What is Tianeptine or Zaza Drug?

zaza drug

zaza drug – Yes it can help with being nervous, having super sad feelings, and getting over addictions.

What Kind of Drug Is “Zaza Drug”

Zaza is a different kind of medicine for feeling really sad. It belongs to a group of medicines called tricyclic antidepressants, which help with big sadness.

Other Names for “Zaza”

People might call tianeptine by different names on the street, like Tia, Zaza, Tianna, Gas-station heroin, Gas-station dope, TD red, and Pegasus. Sometimes, it is also known as tianeptine sodium and brands like Coaxil and Stablon.

How Does “Zaza” Look

Zaza can be in different forms, like a kind of salt, powder, or a little pill that might seem like hydrocodone or oxycodone.

Sometimes, they sell it as a supplement, which can confuse people about how risky it is when they buy it in stores.

Is Tianeptine Allowed

In the U.S., tianeptine is not allowed for any medical reasons, and it is not used for business.

In some places, they treat tianeptine like a Schedule II controlled substance. These are drugs that people can easily misuse and become really dependent on, both mentally and physically.

Other Zaza Drugs in this category are strong painkillers like morphine, methadone, oxycodone, and fentanyl.

In a few states like Alabama, Tennessee, and Ohio, it is totally not allowed.

What Tianeptine Does

What is Tianeptine Used For

In some places, they use tianeptine a lot to help with big sadness or nervous feelings.

However, some people use it in the wrong way to feel really good or like they took an opioid.

When people take too much tianeptine, they might be trying to feel super happy, really relaxed, or just not feel tough emotions.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration says it is not safe and did not approve it for use.

Is “Zaza” Like Opioids

People sometimes misuse tianeptine to feel really good, similar to opioids.

They say tianeptine is kind of like opioids because it is strong and can make you want more, and it is easy to misuse.

In the U.S., using tianeptine the wrong way has been causing bad reactions and effects.

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention says that tianeptine can make you sick, get you hooked, and make you feel bad when you stop. It is a lot like what happens with opioids.

If someone used to misuse opioids, they might get hooked on tianeptine, too.

Some stories also say that naloxone, a treatment for opioids, might help with tianeptine problems.

How Tianeptine Works

To help with sadness, tianeptine does things with glutamate receptors so that the brain takes in more serotonin.

It might sound a bit like other medicines that do the same with serotonin (SSRIs), but tianeptine has not been looked at super closely for how safe and good it is. It is kind of different and not allowed in the United States.

A Drug Like Tianeptine

Tianeptine is like other medicines for feeling better, like amitriptyline, clomipramine, imipramine, and fluoxetine.

If you take much tianeptine, it can feel a bit like opioids and might make you want more, which can be a problem.

The Problem with “Zaza Drug”

Zaza causes issues because they sell it in gas stations, pretending it is a healthy supplement. However, in the United States, it is not allowed or checked because it is really risky.

The FDA says it is not safe at all and should not be used, not even as medicine.

Dangers of Tianeptine

Using tianeptine can lead to really bad health problems, like having trouble breathing, feeling too relaxed, and sometimes, even death.

People can easily misuse it and get hooked, just like opioids.

Besides getting hooked, using tianeptine the wrong way can also make you sick or take too much, which is really dangerous.

The not-good effects of tianeptine are mostly about problems with the brain, heart, and stomach.

Why “Zaza Drug” Is not Allowed in the U.S.

Tianeptine is not allowed in the U.S. because it is not approved and can be really risky.

The U.S. does not say it is okay to use because it is causing a lot of serious problems, like getting really sick, taking too much, and sometimes even leading to death.

Why the FDA Says No to Tianeptine

The FDA did not approve tianeptine because more and more people are getting really sick, taking too much, and sometimes even dying from it. Some states even said it is not allowed.

When people called poison control because of tianeptine, it made the FDA and CDC worried that it could be a big problem for everyone’s health.

How Tianeptine Affects Your Feelings

Tianeptine is a medicine for big sadness to help with feeling better.

Medicines like this usually make you happier and more chill.

However, if you use tianeptine the wrong way, it can make you really relaxed, which can be super risky and even life-threatening.

Some people use it the wrong way to feel super happy, but it brings really serious problems with it.

What Happens with Zaza Capsules

Using Zaza capsules might cause some usual problems, such as:

  • Feeling like you want to throw up
  • Pain in your belly
  • Not being able to poop easily
  • Having a headache
  • Feeling really restless
  • My heart beating really fast
  • Blood pressure going up
  • Feeling super sleepy
  • Being confused
  • Having trouble breathing

People May Ask

What is Zaza Drug?

Zaza, or tianeptine, is a kind of medicine for big sadness and sometimes for nervous feelings, too. Some think it is safe because it is easy to get.

How Does Tianeptine Feel?

Tianeptine has the stuff to help with feeling better and less anxious. But if you use a lot, people say it can feel like opioids, making you really happy and relaxed.

What are the side effects of Za Za Silver?

Taking tianeptine the right way might cause some issues, like feeling sick, trouble pooping, dry mouth, being super sleepy, and more.

Why Not in the U.S.?

In the U.S., tianeptine is not allowed because it does not make people feel high, and it is not a big money-maker.

What is Zaza Class?

Zaza is a kind of unique medicine for big sadness, part of a group of medicines called tricyclic antidepressants.

How Does Zaza Drug Make You Feel?

Some people misuse Zaza for a happy feeling, like opioids. It is strong and can be addictive.

Is Tianeptine Good or Bad?

Tianeptine, also called gas station heroin, is not allowed in the U.S. It is sold in weird ways, and if you use a lot, it is like opioids and can be really bad, even deadly.