Different Versions of Optavia Diet and How to Follow it Perfectly

different types of Optavia Diet

This post id based on the Different types of Optimal Health Optavia Diet Plans and How to follow it perfectly.

Optavia is a diet in which one encourages to eat the combination of prepackaged and homemade food by limiting the amount of calories. In this program, one can intake 800-1000 calorie, low carbs food while opting for healthier packaged food items. The recommended branded for the Optavia diet are Optimal Health Fuelings and Lean and Greens meals that producing low carbs packaged meals.


The Medifast, meal replacement company, promotes weight loss by introducing the Optavia diet plan include consuming pre-purchased snacks, portioned meals, low carb home-prepared food, and regular instruction diet coach.


Different Types of Optavia Diet Plan:


There are different versions of the Optavia diet that one might adopt. In Optavia, diet plans include two different versions and one weight maintenance diet version:


  • 5&1 Optavia Diet Plan: This version of the Optavia includes eating five prepackaged meals from Optimal Health Fuelings and one homemade balanced meal from Lean and Green each day. This diet plan is the most popular diet program and adopted by many people for their weight loss programs.
  • 4&2&1 Optavia Diet Plan: This Optavia diet plan is for those who like to have flexibility in their diet and alongside like to follow a weight loss program. This plan can let you eat more calories and have more flexible food choices than the 5&1 plan. In 4&2&1, one can consume four prepackaged Optimal Health Fuelings food, three balanced homemade meals from Lean and Green, and have one snack each day.
  • 3&3 Optavia Diet Plan: This Optavia diet is designed to maintain the overall, and one can consume even those who have moderate weight issues or want to maintain a healthy body.


Optavia diet programs provide some additional tools and time to time suggestion to aid the weight loss and maintenance program. These include daily tips through text messages, weekly support calls, community forums, and app that help to set meal reminders and track your food intake activity.


The Medifast has also organized specialized programs for providing nursing to older adults, mothers, teenagers facing excess weight issues, and diabetic patients to maintain their health goals.


Despite benefits and specialized Optavia diet plans, it is still unclear to say whether this diet is safe and effective for people who are suffering from certain health issues. A complete study and research on this diet plan are still left. However, the nutrients that breastfeeding mother and growing teenagers required are not contained entirely in the Optavia Diet, hence it is recommendable to ask from an expert dietician before starting any Optavia Diet.


How To Follow Optavia Diet Plan 


As soon as you start following any of the Optavia Diet Plan, you start having a conversation over the phone with your assigned coach, who helps you to decide which Optavia diet plan appropriate for you and how to follow it. The coach also helps you to set your customized weight loss goals and daily guides you about the program.


First Step:

For those who opt for weight loss programs, Optimal Weight 5&1 Optavia Diet Plan is best suited for them. In this diet, one eat 800-1000 calorie each day that promises to shed 12 pounds of weight in just 12 weeks.

If you follow this plan, you can intake five meals from Optimal Health Fuelings and one homemade balanced meal from Lean and Green each day. In this, you eat one meal every 2-3 hours and can perform a moderate exercise for 30 minutes alternate days of the week. The homemade balanced meals are designed with high protein and low carbs food. One meal of Lean & Green offers 145-200 grams of protein, 2 servings of healthy fats, and 3 servings of non-starchy vegetables.


Last Step:

As you reach your desired body weight, then you will enter the transition phase for 6-weeks that allows one to gradually increase the intake of calories up to 1550 per day. Now you are allowed to consume a wide variety of foods that are made from whole grains, low-fat dairy products, veggies, and fruits.

After 6-weeks of the transition phase, you entered to the Optimal Health 3&3 Optavia Diet Plan, in which one consumes 3 prepackaged food from Optimal Health Fuelings and 3 homemade meals from Lean and Greens plus Optavia tips and instructions regularly from the assigned coach.

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