Are You Overdoing Your Skincare Routine?


It’s good that you’re so invested in skincare. But could you be overdoing it? Take a look at some of the signs that you’re buying too many products and need to simplify your skincare routine.

Your Skin Is Acting Up

You’ve noticed that your skin looks oily to the touch. Your pores are clogged, and you’re breaking out more than usual. Instead of increasing the intensity of your routine, you might need to dial it back.

Why? It’s likely that you’re applying too many skincare products and are overwhelming your skin. You might also be putting skincare ingredients that should never mix together in your routine. These mixtures can cause the ingredients to cancel each other out, or worse, cause some serious irritation.

In terms of skincare, you should follow the rule of “less is more.” You don’t need to fill your medicine cabinet with different serums, oils, creams, muds and peels. Ideally, you only need three products in your routine:

  • A gentle facial cleanser
  • A moisturizer
  • A sunscreen with a high SPF

Your Finances Are Feeling It

Your skincare routine is expensive, and you can’t really afford to keep up with it. You don’t have any extra cash to go around, and you’re not really in a position to handle any expenses outside of your already tight budget.

This isn’t a good financial situation to be in. What if there’s an emergency expense? You won’t have enough to pay for it — and it’s not like you can sell your opened skincare products to get some funds in a hurry.

If you’re in a situation where you can’t cover an emergency expense, don’t panic. You can go to a website like CreditFresh to see whether you qualify for one of their personal loans. Anyone who meets the qualifications can apply for a loan and see whether they’re approved. If you get approved, you can use the funds to deal with the expense in a short amount of time.

Personal loans should only be used for emergencies. They’re not meant for non-essentials, including beauty products. 

As for your skincare routine, you can pare down your product needs so that you don’t accidentally strain your finances. You can also skip the expensive products and opt for more budget-friendly options at your local pharmacy.

You’re Buying into Celebrity Hype

There are countless celebrities that seem to defy their ages. They seem to have no wrinkles or blemishes on their face, despite the fact that they’re in their forties or fifties. How do they do it? If you took their words at face value, they would credit these miracles to drinking plenty of water and having a careful skincare regimen. You’ve followed in their footsteps because you’re hoping to get the same incredible results.

That’s a problem because many of these celebrities aren’t telling the whole truth about their flawless skin. They often leave out the fact that they undergo expensive cosmetic procedures like laser resurfacing treatments, chemical peels and hydrafacials to get smooth, glowing skin. They use dermal fillers and neuromodulator injections to erase wrinkles. And, of course, they’ve had photo-editing tools used to perfect their look on magazine covers and social media photos.

Stop overdoing it with your skincare routine. It’s time to ease up on your approach — your skin and your wallet will appreciate it.