Top 5 Health Benefits Of Owning A Goldendoodle

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Goldendoodles are cute and fluffy dogs loved as house pets. These dogs originate from New Zealand but are also popular in the United States. The nickname for this dog is the Groodle, and they are bred from a golden retriever and a poodle and first became widely bred in the 90’s.

Goldendoodles come in various colors, including cream, red, black, apricot, and brown, and they range from 43-61cm in height. This breed is trainable, friendly, intelligent, and energetic, making it a popular choice for those wanting to bring dogs into their homes. They’re also very athletic, which will ensure that owners and family members stay active and in shape.

However, if you want to make a Goldendoodle a member of your family, you will need to get it from a reliable and trusted breeder. ABCs Puppy Zs is one such breeder. They’re specialized in Goldendoodle puppies that will answer every question you might have regarding this breed. If you need more information about this breed, keep reading as we highlight the top things you need to know about a Goldendoodle before getting one.

Lowers Your Stress Level

Goldendoodles are an amiable and energetic dog breed that makes a great addition to the household. These positive temperaments make them a great companion, and they significantly ease stress levels with their friendly expression and playful nature.

If you’re someone who experiences a life full of stress and demands, this dog breed might be a great addition to your family, especially if you live alone. Goldendoodles are a great company and always keen to have fun with its owners, which will significantly reduce stress levels. They’re also known to naturally possess qualities that make them wonderful therapy and service dogs, which is why many people consider them the best pet in the world.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

It was stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that people who own pets have an incline in mental and physical health. One health benefit includes lower blood pressure levels, which lowers the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Additionally, having a furry companion will help regulate cholesterol levels, which is vital to reduce the risk of heart disease typically caused by cholesterol levels that are too high or too low. Lastly, you can expect to have lower triglyceride levels, which is another health win because high triglyceride levels also increase your risk of developing heart disease.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

We’ve previously mentioned that a Goldendoodle has many benefits for your heart health and that having a waggy-tailed companion can lower your cholesterol levels. Lower cholesterol levels will reduce your risk of heart disease and improve your overall health by helping you maintain a healthy weight. If you are someone who experiences type 2 diabetes, lower cholesterol levels will improve your blood glucose control.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Another previously mentioned fact is that owning a dog can lower your blood pressure levels, and studies have revealed that this is good for your heart health. This will make you an overall healthier and happier person because your heart is seen as your emotional center. If this center is healthy, your quality of life will significantly improve. Lower blood pressure is also good for your brain health, which is more than enough reason to get yourself a Goldendoodle.

More Opportunities For Socializing

Goldendoodles are a strikingly beautiful breed, and when taking one of these dogs on a walk, people will feel inclined to stop to investigate the kind of dog that it is. This can lead to social connections and socializing in general, which is good for your overall health. When you have positive interactions with people throughout the day, your emotional, mental, and physical health will be transformed.

More than anything, owning a pet is a way to improve your overall health. This includes mental, emotional, and physical health. Overall, Goldendoodles are a popular choice for pet lovers and have been shown to significantly improve the lives of the many people who own this fluffy pet.