3 Celebrity Food Trends That Should Not Follow

celebrity food trends

This post is based on the weird celebrity food trends that you must avoid to follow.

There are various types of celebrity trends that are fascinating and alluring our minds and make us superbly convince us to follow them. Somehow, these trends are proving to be the worst food trends for ordinary people like us. Popular celebrities have started following such weird healthy food trends that are even not recommended by nutritional specialists. While talking about celebrities, they can consult best doctors, have the best dietary advice, and afford to hire the best personal chefs in the world. However, for commoners, such nutritional information and best diet plan are not possible.

You will be shocked to know that many of the diets that doctors are not following, get famous just because celebrities started talking about them. Here are the three most endorsed celebrity food trends that you should not try.

  1. Hot Water Lemon Detox Drink:Hot Lemon Water may not be beneficial for everyone. Lemon has a high concentration of citric acid and causes heartburn problems in some people. Also, citric acid erodes tooth enamel, and in some cases, it might cause a diuretic effect. Diuretic properties of lemon water increase urine production and eliminate excess sodium from the body.


  1. Celery Juice:When it comes to following celebrity morning routines, Celery Juice is one of the most trendy morning drink one can find on almost every celebrity feed posts. Kim Kardashian, Jenna Dewan, and many other celeb icons consume Celery Juice in their first-morning meal and try to convince their fans. However, nutritionist says eating celery is best but juicing it left with tons of sugar. While juicing, all the fibre strips out, and juice is left with green color, water, and sugar.



  1. Bone Broth: This is the most weird celebrity food trend that you should never follow ever. It is a soup which is made by boiling the remain bones of animal in water. Bone Broth is a trendy beverage and recommended by many celebrities as a healthy diet option. However, one must be aware of the side effects of bone broth. Bones carry heavy and toxic metals like Lead. Consuming it excessively or on a regular basis can increase the concentration of toxic metals in the body.