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Gender reveal gifts

Gender Reveal Gifts – Your best friend forever (BFF) is gonna be a mom. Imagine how happy you must be, almost as much as the mom-to-be.

Even if you are not planning the party where they will reveal if it is a boy or girl, you might be thinking of giving a present. Presents are always nice because the new mom can use all the help she can get.

However, you do not want to give just any old gift. You want something special, something no one else thought of.

Feeling stuck with no ideas? No worries, we have got your back. Check out these 20 best gender reveal gifts, and we will also tell you what not to bring.

Pregnancy Outfits

Why only baby gifts? Save that for the baby shower. Instead, give the soon-to-be mom a surprise with some cool new clothes.

Your friend will really appreciate your sweet gift. It will make her feel cozy during the whole pregnancy. Moreover, whenever she wears those clothes, she will remember you and your friendship.

Getting clothes for someone else can be tricky, so find out her size and style first. If you are unsure about the fit, toss in a gift receipt just in case.

Foot Relaxation

Moms enjoy some pampering while waiting for their little ones. A calming foot soak is perfect for that.

Pregnancy can bring body aches. Giving a foot soak is a simple way to provide relaxation as everyone waits for the baby.

You can buy foot soaks from many places, or you can make them yourself at home.

Crocheted Toys

This present tells the baby-to-come how happy you are. Hand-crocheted toys, like small animals, are not only cute but also lovely reminders of a friend’s love.

When crafting these toys, pick colours that work for both boys and girls. This way, they will fit in with the baby’s room and clothes, no matter the gender. If you know the nursery’s theme, choose something that goes with it.

Hand-Decorated Onesies

Here is another way to show you care, and it will not waste a lot of your time. The mom-to-be will probably get plenty of plain, store-bought onesies, so make yours more unique.

Go for a simple white or another neutral colour. Then, use any fabric decorating tools you want and add a message for the baby or mom.

Gift for Dad

Do not forget that Dad might be at the party too. He is just as excited or worried as Mom.

Give everyone a big surprise by bringing a gift for Dad. He will probably really like it because Mom usually gets most of the attention.

Dinner Gift Card

Having a baby brings lots of worries, no matter if the soon-to-be parents are thrilled or anxious. Help them out by giving them a surprise night out.

Gift cards for dinner are perfect for this. As they prepare for the baby and mom gets hungrier, a free dinner is always a nice thing to have.

Lavender Love

Lavender is famous for making you feel calm, whether it is in its fresh form or as oil. You can find it in soaps, lotions, and many other things.

Get a vase and a bunch of fresh lavender, or pick a bath bomb that’s packed with it. However, if you introduce lavender to her world, the mom will probably really like it.


This might sound funny, but think about it – vitamins can cost a lot. Moreover, both mom and baby need them. Help mom out by giving her some of the vitamins she needs.

Check if mom has specific vitamins she likes or if the doctor told her to take certain ones. Dad can be useful in finding out about this.

Baby’s Heartbeat

This present is for a really caring friend who does not mind spending some money. New parents are always worried about their new baby’s health. You can help them a lot by giving them a fetal heartbeat monitor.

It is a gift that will keep being useful. They can use it for every child they have, and it works well whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Parent Mugs

All new parents need a nice cup of coffee or hot cocoa sometimes. Why not give your friends matching mugs to celebrate their new parent status?

Just grab two white mugs and write “Mommy” on one and “Daddy” on the other. Moreover, of course, do not forget to put the baby’s birth year on them.

Massage Date

Even when the baby is on the way, mom and dad need some time together. That is why a gift card for a couples massage is a great idea for a gender reveal gifts in a party.

A couples massage is not just a fun night out for mom and dad. It also gives them some well-deserved relaxation that they will surely love.

Baby Wreath

Mom and Dad will need lots of things for their new baby. Help them out by giving them a bunch of items arranged in a wreath.

You can include diapers, washcloths, and other small items that can be shaped into a wreath.

Big Diapers

Mom and Dad will likely get many diapers at their baby showers, but let us be real: you can never have too many diapers. Give everyone a surprise by bringing diapers in bigger sizes.

They will probably get plenty of newborn and size 1 diaper, so this is a great gift that they will be thankful for as the baby grows.

Romance Books

It is crucial for mom and dad to maintain their relationship during and after pregnancy. However, with all the preparation they are doing, they might not be thinking about it.

Support them in taking care of their relationship by giving a book or a list of ways to keep the romance alive.

Snack Supply:

Mom and Dad might miss out on sleep and meals in the next few months. Help them out by giving them a number of healthy snacks.

Whether it’s at the hospital or during late-night baby feeding sessions, they will appreciate you thinking about their health.

Cool Water Bottle

It is super important for mom to stay hydrated, but sometimes it is easy to forget or not feel like drinking. Motivate her to keep sipping by giving her a nice and stylish water bottle.

If you do it right, Mom will be excited to use her new bottle and get all the water she needs.

Hobby Gifts

If mom and dad have hobbies that need special stuff for the baby, plan ahead and get those things for them.

If they love loud events like rock concerts or monster truck shows, the baby will need ear protection for sure.

Or if painting is their thing, get or make a small painting apron. The baby might not need it, but it will bring a smile to the parents’ faces.

Friendly Advice

If the parents are asking for advice and you have something useful to share, go ahead and tell them. This is especially good if you have been pregnant before.

However, be careful with this gift. If you offer advice when it is not wanted, it could lead to tricky situations.

Dad’s Baby Toolbox

Dad might have regular toolboxes at home, but he might not have one like this. Put in things like baby lotion, baby soap, small hairbrushes, little hand towels, and hand sanitizer.

People May Ask

What are the best gender reveal gifts?

“A nice gift for the mom-to-be during her pregnancy would be great. Things like lotions, foot soaks, a massage roller, or comfy socks would be nice as her belly grows,” suggests Lins. “If you want to include the dad, a gift card to a meal delivery service would be a good idea.”

What treats can you have for a gender reveal?

Think about having cake, cupcakes,  cookies, cake pops, chocolate-covered pretzels, cheesecake bites, cotton candy, or even a hot chocolate or sundae bar for your party.

What is the plan for a gender reveal?

Once you know the date and the baby’s sex, it is time for some fun. Most gender reveal events go with the classic pink and blue theme: drinks, napkins, decorations, and games in pink and blue. You can even split your guests into pink and blue teams and have some friendly competitions.

Who is invited to a gender reveal party?

Often, the gender reveal is a chance for friends of all genders to join in, taking a more creative and inclusive approach. It is the perfect time to include brothers, uncles, and male family friends and let them celebrate the new bundle, too, so do not forget to invite them.