Everything About WWW Google Com Virus

Www Google Com

WWW Google Com Virus

This occasion began on October 26, 2006. There was a video transferred to youtube called “Need to Destroy Your Computer?” by mysearch4zen. The video gets going with the words:

“What you are going to see is valid.”

“Try not to attempt this at home.”

“Proficient driver on the shut course.”

Then a finger hits the startup button on a PC. It then drives up the pc. Then the camera hits the URL in Internet Explorer, with the words composed on it: “goggle.com.” The URL then takes him to a hazardous site, with loads of mistakes popping up all over him. 

Heaps of site pop-ups, making around 100 and then some. Then, at that point, the site, at last, goes to the Real “Google ” site. He looked up “da Vinci code,” taking him to a site where the site connected with it. The pop-ups are yet to come. 

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Then, at that point, the PC’s infection and spyware assurance was switched off. Then, at that point, it goes to where spyware and infection assurance was.

Mistakes were all the while coming. The PC’s enemy of spyware and infection insurance tracks down a great deal of extremely contaminated infections. The PC gets mistakes, then, at that point, it surrenders. He shuts his infection assurance off and afterward finishes with the blue screen of death. There is more at the consummation. Then, at that point, more text from the very start jumps out with a dark screen with white text, saying:

“No creatures were hurt directing these quests.”

“We can’t say the equivalent regarding the PC.”

“Surf securely.”

Then, at that point, from that point forward, a white screen becomes dim, and the McAfee Site Advisor logo jumps out with the texts: “www.mcafee.com,” and “Altered by Greg Bertrand – gregbertanproductions@yahoo.com.” Then the video trends out, finishing.

Sadly, this video was posted a few times, without the brand name expressing “Facilitated ON YIKERS.COM.” The other unique connection was elsewhere, and the video was replicated more than two times, including the most well-known ones by Cyrus Maleki, jvekios91, Juan Pablo Bouza, and Destiny Of Darkness. 

There were a few that were well known, as well. The names were as a matter of fact “DON’T MISSPELL GOOGLE,” “What Happens When You Spell ‘Google’ Wrong,” “Don’t go to www.google.com!”, “goggle.com, Don’t go there!” or “goggle.com,” since the URL from the video WENT to goggle.com. “goggle.com” was its true name. 

The video was included in a “Windows U.N. Owen was Her? (Passing Waltz) Error remix” called “U.N. OWEN WAS WINDOWS XP.” Even on the off chance that the video was highlighted in the remix, it was not purposeful as “duplicated” or “taken.”

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A huge number of individuals have gone to GOOGLE no doubt since the video was unbelievable (Just because the text at the video’s starting says “What you are going to see is valid” is as yet false). 

There was a video by tetrimo from youtube called “goggle.com is genuine” and one by dexter152 from youtube (once more) called “Re: goggle.com – Don’t go there!”, response/reaction to one of Herbie’s recordings.