Why Shouldn’t You Do the 100 Envelope Challenge?

100 envelope challenge

100 envelope challenge


The 100 envelope challenge involves spending less money. Initially, use 100 envelopes. Enter any number starting from 1 to 100 over each envelope. Pick an envelope at random once per day. Place that measure of cash indicated by the numeral here on the envelope. Every envelope will now be stuffed with money after 100 days, and you’ll have amassed a sum of $5,050 in savings. The 100 Envelope Challenge is meant to kickstart financial savings, so if we complete this precisely as instructed, after 100 days, we may have $5,050 in cash in every one of our envelopes.

I don’t know about others; however, I’d love to see my savings increase from $0 to $5,050 in less than three months! Simply wait a short while before going to the shop to purchase an inexpensive carton of envelopes and begin numbering then! Understand more regarding the “100 envelope challenge” and why one might decide to forego it in preference for a more realistic money-saving project by continuing.

What should you know?

  • The Hundred envelopes initiative was initially developed to help people get started with their envelope-saving challenge. 
  • Assuming users adhere to that same plan exactly and place the designated measure of cash in such an envelope daily, they will have $5,050 in cash saved after 100 days. 
  • Perhaps not everyone should do this 100-day money challenge; therefore,, it’s best to consider it before starting.  
  • Different choices are probably preferable if you want to kickstart the financial plan.

The 100 Envelope Challenge: What Is It?

The envelope’s budgetary technique was expanded upon by introducing something like the 100 envelope challenge, sometimes referred to simply as the 100 Day Money Challenge, on that TikTok public platform. The said competition is meant to concentrate and encourage you to begin conserving money; it doesn’t cover the overall budget.


The 100 Envelope Challenge: How Does It Work?

The envelope budgeting method is similar to this challenge in the idea.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Number 100 envelopes from 1 to 100 on the labels.
  • Keep your eyes closed and take one envelope out every single day.
  • Put an equal quantity of money inside the envelope, no matter what number appears on it.
  • Close the package.
  • Continue for 100 days straight. When you add up some money within all envelopes, you’ll have collected $5,050.

For instance, if you pick one packet with figure 87,, whenever you choose an everyday packet, you can place $87 within it and lock it. You will place $15 dollars into an envelope that says “15” and then lock it. It seems very simple, does it not?

Choose any envelope from the pile, insert cash, and lock it.

How challenging can this be?

One can list several reasonable explanations why they shouldn’t participate in this ostensibly amusing competition,, as well as a few justifications for doing so. 

Unless you’re seeking those responses, check out this article.

What does ‘Envelope Budgeting System’ mean?

Financial expert ‘Dave Ramsey’ has published the ‘Envelope Budgeting System’, which employs an envelope containing funds for each section of the spending plan. One could maybe not spend as much as they earn if they pay all of their bills with money. It’s intended to help people survive off the cash they receive through their employment by controlling their excessive expenditures. In essence, if insufficient money is put inside the envelope, then payment is not paid. Because of this, one must prioritize covering their basic daily expenses, including rent or mortgage, utilities like power supply, etc. We may start with the unneeded and luxurious budgeting areas, including dining out and any other type of leisure that once essential expenses have had the proper amount of cash budgeted. For instance, money might only be placed in the envelope designated for recreation if you’ve got sufficient money left over there to cover a particular category. Let’s say you used to have a budgetary category regarding recreation.

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Does the 100 Envelope Challenge help you have more money in your savings account?

Suppose we follow that same plan and execute it religiously for the full 100 days. This will succeed if you pursue it, similar to any other challenge or objective. For instance, I cannot keep eating the very same way I have already been eating throughout the program and anticipate shedding pounds if my goal is to lose 25 pounds. Since I actually like to achieve my goal and make that happen, I must implement alterations.

The same principles apply to the 100 Envelope Challenge.

For instance, cash might only be placed in the envelope designated for recreation when you have sufficient money left over to cover this category. Let’s say that you used to have a budgeted classification for leisure.

PRO TIP- Whatever amount you may save still represents a crushing victory as far as you keep that in the deposit account and also don’t remove it, so think about that when you choose to undertake this challenge but don’t stick to that same strategy for the full 100 days.

How much money did you manage to save during the 100-day challenge?

Another extensive study of some of the details of this financial challenge is provided below:

  • You can have $55 collected once envelopes 1 through 10 has been completed.
  • Once envelopes 1 through 25 are filled, you will still have $325.
  • You would have $1,275 in savings once you have completed envelopes 1 through 50.
  • You will now have $2,850 in savings if you’ve completed envelopes 1 through 75.
  • If all 100 envelopes are filled, you will then have $5,050 in cash that can be used for the mortgage payment, emergency savings, additional money, etc.

NOTE- You also might save 10K in 100 days, but you ought to quadruple your weekly savings. Its ultimate total can be utilized for the following things:

  • Home renovations
  • Auto repairs
  • Large purchases 
  • Emergency savings 
  • A healthy savings account.

For the 100-day envelope challenge, what materials are required?

We will require some particular products to get started with the 100 Envelope Challenge if we proceed and take it on. Items might already be in our stock of office equipment. 

Envelope- One could also save money by purchasing plain white envelopes without needing a private interior covering.

Sharpie/Marker- You will necessitate a Sharpie or pen to write all numerals on each envelope.

Despite their being optional, the following points are enjoyable ways to add a little flair:

Stickers- Interesting embellishments to add toward the envelope closure following inserting money.

Coloured Envelopes- Using colorful envelopes is indeed an idea; nevertheless, it is not required.

Box or Container- A discreet location where you can store all of your envelopes along with your money. 

The 100 Envelope Challenge is for whom?

One must sign up if the foregoing is accurate, so this challenge fits into their financial targets. Only if:-

  • After paying the necessary payments every month, you possess money left over.
  • You constantly save cash each month and are prepared to increase your saving rate.
  • You wish to conquer your personalized obstacle of managing money.
  • Although you’ve got money left over every month that may be preserved, you don’t create savings objectives or, if you ever do, do not stick to them.
  • You owe nothing.
  • Debt with such a high-interest rate should indeed be repaid with extra money.

Who is not a good candidate for the 100 envelope challenge?

The finest candidates for a hardship variation (a version with lower monetary amounts) are:

  • Residing payment to payment due to a limited budget (not just from reckless spending).
  • Undergoing or preparing for a significant lifestyle change will influence money.
  • Due to an unbalanced budget, they are experiencing financial concerns (typically, this means there are more expenses than income).
  • Because I don’t have stable work, my income changes daily, weekly, or monthly.

Example- How might one feel if they started the 100 Envelope Challenge and drew the #96 envelope on the first day, the #82 envelope the next, or the #99 envelope on the third?

Do you intend to:

  • You may experience a breakdown, but you must still work to put money inside the envelopes since you desire not to fail.
  • “I felt I could not accomplish this, and I didn’t wish to do it,” tell yourself.
  • Visit your bank to obtain the funds needed to fill the envelope.

This is not the correct point in your life to begin the challenge if you choose option #1 or option #2.

Other Exciting (Smaller) Ways to Begin Regular Savings

  • Don’t invest your spare change at all anymore.
  • Any loose change you find during shopping should be placed inside a jar and not touched. Determine the amount you saved every month at the conclusion.
  • Invest the same amount in delights for yourself.
  • Purchase an iced tea for $1.50 and save $1.50 in a jar.
  • With your financial institution or credit union, take part in the round-up program.
  • Your banking firm deposits the money from each and every debit card purchase you make to a bank account for you, rounding it around to the next dollar.

Would the ’10K in 100 days envelope challenge’ a viable option for making quick savings?

You could save cash immediately if you possess the everyday funds to fulfill this challenge. It’s not a smart idea to join the spending train if you’ve never stored so much cash in this period since you couldn’t save this because you required it for living costs.

There are more stress-free options available to you!

Why Shouldn’t You Take the 100 Envelope Challenge?

Considering the individual circumstances of each person’s economic condition, the 100 Envelope Challenge might or might not benefit them to save money.

An issue, for instance, might be starting off without seeing at least $100 in cash.

In addition, to have sufficient cash to complete the envelope for every day’s events, participants usually require a specific amount of cash before they start the 100 envelope challenge. It could be difficult to save quickly with this strategy if you do not have any extra cash on hand.

Consider one of the following variants if you don’t think you can accomplish it and see if it works for you. 

Be conscious every time you invest or save money to take responsibility for your expenditure and savings patterns!

Using a budgeting guide or spreadsheet can make the procedure appear simple if you intend to create a budget and could use a little assistance. Both for, we got you prepared!


The article attempted to give you enough information about the 100-Envelope challenge. You also explained the ’10K in 100 days Envelope challenge’. One last item to consider before beginning the 100 envelope challenge: you might be better off transferring the cash you want to use for the envelopes from the checking account to fixed deposits. Your funds will certainly generate interest.

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Q1) What is the 50 Envelope Challenge?

Ans- 50 envelopes are numbered from #1 to #50. Alternate between them and take one out daily and put the corresponding quantity of cash inside the envelope. You may receive $1,275 in cash after completing all 50 envelopes, which you may use to fund your trip, your bank balance, etc.

Q2) With the 200 Envelope Challenge, how much money do you save?

Ans- Once you complete the 200 Envelope Challenge day after day, you may have collected $5,100 after 200 days.

Q3) How can I use 100 envelopes to save $5,000 in six months?

That’s a terrific idea to begin conserving money in this manner to give yourself a bit more leeway in the future. Mark 100 envelopes with the numbers 1 through 100. Week after week, choose two envelopes randomly and put the money in the one with the corresponding number.

Q4) What variants of the 100-envelope challenge are there?

Ans- This money-saving activity is enjoyable and a wonderful way to save extra cash in an area where it is less likely to be spent. One of the alternatives may work for your situation if, indeed, the initial intention is currently too difficult.

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