10 Natural Supplements To Combat Fatigue

natural supplements for fatigue

In the urban lifestyle it is not easy to keep a pace with all the activities one has to do, managing everything from profession to family and social lives altogether leads to a state where we temporarily lose all our strength and need to boost up your energy. This state of fatigue or tiredness only contributes to worsening the already dreadful situation and it is very necessary to fight against fatigue and be fatigue-free forever. when we have a solution to this of taking natural supplements for fatigue. why not go for it?

You wake up tired and dazed, getting ill-tempered day by day, feeling sick due to falling energy levels. All these things lead to cut off from social and family gatherings, unproductivity at work and all the other things that make the situation even depressing.

There is a lot of day to day factors that could lead to fatigue such as unbalanced or improper diets, unplanned lifestyle, known – static wake up and sleeping time, overly working, physical inabilities like thyroid or anaemia. And for females, factors like menopause, pregnancy and life in the post-pregnancy period also leads to fatigue and aggravated tiredness. by taking natural supplements for fatigue or supplements for strength all these problems can be solved and you can be fatigue-free forever.

A lot of patience is required to deal with such a problem, but you can bring back the lost peace and happiness to your life by implementing a few changes in your lifestyle. And adding some natural supplements for fatigue on a regular basis will help in the best way to overcome fatigue and be fatigue free-forever leading you towards a healthier and stress-free life.

Here we list some of the most fruitful and natural supplements for Fatigue which will boost up your energy and you will be fatigue-free forever:

1) Whole foods:

Do you eat junk food every day or too often? If yes then it’s time to weigh health above taste and get a lot of supplements for strength to be fatigue-free forever and boost up your energy. Whether it is a cookie or a pizza, all come under the category of refined food which is produced using all-purpose flour to add to the taste and richness. We recommend you to choose whole food over the refined ones in your regular diet. The reason is that lack of whole food in your regular diet can lead to immense loss of energy whereas proper consumption of whole food will supply the required amount of iron and magnesium to your body. These are such minerals that are of utmost importance to provide energy to the body, control the level of blood pressure and to ensure that the muscles function properly.

An average human being requires iron in the minimum quantity of 8 to 27 mg daily and magnesium intake should not be less than 310 to 420 milligrams per day. Are you thinking about what should you eat to fulfil the daily nutrient’s requirement? The answer lies in your fridge and kitchen itself. For an instance where a cup of white beans yields 8 mg of iron, the needs of magnesium can be met by having 1 cup of spinach (boiled/cooked) as it contains 157 mg of magnesium, these are all supplements for strength which can keep you fatigue-free forever. Other than these, the healthy options also imbibe of oatmeal, black beans and pumpkin seeds that hold ample quantity of magnesium. Moreover, the consumption of black sesame seeds, jaggery and finger millet also proves to be a good source of iron.

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2.) Theanine:

If the reason for your fatigue is lack of sleep or improper sleeping cycles then theanine is the best natural supplement for fatigue to use and boost up your energy. Theanine is not any kind of a drug but an amino acid that can help you get sound sleep at nights leading to fresh and energetic mornings. If you take a look at the tea packets in your kitchen shelf especially the white tea, it contains the most adequate amount of theanine. So now you know what you need to do before hitting the bed! Just prepare a cup of white tea and go fatigue-free forever. Try to completely avoid black tea as it is caffeinated. But if your habit demands the same, you can substitute it with decaffeinated green tea too which has uncountable healthy advantages over one’s life and acts as a supplement for strength.

3.) Creatine:

Creatine is a combination of amino acids composed of glycine, methionine and arginine. This proves to be the best way to be fatigue-free forever, especially when the reason for your fatigue is vivid exercise routines. Creatine is a natural supplements for strength, which hikes up the energy which is required to carry the vigorous workouts and hence lessen the chances of fatigue.

4) Glucose:

Glucose has always been the first recommendation when it comes to finding remedies to overcome any kind of weakness or tiredness. It is the quickest source of energy present in the simplest form for immediate use. It is a magic natural supplement for fatigue that will help you to fight against it on a busy working day or a vivid gym routine. All you need is a bottle of glucose water which comprises of the following process: Mix glucose powder about 40 grams to 250 ml water and sip it during the workout sessions or once amidst of the long field day. This will act as a natural supplement for strength. Sound so easy, isn’t it? Then hurry up and make a change.

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5.) Gotu kola:

Overthinking, depression and stress can never solve the problems but only give a hand to enhance the already existing ones. Evident in the present era; stress and depression have ruined many happy and healthy lives and if they are the reasons behind your raising fatigue syndrome then it’s high time to take an action. We advocate the use of Gotu kola which is a herb known for its usage in traditional medicines and its ability to descent not only the stress and depression levels but also helps to fight against fatigue. This herb has the power to put the sense to ease and make you feel relieved and relaxed. Gotu kola is also beneficial to overpower insomnia or any other sleeping disorder of the body and is also an old natural supplement to fight for fatigue

6) Spirulina:

Spirulina is a natural supplement prepared from blue-green algae and is highly popularized since the year 1519. It is renowned for being the natural source of energy and an effective supplement to regain energy loss and fight against fatigue. It is highly robust in the protein of superior quality and also contains the required amount of vitamin B12. Hence, it demonstrates to be a significant natural therapeutic to avoid tiredness or fatigue. So, boost up your energy and live the life king size.


7) B Vitamins:

In the beginning, B vitamin was known to be a single vitamin but when studied by the researchers, it has been found that this is a combination of 8 different vitamins. Each of them is a tremendous source of energy and when they work on your senses in a synchronized manner, the result appears to be flawlessly advantageous. They ensure sound physical and mental health and boost up energy levels. However, B vitamin is particularly available in the form of pills which needs to be consumed on a daily basis. We suggest you to personally recommend an expertise doctor or a chemist before bringing B vitamin into your regular use.

8) Ginseng:

Ginseng is one vital herb which superbly helps in reviving mental peace and physical comfort by overpowering tiredness. Moreover, even in cases like cancer it is recommended to fight against fatigue and exhaustion. Ginseng stimulates the nervous system and boost up your energy besides offering fuller resistance towards fatigue. But again it is suggested to consult a doctor before adopting this supplement for strength because this herb is known to be an adaptogen and thus impacts the affectivity of some medications.

9) Bitter orange

Synephrine, which is present in the core of bitter orange, is proved to be an effective natural supplement for fatigue. It is known to be very effectual in relieving stress and tiredness. Being similar to a stimulant named ephedra which is also famously known to be an energy-boosting agent, helps in raising the falling energy levels and exiling laziness making you productive and your routines efficient.

Make a note you don’t need to juice the bitter oranges for consumption. Also amazingly it does not possess caffeine within it and thus can also be preferably consumed before going to sleep. It will bestow you with sound sleep and kick off the problem of insomnia.

10) Caffeine:

Whenever we feel dull and tired, the first thing we do to gain the energy back and freshen up the mood is to prepare a cup of tea or coffee. It surely does rescue us from feeling lethargic and exhausted and bring the charge to the nerve cells. But did you ever think about how it is so effective? It is proven to be an evergreen solution to fight fatigue because of the magical ingredient in it called “caffeine”. Caffeine is the best saviour when it comes to tolerating laziness and tiredness and is the best thing known to uplift dull mood and energy. But it’s a strong stimulant to nerves and that is a concern to deal with. While consuming caffeine the most vital factor to keep in mind is to decide in what quantity it should be taken or what is the appropriate amount of intake of caffeine If it is taken in the right proportion it is the best supplement for strength

to reduce fatigue and be fatigue-free forever as it gives an immediate blow of energy and consciousness to combat fatigue. But it’s a strong addictive hence needs to be consumed with vivid caution to prevent unwanted side effects.

These natural supplements for fatigue could be the best solutions to combat the problem of fatigue and keep you fatigue-free forever but you would continue using them endlessly until you would decide to make some prominent changes in your living style. Here are some tips to add to your day to day life and keep fatigued aside.

  • Water is a magical solution. So, it is that amazing drink that can prevent you from catching any sort of disease if taken in proper quantity. So we suggest drinking at least 8-9 ounces of water every day.
  • Giving some attention to your mind and body can reduce all the problems, hence doing yoga or meditation or adopting some exercise routines to be practised regularly can be of great help.
  • If you choose a workout routine make sure to intake a balanced diet consuming an appropriate amount of iron, magnesium and other nutrients.
  • 30 minutes of full-fledged walk a day can burn all those calories and reduce the fat levels of the body which causes hypertension and increasing stress.
  • Avoid refined food and switch to a proper whole grain meal 3 times a day. A healthy diet is a way to a healthy mind and body.
  • No wonder our ancestors were so particular about having at least one glass of milk every day, and thus we need to adapt this secret to get evergreen health and strength alike them.


These natural supplements for strength to fight against fatigue and tiredness are surely effective and boost up your energy but as It is noted many of them require a doctor’s consult so we strongly recommend paying a visit to doctors if your stress levels are increasing and you feel lethargic because it is not an illness to be forgone lightly however if not given proper attention it can even lead to the state of depression.

In this era we usually let health forgo to meet and achieve our dreams and goals but never to forget the saying “Health is wealth” and if you ruin your health no wealth would be of use. Thus managing work and time according to your competency and leading a satisfying life should be the utmost vital goal of one’s life. It is good to break routines and take a leave from work to take care of yourself for the day using the natural supplements for fatigue and make sure to relax once in a while. It gives you an aura and even more enthusiasm to work much more brilliantly from the next day onwards. Also, regular visits to the doctor for monthly checkups could not only keep you aware of your body but also minimize the chances of possessing an unrecognized disease. Just a few simple changes to lead a strong – stress-free life, and we can surely do this for no one else but our own self.

Also if you have any other remedies or know some another supplement that fight against fatigue and we might have missed on, please do let us know by leaving a comment below. Stay active and enjoy life to the fullest!

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