Make Your Own Spotify Pie Chart

spotify pie chart

Spotify pie chart – Customize your own Spotify pie chart and show off the music you have been listening to. Which artists and styles do you like most? Let your friends know.

Spotify Wrapped is one of the biggest parties to go with the end-of-year countdown. Spotify users see their listening numbers only once a year. This includes top genres, songs, artists, and total minutes listened. Wrapped even makes a playlist out of your favourite song of the year.

Spotify users eagerly await this day every year, but results are wrapped only once. There is no other opportunity for users to see their statistics. But no more.

Make own music and bake your pie. Moreover, with Decktopus, you can customize your chart to make it eye-catching.

What exactly is a Spotify Pie Chart?

You can also use Spotify Pie Chart to get a handle on your listening habits. An overview of this is analyzed in the chart based on your most played artists, songs, and genres.

With these pie charts, you can learn your favourite artists, which songs you prefer, and what music most appeals to you. Decktopus helps you to create beautiful, eye-catching charts.

Decktopus Spotify Pie Chart

But Decktopus is a presentation tool. It uses only AI to create ready-to-go presentations within minutes. Can Decktopus produce slides well-suited for your subject matter, audience, purpose and length of time?

In comparison to other presentation tools, Decktopus stands out with its great number of features. One of the main presentation tools is Decktopus. The Access is easy to log on to, free of charge, and can be adjusted according to the ease at which people adapt.

Still, while Decktopus is a presentation machine, the possibilities do not stop there. The fastest way to create a Pie Chart

Now that we have this new feature in Decktopus, you can quickly make your own pie chart. These charts come in different colours and styles.

The following is a user manual to help you picture yourself using artificial intelligence’s power to make your own pie chart.

Step 1

Go to the Desktopus website. Login to Decktopus. No problem. Just sign in using your existing account on Google.

Step 2

Select the ‘Start from scratch’ option. This option lets you select templates and construct graphs, texts, charts, and images. If you go this route, pick a concept for your presentation. Based on this, Decktopus will suggest suitable templates.

Step 3

In the middle, click on the” Add Slide “button. However, Decktopus will offer 35 or more different layouts. Do you want to add a title page, AI pictures, or personalized data graphs or charts? Now, let us select “Pie Chart” to make own Spotify pie chart.

Step 4

Your “Pie Chart” is ready. Enter the details you receive from Spotify’s Pie Chart Maker. The only difference is you can select any colours or fonts you want for your pie chart.

All or some of the artists can be added. That is up to you. In addition, you can change where the artists’ names appear and even the colour of the font.

To do so, place your cursor over the portion of the pie chart in question. However, this only applies to the desktop version. On the chart, too, you can produce a monochrome effect. Perhaps you would prefer to share a more vividly coloured pie chart with your readers.

Some Questions

What does your Spotify stats pie chart look like?

Go to the Spotify Pie website (on mobile or desktop) and enter your Spotify username and password. Then, it will rapidly populate a pie chart showing your top genres. When you hover over (or, on a mobile device, tap) the slices to view the top artists in those genres.

Where can I view my Spotify statistics?

Then, on the Spotify web player, go to Profile. Your top artists and tracks for the month are also listed. Open the Spotify mobile app, navigate to Settings, and turn on Recently played artists. Next, you can visit the list in Profile.

How do I locate my Spotify Wrapped 2023?

However, it is as simple as this. All you need is to open your Spotify mobile app. No live music. If you do not see a banner up front with the text” Your 2023 Wrapped” automatically showing, just check the menu at the top, if you slide left, there must be a Wrapped button waiting for you to take you straight there. Just click on the banner, and you are away.

What am I Spotify Wrapped for so far?

Open up your Spotify app and enter your user details. Then, simply visit to https: // When you get there, you can review all your Spotify statistics from the previous year and some interesting facts and figures about your musical taste.