3 Tips to Find Your Style


Do you know the feeling of a closet full of clothes that are difficult to combine with one another? Do you wake up every morning thinking you have nothing to wear? Then you have a common fashion disease. It’s the lack of your own style. Everyone is so dependent on the opinions of others, trying to follow fashion trends and imitate fashion bloggers, that they lose their individuality. Yet, finding your style can be as easy as using nationalcasino.com/promotions. 

Whether you want to completely revamp your style or just introduce something new, there are a few simple steps to help you find yourself. Quickly use them and start the “New Style – New Me” special operation.

Determine Your Body Type

An important nuance is to correctly identify your figure type. Based on this, you can choose the right silhouettes and cut off things. To correctly calculate if you are an “apple” or “pear”, use the online figure type calculator. You should enter your measurements here and just wait for the result. Once you have determined what type of figure you are dealing with, start looking for a suitable cut.

Go through your closet and try on all the things. Gather a few combinations and consult your loved ones about which things fit you well and which don’t. This will help you figure out what you need to get rid of urgently. You can also find a celebrity with the same type of figure and study her choice of things. There are professionals working on celebrity style, so feel free to take these ideas to heart.

Find Your Unique Thing

Try to add to your image something that would be your calling card, a distinctive feature. Most style icons have so-called “autographs” that everyone recognizes. It can be an accessory, a color, a special print, or even a shoe model. For example, Victoria Beckham does not change big sunglasses, Anna Wintour always walks in Manolo Blahnik sandals, and the Olsen twins are impossible to recognize unless they are wearing black baggy clothes.

Invest in Clothes

Don’t try to chase fashion trends, rather fill your closet with quality basic items. Don’t pay attention to clothes you’ll wear once. Concentrate on things that you will really love and wear for years to come. For example, your weakness is jeans, then you should invest your money in this particular closet item.