyers are licensed by the state. There are many types of lawyers as well as different areas of practice. No matter what your legal issue is, there is a lawyer out there that can help you. 

Most lawyers associate themselves with an area of specific practice such as real estate law or criminal defense. This can be either through their own personal expertise or the education they have received at law school in preparation to practice in this area. A few lawyers make the majority of their money through real estate. 

These types of lawyers may focus on regulation and zoning issues, business association, residential or commercial entitlements, tax planning and assessment appeals (among others) with a special emphasis on real estate law. A lawyer who practices in a particular field is often referred to as an “avocation” because they are bringing skill and experience gained in other areas to their avocation.

Some lawyers are more general in the practice of law and have a wide network of contacts that they can draw upon for problems that can’t be solved by an attorney specializing in one issue or another. Some attorneys might find that they prefer to be self-employed, practicing only one type of law, as real estate lawyers do.

How do I choose a good real estate lawyer?

If you haven’t already found a lawyer, ask friends and family if they can recommend any good lawyers. Just be sure to ask people you trust, because some advisers might have a conflict of interest in the advice they provide. It would be wise to make sure the lawyer is reputable, and check with your local bar association for complaints against the attorney.

When choosing a lawyer it is also important to make sure that you get along well with he or she personally because some parts of the process will involve a lot of contact between you and the attorney.

What to expect from an introductory meeting?

When you first meet with your lawyer, make sure to be prepared. This means being familiar with the facts of your case so that you can clearly state your issue(s). If you need a lawyer to explain several different things to you, be sure to schedule more than one meeting. This will help ensure that you don’t overlook anything important in your discussion with your lawyer. 

You shouldn’t feel as though you are on a timed basis when meeting with a lawyer, but if they seem rushed or in a hurry, it might be better just to schedule another appointment so that they have time to address all of your concerns. By being prepared and understanding of their schedule, this first meeting should go smoothly and end on time.

Average real estate lawyer costs

A great place to start when looking for a good lawyer is by researching the rates they charge. This is where you will find what to expect in value based on your situation. There are plenty of professional associations that set prices and guidelines.

The other important aspect of price when finding a lawyer is the amount of time it will take them to complete your case, since some of the real estate lawyers prefer hourly rate  instead of a flat legal fee for the transaction. There is no way to know how long a specific case might take, and the time it takes may vary depending on the issues, but you can expect between $75 and $150 per hour.

Bottom line

Real estate lawyers can easily save you tons of money on closing the deal, fees and other legal issues. Be sure to find the right lawyer and know as much as you can about him.

It’s important when getting legal help to find a lawyer who matches your needs and expectations by reading testimonials from clients who have used them in the past. Choosing an attorney can be a very difficult and time-consuming process, but if you do your research first, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the best outcome possible!