What’s today’s wordle – The Wordle answer for today is another simple one. Wordle gets an average of 3.6 steps in easy street & 3.5 steps in expert mode from the NYT’s WordleBot program. This string of easy riddles drives us insane and makes us fear an onslaught of challenging ones. Naturally, if this Wordle stumped you, it’s not surprising because every Wordle has the potential to confuse certain users.

In light of this, you might find some advice useful. A Wordle fail never more than six guesses away, after all. We offer several Wordle tips and strategies because we have performed each Wordle thus far and have only failed once.

Additionally, we looked for patterns in each Wordle response and have a few additional suggestions for you to consider. You must also check our What’s today’s Wordle? guideline if you’re unfamiliar with the game. We’ll add hints to this post every day to assist you in discovering- what’s today’s wordle.

 If the hints are insufficient or you lack time to finish the puzzles today, we’ll also provide you with the answer. Additionally, we’ve included a breakdown of yesterday’s puzzle if you’re viewing this from a distinct time zone.

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There are spoilers for game #468 is coming, so beware. Only continue reading if you wish to learn today’s Wordle solution!

Our first piece of advice is to start each Wordle game with one of the top starting words. But here are a few more detailed hints for the answers for what’s today’s wordle:

  • It has one vowel in it.
  • No letters are replicated.
  • All 5 of the letters are included in the ten most popular.

* NOTE- We refer to vowels as A, E, I, O, and U. Based on their use, certain other letters may also be regarded as vowels.

You ought to be able to discover the solution to what’s today’s wordle puzzle using those suggestions, at the very least. If not, continue reading for a more detailed hint; otherwise, skip ahead to the next section if you are only interested in the answer. Here’s the last tip: Today’s Wordle response is disdainful.

OK, now scroll to the bottom to see the solution.

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What is the Wordle solution for today’s game #468?

Please start the drums; it’s SCORN.

Do you, my fellow Wordless, like this rare sequence of relatively simple games? Or do you have a similar sense of foreboding that Wordle may soon let loose a slew of record-breaking horrors upon us?

This does not imply that I didn’t enjoy getting another 3/6 today. I simply feel that our good fortune is about to run out soon.

It has 97 words left, according to Wordlebot. I learned 58% of the information required to solve the problem. That’s decent, outperforming Wordlebot’s selection of LEAST (345). CRANE (3), TRAIN (12), TRACE (32), and SLANT were good alternatives. Players who have used RAISE only need 2.6 extra steps to complete, whereas those who opted for the well-liked AUDIO required 3.3.

I aimed to position the letters “R” and “S,” reveal a vowel, and unearth some consonants for the second guess. I am aware that a few of the most frequently utilized consonants are “T,” “L,” “N,” and “C.” I considered using SCOUR, which Wordlebot informed me would have given me only one choice.

The majority of the players in my place selected SHORT rather than STORY. Several other people picked the term I had rejected: SCOUR. STORY was a good prediction, even though Wordle But only gave it an 8 for luck. It appears I was left with just SHORN, SWORN, SWORD, and the final solution.

I got the letters “S,” “O,” and “R” in the proper positions at this time, ahead of my third attempt. I decided to attempt SCORN after consulting my reliable list of frequent consonants once more. I was right, adding another 3/6. I was taken aback when we consecutively received two words beginning with “SC.” But that’s yet another indication that some sinister Wordles are coming our way.

If you require additional hunches, I won’t belittle you. Send us an email (opens in a new tab), and let me understand how you performed on today’s Wordle! I’ll try to reply to everybody, but I might not have time. I was delighted to come back to the right answer in 3 guesses after scoring a 4/6 yesterday. However, it does involve some luck, so I have a hunch that a few of you could struggle with this one.

To begin the puzzle, I chose RAISE, one of my go-to picks for the top Wordle start words. I weighed my options for my second guess and chose one of two. The first would enable me to determine whether an “O” or “U” appeared in the response. I didn’t have to think too long or deeply at a certain point to keep coming up with SCALD, following a week or two of very simple problems, another 3/6. Wordle continues to worry me that it will soon present us with some perplexing puzzles.

We could also assist if you’re seeking a listing of earlier Wordle solutions. Below is a list of the previous 10 games.

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I hope the above article has given you a clear idea about What’s today’s Wordle?’. Also, a list has been put together of wordle games. 


Q1) What word completes today’s Wordle?

Ans: The Wordle answer for today lacks a recurring letter. The solution for today includes three vowels. The word starts with the letter A. It has an E as its final letter.

Q2) Currently, Wordle begins with what letter?

Ans: The 5-letter word in today’s Wordle has a G as its first letter.

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