4 Simple Tips to Choose the Right High Heels


Shoes are the only thing that could make absolutely everyone go crazy. Both office workers, and businesswomen, and royalty, and stars on the carpet. At least one pair of high heels is in the closet of almost every girl. Yet, many females refuse these shoes after buying a pair in which it is possible only to stand (and even not for a long time), giving up all the loafers. The problem is only in the wrong selection, but if you follow a few important rules, the selection can be as easy as playing at https://playamo.one/. Here are simple tips on how to choose comfortable high heels that you can spend the whole day in.

Choose Natural Materials

Of course, leather or suede is perfect. Natural materials will eventually take the shape of your foot and will not cause discomfort. Other materials can remain too stiff and will chafe and cause blisters over time. Also, shoes made of synthetic materials will quickly lose their look. Stylish comfortable high heels are really the kind of thing you’re better off investing in once, than buying several cheaper models and feeling uncomfortable in each of them.

Pay Attention to the Lining 

Look for a lining that covers the entire inside of the shoe. In low-quality shoes, the lining may be a liner over the sole that does not cover the entire surface. If you want to choose the most comfortable pair possible, check that the lining covers the entire inside. Leather is a great choice for a lining because it breathes better than vinyl or other synthetic materials.

Try It on Correctly

Despite all the perks of online shopping, it’s hard to buy the perfect pair of loafers online without trying them on if it’s your first time. It’s best to store at the end of the day. When you spend all day on your feet, they may swell slightly. It means your foot size will be larger than it was in the morning. Therefore, it’s best to try on high-heeled shoes when your foot size is at its maximum, so that you feel comfortable in them after shopping at the end of the day.

The Price Is the Key to Success 

Many famous fashionistas advise that it is better to have one pair of shoes, but decent, than a few, but terrible quality. After all, buying shoes, you pay not only for shoes, but also for quality, comfort, beauty, original design and for your own health. And good shoes can’t cost too cheap.