Yoga Poses Performed by This Female Yogi Help You Fight Depression & Much More


Heidi Williams, whose Instagram Bio says it all about her, “BODY MOVEMENT and ART as a therapeutic tool for healing from trauma, rape, depression, and anxiety.”

It won’t be exaggerating to call Heidi Williams as an epitome of inspiration. She is a person who has been in the utmost depression; after surviving rape, she even tried to kill herself. Yet, here she is, setting new trends for this modern society by performing the purest form of exercise. She opts for yoga poses or presents incredible body poses at exquisite locations.

Being in depression is a state on which only a few can get virtue. It is the hardest for utterly emotional persons. Heidi Williams decided to fight with the extremum of anxiety as well as society’s vision and handled it all with positivity. She intended to bring the lost benefits of Yoga in existence by trying distinct yoga positions.

The lady who didn’t even want to live has gotten everything she ever wanted with the help of various yoga poses. And now, the very purpose of Heidi’s life is to inspire others and make them aware of the self- healing process. She also conducts online support groups to connect various people so that they may help each other.

She intends to promote therapeutic Yoga that is framed to cure PTSD, i.e., Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Let’s go through her journey of finding peace through incredible body poses and yoga positions & see how she is delivering an impactful message to help the world.

Delivering Purity Through Her Nude Yoga Pose

Exclusive pictures by Heidi inspire people to add Yoga to their lives. She combines excellent captions to her photographs to make people think about Yoga as a medium to find themselves.

Using The Complex Diamond Position as a Symbol of Transparency

Heidi makes the most out of the social media platforms, and specifically Instagram. She introduces the benefits of Yoga through complex yoga positions. By the complicated diamond position, she spread the powerful message to live a transparent life and to appreciate the little joys associated with life.

Finding Solace on The Rock Near Lake

She passes on the ways to make your mind and body feel positive, and stay in harmony.

Spreading Words of Wisdom Through Yoga

Heidi says, “It was in this situation of mental illness in which I found Yoga and grace. By trying various yoga poses, I found a safe place again. A sense of self-acceptance and peace.”

Her saying this explains it all.

Focussing on Survival by Posing Like a warrior from The Star

Heidi says that in her early ages, she used to imagine warriors as the people who fight using swords. But the time taught her that the warriors are those who discover things on their own and survive everything that seems impossible. They may look fragile, but they are survivors from within because they know how to rise and shine.

Heidi further says, “People always question your path. They comment, criticize, and compare until you come to your breaking point. At another point, we turn around and thank them for the blunder they’ve created. Because it’s the wind from which we learn to fly.”

Emphasizing The Thought of Being Alien to a Place

After she witnessed a rape, she wrote, “After a girl has been adulterated, a term we use to describe it: “She has lost her innocence.” This is the reason why women feel incredibly guilty after being raped, even if it’s not their fault.

She continued, “If I’m no longer innocent, what is left then but to feel as though I am somehow to blame? After I was raped, I kept feeling like I needed to apologize. For not being good enough. For not knowing what to do. For not realizing that the thing which was happening was, rape. For not intending to use such a term to describe it. For not using the word at all. For being in the inappropriate place at the incorrect time. For “letting” it to happen. For not being capable of pushing him off of me even after I asked him to stop, again and again.”

Her; being alien to the place’ pose promoted a thought that people shouldn’t be concerned about what others say. Instead, they should focus on themselves.

Delivering Different Meanings with Different Poses

Yoga may hold different importance to different people. Some people do it to boost stamina, some to get relieved from pain, and some to be in shape. Heidi Williams has defined Yoga as a blessing.

Dealing a Twisted Life with Twisted Dance

Heidi added an active caption to her picture, “what if her dance was not about you, what if the manner in which she moved, lived, and spoke in the world, was not about you, what if her body was not about you. Let me tell you this; It is not about you.”

Letting go of All the Fears Through Yoga

One of Heidi’s statements explains it all. She says, “I (Heidi) feel the initial rise in blood pressure, and my heart begins racing. My breath has doubled in speed. I feel that my right shoulder has started to tense, sending a trigger point into action, and my head begins to pound. My hands have become sweaty. Two years ago, this would have turned into a major PTSD. Transferring me to hulk mode. Completely shaking, screaming, and begging for that crying to stop. Once it would stop, I would be exhausted as though I had just run for my life from something fearful to kill me.”

Beginning a New Life with Aspirations

Heidi motivates by saying, “The fact that you struggle doesn’t make you a burden. It does not make you undesirable or undeserving. It does not make you too much or too needy or too sensitive. It makes you human only.”

Heidi focusses on the fact that it’s never too late to start again as she did. She passes on the positive vibes to everyone out there in the world.

Every picture of Heidi is an inspiration on its own. She urges to make people adopt Yoga in their lives as soon as possible to be physically as well as mentally stable.