Who owns High noon? Behind the rapid success of drink’s eminent parent company

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Who owns high noon – High Noon Spirits are well-known for its authentic, vodka-based hard seltzers. High noon has established itself as one of the top spiked seltzers among reviewers and bloggers in only its first three years on the market. However, many people wonder who owns high noon, and the answer to this question is E & J Gallo Winery.

High noon, a newcomer to the challenging seltzer market, quickly overtook industry veterans, including White Claw, Really, and Topo Chico. However, a large portion of the drink’s success can be traced down to the innovative advertising campaigns and the illustrious reputation of the parent firm, E & J Gallo Winery. Let’s discuss everything you should know about the answer to who owns high noon in detail. 

Starting May 1, 2019, E&J Gallo Winery has been selling its hard seltzer under the name High Noon Spirits Company.

High noon, a hard seltzer brand produced by the E & J Gallo Winery, was released in 32 states on May 1, 2019. In 1933, Ernest and Julio Gallo established the winery in Modesto, California. They transport their spirits and wines to over 110 nations, making them the biggest family-owned winery in the world. In addition, André and Carlo Rossi are two of its well-known wine labels. Upon the announcement of its release, E & J Gallo Winery’s General Manager and Vice President of Marketing, Britt West, said:

Our goal in developing High Noon was to take a novel approach to Hard Seltzers. High noon satisfies the thirst of health-conscious drinkers searching for session-able, low-calorie alternatives to beer. Unlike competing products, which often employ malt liquor and sugar, this hard seltzer is produced with actual vodka and fruit juice.

High noon is manufactured with genuine vodka and natural juice, has minimal calories, low ABV, and low sugar, and is gluten-free, as opposed to the malt-based and chemically flavored options that now dominate the Hard Seltzer sector, as pointed out by West.

On May 4, 2020, High Noon teamed up with Barstool Sports to increase awareness of its brand.

High noon reached over 66 million monthly unique visitors because of its marketing collaboration with Barstool Sports, a leading sports media organization. Moreover, by 2020, it has become the best-selling hard seltzer in the USA.

According to a press release from May 4, 2020, High Noon’s new flavors were released at the ideal moment thanks to their “innovative media collaboration” with Barstool Sports. We both know REAL. Therefore it makes sense for us to work together in the media. Although Barstool Sports is the undisputed king of authentically entertaining content, High Noon is clearly distinguished as the best-selling and well known spirits-based Hard Seltzer created with Real juice and Real Vodka, as West put it.

As a direct consequence of the collaboration, High Noon is now a regular feature on some of Barstool Sports’ most popular shows. The can was the first thing that attracted my attention, and after trying it, I knew I wanted to work with High Noon. I love that it’s created with genuine vodka, and it is so refreshing. High noon is an excellent addition to our roster, and I can’t wait to support the brand and introduce it to our fans,” said Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy.

Joseph Gallo, son of E & J Gallo Winery co-founder Ernest Gallo, is CEO and President.

Joseph E. Gallo, the son of High Noon Spirits’ late co-founder Ernest Gallo, serves as CEO and President of the firm’s parent corporation.

Glassdoor, one of the biggest business review sites in the world, has named Joseph a Top CEO for two consecutive years, 2018 and 2019. The same can be said about the 2018 Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award, which was given to the organization for being one of the Best Places to Work.

Every single one of our workers is our most valuable resource. I take tremendous pride in Gallo’s positive business culture and the dedication of its staff. Joseph Gallo added, “We are truly grateful that our workers and Glassdoor have acknowledged Gallo as an excellent employer.

Sporty Aspects

High noon’s collaboration with Barstool Sports has contributed to the show’s popularity. The hard seltzer manufacturer partnered with the media conglomerate to get its product in front of barstool’s 66 million monthly unique viewers, well beyond what a standard marketing purchase might do. In addition, high noon just held its annual trivia contest, The Dozen: Trivia Tournament Finals.

The (Really) Fruitful Consensus

Each favor of High Noon is made with natural fruit to compliment the natural vodka base. All components are fruit-based rather than artificial, and the correct balance is occasionally achieved using a combination of juices.

The Need for Diversified Flavors

High noon’s original four flavors have now been joined by four more, for eight. Black cherry, pineapple, watermelon, and grapefruit were the first four flavors available, with grapefruit coming in at #5 on Vine Pair’s list of the 30 Greatest Hard Seltzers of 2021. Mango, lime, peach, and passion fruit all appeared at some point. Many people wonder about the question of who owns high noon in detail. 

Rapid dispersal occurred throughout the United States.

High noon launched into the challenging seltzer market in 32 states in May 2019. Two years later, High Noon is delighted to announce distribution in all 50 states, despite difficulties caused by Covid-19, such as a lack of cans.

Wearing High Noon Gear is an Option for Supporters

High Noon and Tropical Brothers, a brand specializing in summer shirts, caps, and swimwear, have joined forces to create a collection that is sure to please everyone who loves to sport palm trees on their swim trunks and flaunts a Hawaiian shirt with pride. Have a cold one while receiving envious glances from bystanders, particularly if you accessorize with the complementary pair of sunglass straps included with every purchase.

Add some high-noon digital wallpapers to your online happy hour and see how much better it is

High noon is aware that no one is currently interested in perusing your book collection. Set yourself apart from the competition at a virtual happy hour, a Q2 ROI sales meeting, or an online job interview using one of six free digital backdrops.

High noon’s popularity skyrocketed because of online platforms.

High noon’s popularity stems in part from its widespread recognition, demonstrating the vital role played by advertising in the company’s overall success. High Noon signage may be seen in the windows of liquor stores, and bright yellow High Noon umbrellas can be seen shade the tables on the patios of bars. In May 2020, High Noon and Barstool Sports formed a collaboration, which became one of the most prominent marketing campaigns. 

The cooperation announcement also included the release of two new flavors, lime and peach. As time passed, the two businesses grew closer and began sharing more resources (via PR Newswire). High noon, for instance, sponsors barstool’s “The Dozen: Trivia Competition” program.

A subculture of people who like the Barstool/High Noon crossover is called Nooners, and their Twitter account has more than 10,000 followers. Nooners may support their favorite team by purchasing Barstool Sports swag, including everything from caps and tees to beach towels and party supplies. Without the help of Barstool, High Noon would not have the 60,000-plus Instagram followers it has today.

The above-listed portion explains the answer to the question of who owns high noon in detail. 


Does barstool own high noon?

High noon’s collaboration with Barstool Sports has contributed to the show’s popularity.

Who is the CEO of high noon?

Jim Berger is the founder and current CEO of High Noon Entertainment.

Did Portnoy Invest In High Noon?

Since Portnoy is a significant part of Barstool sports, it means yes, he has invested high noon. 

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