10 of the Weirdest and Most Unique Homes 


Whether you’re actually looking for some design inspiration for your next house, or simply have an interest in architecture, it’s always fun to check out some of the eccentric home designs that exist all over the world!

From celebrity homes to luxury poker player homes, with owners from across the spectrum, some of these architectural choices will have you wondering, “How is that even possible?” The bizarre designs give you a glimpse into the minds of incredible individuals who are able to make use of all spaces as efficiently as they can. Here are some of the weirdest and most unique home designs that we’ve come across around the world that we want to share with you!

  1. Villa Complex Atop an Apartment Complex

Typically, a lot of us retreat to the countryside, or somewhere a bit quieter, if we want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, one professor in Beijing, China, decided to bring the retreat to the city instead… literally. Spending six years on his project, he built a penthouse on top of a 26-story apartment complex, with the surrounding design deliberately filled with plants and rocks to give it that natural feel.

  1. Airplane House

Said Jammal from Abuja, Nigeria, who works in construction himself, built his wife, Liza, a house that resembles a plane because of how fond she was of traveling. The unmissable home really does look like an airplane from afar. Construction on the house began in 1999. It comprises three stories, and features a swimming pool, a guest house, and even a throne!

  1. Rotating Home

Another impressive architectural feat is the brainchild of a Czech builder by the name of Bohumil Lhota, who built a moving home near Prague. Construction on the house started in 1981, and was completed in 2002. The dwelling has the remarkable ability to rotate, not only sideways, but also up and down, so that Bohumil’s preferred view from the window can be adjusted accordingly. 

  1. Mr. Toilet House

What at an initial glance looks like a futuristic UFO, on closer inspection is actually a toilet-shaped home in Suwon, South Korea! Built by Mr. Sim Jae-deok, who fittingly went on to create the World Toilet Association, the home was designed to promote healthy bathroom practices and cleanliness, and is now quite the tourist attraction. At least the rest room will be easy to find!

  1. Airplane House #2

If you thought that there was only one airplane-designed house in the world, then think again! In 1975, two people from Miziara, Lebanon, created a home in a shape that fully resembles an Airbus A380! The Miziara area of Lebanon is famed for its unique homes, and this is certainly no exception!

Source: ​​https://pixabay.com/photos/condo-balconies-balcony-building-2414328/ 

  1. The Heliodome

Located in eastern France, this is a very futuristic design choice that prides itself on being a bioclimatic solar house! Built in the shape of a 3D sundial, the structure sits at an ideal angle in accordance with the sun’s location in the sky at any given time.

  1. Pyramid House

Another design located in the same town as the Airbus A380 in Miziara, Lebanon, is a house that’s shaped like a pyramid! How functional the pointy top is, we can’t really say, but it certainly looks impressive!

  1. The Futuro Pod

Matti Suuronen created the Futuro pod in post-war Finland. This architectural marvel is reflective of just how much importance was given to technology at the time, when it was considered to be a symbol of economic growth and a sign of optimism. The UFO design was supposed to act as a sort of self-contained ski cabin, with a blueprint that could be replicated on a mass level. However, it never got to that stage due to public disapproval of the strange shape. Suuronen’s vision still lives on today, though, in other parts of the world such as New Zealand, where the original Futuro Pod design was the inspiration for one of the top Airbnbs in the country!

  1. The Bubble Palace

Another majestic mansion design, commonly known as the Bubble Palace (the name alone should tell you everything that you need to know!), is based on top of a hill on the French Riviera, overlooking the Mediterranean sea in true palace-like fashion! In line with the theme, the interior of the palace consists of both rotating floors and round rooms, making it seem as though you really are in a bubble of your own!

  1. The Cappadocia Rock Caves

Located in Central Anatolia in Turkey, these homes made out of caves were carved out by people over many, many years, resulting in a very popular tourist attraction. Even the Queen of Malaysia has shown an interest in wanting to purchase a place there! The soft rock formations were created by volcanic eruptions that took place millions of years ago, with the ash solidifying into cliffs reaching heights of 40 meters! The carved underground tunnels reach depths of approximately eight stories, which is an impressive sight to see in person! No wonder the Cappadocia caves have been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/cappadocia-kapadokya-goreme-museum-1773494/