Who Is Bo Burnham’s Girlfriend?


Bo Burnham’s Girlfriend

Robert Pickering, also known as Bo Burnham, is a jam with many talents. Moreover, he is an actor, director, poet, screenwriter, musician, and comedian. Not only an actor but also a hidden lover behind this personality. His long-term girlfriend, Lorene Scafarua, and soon to be his wife.

Who is Lorene Scafarua?

Bo Burnham has been in a relationship with her long-term girlfriend and so-called love of his life, 

Lorene Scafarua. She is a screenwriter and a film director. Since 2013, they have been dating and currently living in Los Angeles with their cute dogs, Ramona and Bruce.

 Bo Burnham kept these details of the relationship secret with the Hustlers director. Generally, they are very reluctant to share their love life with the public as they never disclose their relationship on social media. However, they expressed their love openly so many times. 

In February 2019, the actor praised her long-time girlfriend while receiving his first Screenplay for Eight Grades. Also, he said thanks for supporting and motivating him all the way long.

He said, “ This award is dedicated to my girlfriend, who is here, Lorene Scafaria. She is full of talent, being a director and screenwriter. I always get inspired by watching her working so hard for her work. Lorene also blushed and said ‘Thanks’ to him.”

Is there any age difference between the duo?

Yes, there is a huge age difference between the couple. But it never bothered their relationship. The actor is actually younger than her girlfriend.

Moreover, Lorene was born on May 1, 1978. In contrast, the actor was born on August 21, 1990, and is presently 12 years younger than her girlfriend, Lorene.

Apart from it, they were also triggered by the audience regarding their height difference, as Lorene is shorter than Burnham. However, the couple never took these comments seriously, and they are still living their life happily.

The couple is not married yet and even does not make any announcement about whether they will get married or not.Since they have been living together for nine years, everything might be intact, and everything is in their favor. 

Hence, it seems like the wedding bells buzz very soon, and it would be a surprising moment for their fans who have been waiting for a long time.

Dating History of Couple

There is not much information about the history of their love life; however, some instances witness that they have been dating since 2013.

The actor once tweeted in March 2009, “My girlfriend’s home! I feel straight again.” which states that they have been together since 2009 but have not expressed their love till 2013.

Talking about Lorene, she was also linked with Adam Brody, Startup Star, in 2010 and later dated Ashton Kutcher, an actor, in 2012. After all, since 2013 she has been dating Burnham.


Wrapping up the article: Bo Burnham’s Girlfriend, we have shared all the relevant information regarding the couple Burnham and her girlfriend, Lorene Scafarua. They have been dating since 2013 and are happily living in Los Angeles. They are soon-to-be-married. For more information, read the complete article. 

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