Why is Denamarin out of Stock Everywhere?

denamarin out of stock everywhere

Why is denamarin out of stock everywhere – Among the multiple benefits is improved fat-soluble vitamin A, zinc, copper, and iron absorption. In addition to multimineral support, it also includes a unique blend of herbs for gastrointestinal health, including specific herbs for liver support and GI motility. So people are wondering why is denamarin out of stock everywhere. 

 These ingredients help to promote healthy digestion with a balance of fiber and extractive content that people can use in multiple ways in the digestive tract. In addition, the standardized herbal extracts make these tablets more palatable, which may increase adherence by dogs. People may crush the tablet to help increase palatability and surface area for excellent absorption. 

Denamarin Advanced Chewable Tablets have no known drug interactions and are available in multiple sizes, including 60, 120, and 240-count bottles. For extra convenience, the tablets can be broken by the user into halves for easier administration. It is recommended that Denamarin be given for a minimum of 9 months to provide maximum liver support. Long-term use is often recommended to permanently repair liver damage and prevent the recurrence of associated diseases such as hepatic encephalopathy and fatty liver syndrome. Here is a complete answer to why is denamarin out of stock everywhere


Why is Denamarin out of Stock Everywhere?

First, let’s discuss why denamarin is out of stock everywhere is?

Denamarin Advanced Chewable Tablets is a new product in only the 60-count bottle size. The manufacturer has a limited supply and cannot produce larger sizes. As the manufacturer increases the supply of this product, it will be available at pet stores worldwide. Denamarin Advanced Chewable Tablets was released in the UK in early 2012 and later in the US market in mid-2012. We are urging owners to contact their local pet store directly to verify whether or not they can have access to this product, as we currently have no way to determine if our retailers have this item or not. 

What is the purpose of Denamarin?

The makers of Denamarin have released this product to address a rising interest in using herbs for GI disturbances and liver support. The product contains specific herbs that are standardized for a guaranteed level of specific active ingredients and that are guaranteed for quality by independent laboratories.

 These herbs are fermented, which doubles their potency and is claimed to increase their effectiveness even further. This fermentation process has been used safely for thousands of years in Asia, including China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand.

Denamarin Benefits

The benefits include multiple means of support with a single tablet to help gently promote liver health while helping dogs with digestion. The herbs included in this product are also safe for carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Benefits include supporting the liver and digestive tract while maintaining a healthy immune system to prevent cell damage caused by toxins or infections.

Denamarin Ingredients

The ingredients of Denamarin Advanced Chewable Tablets are as follows:

Tribulus Terrestris (fruit) Standardized Extract (standardized for 17% saponins, 35% multiple compounds). The active ingredients within this extract include saponins and steroidal glycosides. Lab-standardized for barberry (Berberis vulgaris) alkaloids, berberine, palmatine, and hydrastine. Prebiotic fiber source. 

The active ingredient, berberine, has been shown to have properties that help support the liver and digestive tract. The barberry extract has a long history of use as a whole food product to aid digestion and support overall GI health. Maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels while promoting the healthy function of smooth muscle tissue in the digestive tract.

  • Price and Availability:

Nutramax Denamarin Tablets for Cats and dogs are available for a price of $69.33 for 60 tablets. The product named Duramax Denamarin is also available through Amazon.com for a price of $39.96. 

  • Dosage for cats:

5 – 10 mg daily (three to six tablets / day)

  • Dosage for Dogs:

Up to 14 mg per day (four tablets /day)

It has been speculated that this medication can increase bile secretion and enhance its solubility, hence bile flow. Therefore, BT seems like a good choice for dogs with a history of liver disease. BT can be purchased as an extract base or chewable tablet.

Can Denamarin be given with food? Here’s the truth!

Denamarin is not intended to be given with food. However, it is recommended that Denamarin be given on an empty stomach because of the possibility that it will reduce absorption in the presence of food. It is also recommended not to administer Denamarin with any other vitamin or mineral supplement because it will reduce their effect and absorption by interfering with their metabolism.

In the case of liver disease, the drug can’t cure it but can only help control its symptoms. There are many supplements available over the counter, but none of them has been evaluated by FDA and hence, should be used only under supervision from a licensed veterinarian.

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Can denamarin be crushed for dogs?

Yes, you can crush Denamarin tablets in the dish. Just break them into pieces and give them to the dog. Crush the tablet into small pieces, use it as a treat, or sprinkle it over food. Make sure not to give your pet too much because Denamarin may cause constipation if given with excessive water or food. Users can use it for treating gastrointestinal disorders affecting the body’s ability to digest food, especially dyspepsia (abnormal discomfort in the belly caused by distension). It can also help with liver disease.

The above-listed portion explains why is denamarin out of stock everywhere.