Where to Read Solo Leveling?

Where to Read Solo Leveling

Where to Read Solo Leveling? – According to solo leveling, the world has fallen under Abyss, a dark-reality form spreading and changing all living things into monstrous creatures known as Abyssals. Where to Read Solo Leveling? To survive in this new world, humanity created ‘Linkers,’ people with special powers that allow them to enter and exit the ‘Abyss.’ It is their job to push back the darkness and maintain peace. The protagonist of Solo Leveling is one such Linker – Linker Yugi (레인커 유기). 

One day he found an older man who people had turned into an Abyssal from being attacked by his dog. Yugi used his powers to defeat the dog and save the older man. However, the older man then begged Yugi to kill him before another day passed, and he became a monster. After being moved by the old man’s words, Yugi agrees and enters ‘Abyss’ to kill the undead old man. 

It will be an ‘information upload’ article about Solo Leveling. People can use it for anyone interested in reading Solo Leveling since it helps them understand better what the novel is about and its background info.

What is Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling is a web novel written by J.C. Frias in which the protagonist Yugi(레인커 유기) fights against the dark reality of ‘Abyss’ to save his family and friends. To save them, he will go through the most brutal battles and learn more about himself and his capabilities as a ‘Linker’ (someone who can enter and exit the ‘Abyss’). An interesting point about Solo Leveling is that it features full action from beginning to end with no interruptions.

Basic Information:

Right now, there is two World of Warcraft novels for sale. In the world of publishing, these are called tie-ins. The first is “Solo Leveling” by Christie Golden, and the second is “World of Warcraft: Illidan” by William King. It may not be very clear to know where to read Solo Leveling. English version? You can get official releases every week at Tapas Media or use this list created by Elfirra to find other sites that offer solo leveling in different languages. Tapas Media will release Solo Leveling? in English each week, with Act 1 out on July 11th, 2018, and Act 2 on July 25th, 2018.


Where to Read Solo Leveling? For those who have not read the novel, here is the synopsis from TappyToon (the novel’s official site). It will give you a basic understanding of what Solo Leveling is about. However, the synopsis may contain some spoilers about the first four volumes. 


2050 A.D. The world is enveloped by the Abyss, a mysterious phenomenon that has shrouded the world in darkness while monstrous creatures emerge from it and attack humans as they try to survive. A person with the ability to use an extraordinary power called ‘Linker’, Yugi Nagata, fights against this catastrophe in the hope that one day he’ll return the light to his hometown. But, unfortunately, he fights while holding on to his only goal – to get back into ‘The Tower’ that suddenly appeared several years ago and disappeared just as quickly.

Tapas Media:

Tapas is a web novel app that allows readers to participate in the creation of manhwa, webtoons, and web novels. This site offers many free web novels, one of them is Solo Leveling. Tapas offers an exciting approach in which the author uploads 1-2 chapters each week (usually). Then, readers vote for the stories they want to see longer or continue.

The author keeps going on as long as he receives enough votes (usually over 20). As a result, the plot is slow, and it takes time to keep up with each chapter, but it will be worth it. Readers have more fun because they decide what happens next and where the story goes.

D&C Webtoon:

This webtoon offers a lot of different content (web novels, manhwaga, animation, and manhwa), but the one I am talking about is Solo Leveling. This webtoon offers the same type of plot as Tapas, but instead of uploading one chapter each week, it will upload only one each month. Alternatively, readers can download and read the novel at their own pace.

However, if readers want to receive voting status with D&C Webtoon, they must wait until a minimum number of chapters are done before they can vote. Readers can also support authors by buying comic books if they want to get more updates quicker than what is offered on D&C Webtoon.

Versatile Mage:

Versatile Mage is the Korean version of Solo Leveling. It follows the same plot as its English version but has less content and is slower. This site is free to read and offers artistic illustrations in each chapter (unlike Tapas & D&C Webtoon). The future plot can be seen here if readers want to see where the webnovel goes in advance. In contrast, the plot for Tapas & D&C is updated gradually without giving away any details about their upcoming plot.


Bato is a webtoon app that offers many web novels(not only manhwa or manhwaga) but with a twist. The web novels offered on Bato are meant to be read and enjoyed for free (as opposed to buying a comic book or paying for it), in which readers need to try out various webtoons before genuinely enjoying them. Moreover, readers do not receive voting privileges or the ability to suggest what happens next in the story with Bato. 

The upcoming plot is also not shown because if readers see what will happen next, they may lose interest in the series and give up reading it thoroughly. This site offers many different stories, including Solo Leveling. Readers can search for Solo Leveling on Bato and enjoy reading this webtoon for free with no limitations.

Where to Read Solo Leveling?

Tapas offers an exciting approach where readers can watch web novels for free on the mobile app. Tapas produces its animation for each chapter, with voice acting and all. Readers must download the app from their website before watching and downloading each episode separately. Tapas is free to download and use from android or apple devices, but it does offer paid content, in which more chapters are available for reading faster with better quality—prices for each episode range from $0.99 to $2.99.


The novel ‘Solo Leveling’ has many aspects that may seem troubling initially, but with time, readers will appreciate the story’s slow pace and the nuanced characters that slowly develop. In addition, readers get to choose what happens next, so they have straightforward control over where their reading experience will go, unlike other web novels they’ve read before.

I like Solo Leveling because it feels like a traditional manhwa, which is why it’s one of the best among similar sites to read solo leveling.

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