The Pros and Cons of Pre Made Fan Lashes


Eyelash extensions are the must-have in the beauty world, they remove the hassle of mascara or false lashes, look beautifully natural and can last for weeks. There are many different types of lash extension, including using a pre made fan. Premade fan lashes are an alternative to the traditional, individual lash extensions.

As long as the lash artist knows how to apply pre made fans properly and has completed a reputable eyelash extension course, they can achieve fantastic results and are quickly becoming a popular choice among celebrities, clients and professionals.

What Are Pre Made Fans?

Pre made fan lashes are when small clusters of lash extensions come pre-bonded in small clusters and are also known as premade volume fans.

They are available in a variety of lengths and curls and can be used to create almost every look a client could be after.

We look into the pros and cons of pre made fan lashes below.


Faster Application 

Creating fans with individual lashes is incredibly time consuming and can lead to client appointments lasting as long as 3 hours. Meticulously glueing lash extensions to the natural lashes is understandably a long task.

Some professionals choose to create fans themselves and this can be exhausting and very fiddly, for a newly qualified artist, it can lead to things going wrong and stock being wasted.

Premade volume fans cut downtime considerably while still providing great results for clients.

Fantastic Results

By using pre made fans, lash artists can achieve that sought-after fluffy look that lasts longer than traditional lash extensions. Using a pre made fan has the advantage of not closing like bespoke fans do.

Ease of Use

Premade fan lashes are incredibly easy to apply, providing there has been the right training beforehand. With this, lash artists can achieve faster speeds and more confidence.

Increase Revenue

Time is money and the more clients that can be squeezed into a working day, the more money can be made. By reducing appointment lengths, while still providing a brilliant service, salons can see even more clients each day.



Such a great product must, of course, come at a cost. Premade fan lashes are more expensive than their counterparts. Some artists may need to raise their prices to accommodate this expense.

If an artist has never received training in pre made volume fans, they will need to undertake a reputable course, without doing so, they risk bad results and a bad reputation.

It is unlikely that an artist can cater to all manner of eye shape and style with a basic stock supply, in fact, artists may need to purchase many different styles and lengths to ensure they always have the right fans in stock. 

They Don’t Wrap

The base of a pre made fan will not wrap around natural eyelashes as their counterparts do. 

This means pre made fans can not be affixed around the whole natural lash, instead, they are glued on top of the natural lash line.

While it’s not definite, this can impact the life of the fans and lead to early dropouts. Clients may feel like they did not get their money’s worth if they are not pre-warned of it.

Thick Base

Many pre-made fan lashes come with a very thick base, meaning those who want a light, the natural look may be left with a style they didn’t want. 

There are premade fan lashes available with thinner bases so artists need to do their research when purchasing stock and make sure the practice as much as possible.

No Flexibility 

Premade fan lashes can’t adapt to the textures of natural lashes’ texture, length or strength, so there is very little room for customisation.

Similarly, the artist does not have full control over how much glue is already on the pre-made fan lash as they do when making their own from scratch. 

This adds more weight to the lash extensions which can lead to early dropouts and even damage to the natural lashes if the artist doesn’t take the right steps.

When an artist is deciding regarding pre made fan lashes there is no ‘right’ answer. They need to take into consideration their current skills as a priority, if they have no experience with these and go straight into using them on clients, while also potentially hiking their prices, it can lead to bad treatment and poor reputation.

However, if an artist is confident in using premade fan lashes and has undertaken the right training then they can be a great change in the salon. Especially if artists have had to turn clients away as they are overbooked, they can begin to cater to more and make more money!