What are Cyber Bites Piercing? Cost and Aftercare Rules

cyber bite lip piercing

 What are Cyber Bites Piercing?

Cyber Bite piercing is called a double lip piercing that is combined with standard labret piercing and medusa piercing. Cyber bite piercing consists of one puncture on the groove of the upper lip area and second puncture just below the lower lip. Cyber Bite piercing is perfect for people who want a unique looking piercing style that stands out more than any other single lip piercing but doesn’t look loud like a quadruple piercing. The boldness of cyber bite piercing is just the perfect amount.

This piercing is very popular among youngsters and teenagers. It looks very trendy and cool on both girls and boys.

Any piercing that involves entering the mouth always has its own set of complications. Mouth borne bacteria encourage the growth of the infection, and the new worn jewelry can damage your teeth. These are some of the reasons why cyber bite piercing is not for everyone.

Here is everything that you should know about cyber byte piercing. 

cyber bite piercing
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How much do cyber bite piercings hurt?

Like any other lip piercings, cyber bite piercings fall hallway on the pain scale. The discomforts come from the two piercings done simultaneously, and you will experience more swelling in two piercings as compared to only one.

If you cannot tolerate pain or have a low tolerance to pain, then you should probably consider a few days probably tow or three between your both piercings, so that your body gets time to rest.

The most important thing here is to choose an experienced piercer. The ore experienced the piercer is the better they will guide you through every process, tell you when to breathe, and the piercing takes the least possible time to do the piercing and with the least amount of pain.

cyber bite piercing healing process
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Cyber bite piercing healing process

Usually, cyber bite takes between 6-8 weeks to heal properly if you are following proper aftercare methods.

Skin irritation, piercing rejection, and scarring are some of the complications that are faced during the healing process of the piercing. The number one enemy of your piercing is the infections and bacteria growth. If by any chance, you get an infection in your piercing, the healing process will be prolonged. In the worst-case scenario, this will also contribute to serious scarring or tissue death. So it is best to try not to get an infection.

Aftercare rules

Following proper aftercare, rules are the best thing that you can do to let your cyber bite piercing heal properly. Always remember that piercing is an open wound, and it needs to be treated like one. For instance, when you have a long-lasting cold, you give your body enough rest, proper care, and every other tool that is important for your body to heal itself.

Below are some aftercare tips to follow after getting a cyber piercing; these will make the healing process faster and infection-free.

  • Gargle with sea salt water solution to clean the backside of the piercing– the backside of the cyber bite piercing is the side that enters into your mouth. Therefore t becomes essential to clean the backside too. You should gargle with sea saltwater or saline solution every day so that it sits back at the backside of your cyber bite jewelry and clean out the new piercing. Do not use mouthwash to gargle. Mouth wash contains alcohol, which can irritate the piercing. 
  • Watch the size of the new piercing Jewelry-  when you get a piercing for the first starter jewelry should be one size bigger than the usual jewelry, this gives the piercing enough room for swelling. Lips are one body part which swells more than any other area of the body, the first jewelry for the cyber bite is generally quite long. This makes it a little dangerous and there is a risk that you might bite or chew on it. While you are still getting used to the new piercing jewelry, try to stick with soft foods and be extra cautious when you eat. Once you notice that swelling has gone down, you can visit the piercer and talk about switching your existing jewelry with smaller sized jewelry.
  • Do not touch or twist the jewelry- earlier people used to twist their jewelry to make sure if the jewelry is the right size and not too tight and also to break away crusties. However, this practice of rotating the jewelry has been proven to cause irritation to the surrounding skin, and this encourages piercing infection—rejection and also scarring. If in case you develop crusties, the best way to remove them is by dabbing gently with a damp paper towel. If you think the jewelry is too tight, then you should talk to your piercer and get fitted with a piece of larger sized piercing jewelry instead of rotating it.                         

    after care rules of cyber bite piercing
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Some basic Do’s and don’ts:-


  • Eat, drink, and chew slowly and carefully. 
  • Consume vitamin B and Vitamin C rich foods.
  • Use a clean finger or cotton swab to remove the crust from the lower and upper lips
  • Maintain oral hygiene, rinse the mouth properly and regularly.
  • Use soft bristle toothbrush for brushing the teeth
  • Use moist cotton soaked in warm saline water or solution to dab the piercing.
  • You can use ice creams and ice to reduce the swelling on the lower and upper lip area.


  • Do not consume spicy and sticky food
  • You should not remove the stud initially
  • Avoid going for swimming in public pools
  • Do not use cosmetics close to the piercing area.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption or any hard drinks.

Cyber bite piercing jewelry styles

One thing we love about lip piercing is the amazing jewelry style combination that you can play with. The most common jewelry style you will see in cyber bite piercing flat disc studs. You can choose a simple bead end and also get some charms which will show your personality. You should choose flat studs for lip piercing so that the piercing jewelry does not rub against gums and teeth. 

Some people choose labret stud for decorating their top lip and use hoop style to adorn bottom lip with captive bead ring or seamless ring. This helps to provide an asymmetrical style that will appeal to people who like your cyber bite piercing to stand out more.

cyber bite piercing jewelry styles
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Why shouldn’t I get a cyber bite piercing?

Cyber bite piercing is done close to the mouth, and if you have any oral issues, then you should not get lip piercing done. 

If you are aware that you follow bad oral hygiene, then choose a piercing that can heal more easily.

If you have a problem with enamel wear or receding gum lines, then this piercing is not right for you. The piercing jewelry will rub against your gums and teeth, which increases these issues furthermore. Remember, your oral health is important than your body piercing and jewelry choices.

How much will it cost?

Cyber piercing usually cost around $60-$80. You should always choose quality and experienced piercer, who uses clean tools. Piercing infections often occur when sterilized tools are used. This means your piercing is set for failure since day one. 

The jewelry price is not inclusive in this cost. You should always choose high quality, pure metal as your initial piercing starter jewelry. Even though you might have never experienced metal jewelry in the past, you might develop one now. Alloys used in cheap metals can irritate the skin and can cause infections.

Common Risk Associated with Cyber Bite Piercing

Cyber Bites Piercing Jewelry risk.

  • Scarring: if the piercing stretches, then a visible scar become inevitable
  • Infections: The human body is always prone to getting infections with an open wound; therefore, it is advisable to take proper care of the piercing during the healing process.
  • Gum erosion: Be careful when choosing jewelry or a stud for the piercings. If you choose large studs that touch the gums, this can lead to gum erosion.
  • Teeth chipping: just like gum erosion, wrong sized piercing jewelry can also cause scratches on the teeth layer, and the teeth will start to wear down because of constant rubbing.

risk associated with cyber bite piercing

Infections in piercing:-


  • Extreme redness around the piercing area.
  • Severe swelling which does not disappear and slowly increases and makes drinking, eating, or talking difficult.
  • extreme pain in the piercing
  • Harsh reactions or rashes start to appear around the area of the piercing.
  • Irritation and itching for a long time.
  • Discharge of blood and the pus.