Disney VHS Tapes Value A Fortune Today

Disney VHS Tapes Value

Disney VHS Tapes Value : Since VHS tapes are not made anymore, some people out there want them, especially if they have that Disney magic. Add in the nostalgia factor and the fact that some tapes had limited releases, and you have got something valuable. We are going to explain the Disney VHS tapes value in this article. Here it is:

14. The Fox And The Hound, Black Diamond Edition – 1994

Let us talk about this gem. It might have been the first movie many Gen Xers caught at the theatre. Tod, a young fox, buddies up with a bloodhound named Copper. However, as they grow up, they realise that hounds are used to hunt foxes. It mixes great and sad with a solid moral lesson. Oh, and did you know a young Kurt Russell was the voice of Copper?

Now, this not-so-famous Disney classic deserves more love for its artistry. Maybe it is the nostalgia, but prices for this Black Diamond Edition can swing up to $20,000. You could snag a good copy for less than the cost of a fancy movie ticket. So, before you say goodbye to those VHS tapes, think about the Disney treasure you might be sitting on.

13. Bambi, Black Diamond Edition – 1989

Now, let us dive into the world of Bambi. This classic is famous for having one of the saddest characters. It might not be as heart-wrenching as Mufasa’s demise, but it is still pretty sad. However, the animation is top-notch, even by today’s standards – something the grown-up viewer can totally appreciate.

11. Black Diamond Edition, Fantasia – 1991

Now let us discuss that timeless masterpiece, Fantasia. Adorned in his familiar sorcerer’s outfit, Mickey Mouse is centre stage. Perhaps it has to do with Mickey’s performance. Still, Fantasia is also a magical world full of dancing animals with enchanting light, which all finally builds up to Death riding out as the armoured demon Chernabog from Bald Mountain.

Fantasia is nothing but music, adventure and action. It’s unique, and the better copies can command a price. However, even rare tapes from way back then and brand new ones rarely come in at more than a hundred dollars or so in terms of Disney VHS tapes value.

10. Black Diamond Edition, Cinderella – 1988

Now let us enter the famous fairy tale of Cinderella. She is the Cinderella about whom we hear no more until her Fairy Godmother comes to work her magic. On we go to the ball, falling in love with Prince Charming and you know how it goes – happily ever after.

For more than $ 3000, you could get hold of one, but wait. You could also walk away with the very same tape in mint condition for less than US $ 10. Prices for old Disney tapes change, but Cinderella swings up and down on the price rollercoaster more than others. It was just a 1988 tape, not even from when the film first opened in picture houses. So keep your eyes peeled for the hidden treasures.

9. Black Diamond Edition, Lady And The Tramp – 1987

My Fair Lady with curs, a sprinkling of Oliver Twist; that’s Lady and the Tramp. It is one of the least glorious films in the Disney pantheon, yet very popular with fans. Cocker Spaniel Lady has a comfortable life with a joyful couple. Tramp, a mutt with street smarts, lives on the streets and fends for herself by picking up scraps from an Italian restaurant.

This tape is available in an unopened version with limited-edition cover art that can sell for several thousand dollars or far less than a hundred bucks, depending on the condition of the tape.

8. Black Diamond Edition, Aladdin -1993

So, let us take a trip into the world of Aladdin. His lovable genie performance is one of many reasons why this Disney gem has found a home in our hearts. Aladdin wishes to win the heart of Princess Jasmine while fighting off the evil Jafar- the enthralling story makes it impossible for fans to resist.

7. Black Diamond Edition, Dumbo – 1985

The story of Dumbo, the flying elephant, begins. Prices for this tape skyrocket, from a small change to a shocking $ 11,000. What is Dumbo’s secret? Perhaps its his quest for authenticity or irresistibly cute ears. Whatever it is, Dumbo’s up on our list, but buyers beware –how much you let him go for.

6. The Rescuers Down Under and The Rescuers- 1991

Now, let’s talk about the sprightly mouse pair in The Rescuers & The Rescuers Down Under. Bernard and Bianca from the Rescue Aid Society head to Australia with a mission: find Cody, a young kid pinched by poachers. It also features voice actors like Eva Gabor and John Candy. The nostalgia level is sky-high.

Actually, these cute little mice are even more popular than you’d think. The VHS tape is listed at an astronomical price, but there’s nothing special about the movie itself. It’s all a matter of age and condition. This is one of the little-known Disney offerings from pre-Renaissance times. Copies occasionally sell for big bucks, but usually you can pick them up for a few dollars, offering salvation to those who need it on a budget.

5. The Jungle Book- 1991

Let us journey into The Jungle Book, where Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves, finds himself under the protection of a panther and a bear when threatened by a tiger. This Disney adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel is so popular that it is live-action and has spawned sequel remakes.

This once-obscure title found its VHS groove, making it a gem. Prices swing from a few thousand dollars to pocket change for a copy that’s just as good. If you want something extra special, there are special editions with songbooks and accessories that’ll cost more.

4. Marking the Millennium, Disney – 2000

Now, here is a treasure, Disney, Marking the Millennium. That is why this extremely rare tape is listed at a whopping $50,000. Moreover, Get This, released in 2000 was exclusively available at Epcot Center for purchase. Disney fans eager for a copy might opt for an opened or used version, which can be considerably less pricey. 

3. Beauty And The Beast – 1992

Enter the enchanting world of Beauty and the Beast, breaking away from typical romance tales by giving us Belle, a female protagonist who stands her ground and does not rely on others constantly unless you see the story as a nod to Stockholm Syndrome. 

2. 101 Dalmatians- 1992

Now, let’s dive into the world of spots and fur with 101 Dalmatians. This classic, known for its adorable pups and the infamous Cruella De Vil, has surged in popularity thanks to Cruella-based remakes and appearances in various series like Once Upon A Time and Disney’s Descendants.

1. The Little Mermaid, Black Diamond Edition – 1990

Dive into the depths of Disney magic with The Little Mermaid, the 1990 VHS tape making waves in the collector’s world. Now, there is a rare cover discussion, specifically about the shape of Atlantica’s castle, but let us keep it family-friendly. Prices might soar for these tapes, but the real Disney VHS tapes value lies in nostalgia more than collectibility.


What is Disney VHS tapes value?

Because of all these various factors, the value of old Disney VHS tapes can be very different. Many Disney VHS tapes values are worth a few dollars, but others can be hundreds or thousands.

How do I tell if my Disney VHS is worth anything?

Also, look for this phrase: A Walt Disney Classic, which will be printed directly on the tape near the movie’s title. See if these stamps are on your issue of Beauty and the Beast. If you have both the diamond and the line, your tape could be worth a fortune.

What are old Disney videos worth?

However, since these tapes are common, no matter how old they grow, they will only sell for the kind of money that a collector could use to fulfil any of those extravagant projects. In other words, the Disney VHS tapes value is now truly zero.