10 Foods That Increases Collagen Production – Collagen Rich Foods

collagen boosting foods

This post is based on the Foods supplement that leads to increase the collagen production. This post contains 10 Collagen Rich Foods that one can easily find at their nearby store.

We all have known the health benefits of taking collagen supplements, what are their benefits for improving the hair, skin, and overall health of the body.

There are so many collagen peptides available in the store that claim to increase the collagen production in the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. But there are various natural ways also that promote collagen production in the skin.

Krista Goncalves, a certified holistic nutritionist, says that, “Diet plays a surprisingly large role in the appearance and youthfulness of your skin, and that all comes down to collagen.”

As you know, collagen is the type of protein that helps in structuring the skin, make it supple, and increase its elasticity.

Thus, we have come with the natural ways that boost collagen production as well as also help in improving the overall health of the body.

Here are 10 Collagen Rich Foods Supplement That Boost Collagen Stimulation In The Body


Natural Sources of Increasing the collagen production are much better than the store-bought collagen supplement. Natural sources are the safest and healthiest ways to promote collagen production with no side-effects on the body. Try including these foods in your diet to promote collagen production rapidly.

1.Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits contain lots of Vitamin C, which plays a crucial role in increasing the production of collagen. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that prevents free radicals and reduces harmful toxins from the skin. Thus, getting plenty of vitamin C is essential for promoting collagen stimulation in the skin.

Citrus fruits like lime, oranges, lemons, and grapefruit contain lots of this nutrient. You can have these fruits in your evening snack time like at 4:00 pm, many ayurvedic studies suggest this time as the best time for having citrus fruits.

2.Green Leafy Vegetables

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables promotes so many health benefits and play a key role in making one’s diet healthier. As you know, green leafy veggies are a crucial part of a healthy diet, that turns out to offer many benefits to overall body health. Green leafy vegetables contain vitamin K, which produce prothrombin, a type of protein that is important for bones and skin health.

Thus, include green vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage, collard, swiss chard, and microgreen to your diet that contains lots of healthy vitamins and minerals for your skin.


Berries like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry contain many antioxidants. Other than citrus fruits, berries are also rich in vitamin C compounds, thus promote internal skin health and removes wrinkles from the skin. Include a bunch of mixed berries into your diet daily and enjoy a meal full of collagen production compounds.

4.Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, pomegranate, kiwi, and Guava are rich sources of multivitamins and minerals, thus again help in increasing the collagen production. Especially, Guava contains a good amount of zinc, a co-factor collagen production compound that is essential for skin health. Have a bowl of these tropical fruits, whether in the morning or evening.

5.Beans and Legumes

Beans and Legumes contain high amounts of protein that also contain amino acids, which is necessary to synthesis collagen production. Moreover, many of the beans and legumes are also rich in copper and other essential nutrients that produce collagen.

6.Cashews and Nuts

Cashews contain high amounts of zinc and copper, both of which are a great source of collagen production. Thus, whenever you are going to have a nuts craving, always try it to choose Cashews.

7.Raw Tomato

Tomatoes are not only an essential part of enhancing any recipe, but it is also essential for your skin and overall body health. They are a good source of vitamin C and minerals that help promote collagen production and increase the elasticity of the skin. Tomatoes also increase the hemoglobin levels in the body that increases the blood and make your skin glowy and pinkish. Thus, eat one raw tomato daily as a salad to get these incredible benefits.

8.Bell Peppers

As you are going to add tomatoes to your meals, also add your favorite or mix of bell peppers spears. Bell Peppers are again a rich source of Vitamin C and contain an anti-inflammatory compound called Capsaicin, which is known for combat the early signs of aging and make younger-looking skin.

  1. Avoid Sugary Foods and Refined Carbs

Yes! You read it right, refined sugar and carbs hamper the production of collagen and cause skin dull. Processed refined sugary and carbs food products lead to premature aging and weight gain issues, thus lower the skin elasticity and collagen production. Try to avoid eating sugary and refined carbs foods in case you want to make your skin look younger and increases collagen production.

10.Garlic Cloves

Garlic cloves are usually used to enhance the taste of the meals, however, they have a miraculous impact on health. Garlic has great properties that prevent the risk of blood cancer.

Moreover, garlic contains high amounts of sulfur that could boost the production of collagen in the skin and make healthier.

These Collagen Rich Foods and Diet not only help in boosting collagen production but also improve the mental health. One should try to include these collagen foods supplements that help in increasing collagen and elasticity of the skin along improving mental health. Some changes in foods improve the mental health for so many mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.