5 Affordable Luxury Jewelry Options


A carefully curated jewelry collection will elevate your outfits and your mood. But is it possible to invest in luxury jewelry pieces without breaking the bank? Yes, it is. Budget-friendly luxury jewelry exists, and you’ll find everything from timeless classics to modern masterpieces.  

Here are 5 luxury jewelry options for you to consider. 

Moissanite Rings: A Dazzling Alternative to Diamonds

If you are not familiar with Moissanite, it’s time to discover this wonderful gem. It’s a beautiful and affordable alternative to traditional diamonds. Indeed, moissanite rings are now one of the top choices for luxury jewelry. They are fast becoming the leading alternative to diamond engagement rings, too. 

Measuring a robust 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness (diamonds score a 10), they are durable enough for daily wear. However, its higher refractive index can make moissanite appear even more sparkly than a diamond. 

While it’s true that a Moissanite stone has a different crystal structure, it is usually cut in the same shapes and faceting patterns as diamonds. Yet it is significantly more budget-friendly, which places it at the top of our list for affordable luxury jewelry options.

Timeless Pearl Earrings

Any discussion on luxury jewelry inevitably turns to pearls. Pearl chokers and earrings always make an impression. Pearl earrings, especially, are a cost-effective but timeless classic for your jewelry collection. The history of pearls is fascinating, and in some circles, they’re considered the oldest gemstone. 

The price can differ widely depending on their quality, size, and even the color. But cultured pearls are ‌a more affordable option. Cultured pearls are real pearls and grow in water, but are produced with some human intervention.

Many jewelers craft a range of jewelry pieces from cultured pearls, and drop earrings are some of the most popular. Pearl drop earrings are a classic that will complement almost any outfit and are commonly given as gifts. If drop earrings don’t appeal to you, simple pearl stud earrings are also very affordable.

Elegant Gemstone Pendant

Take a look at a few old photographs of celebrities, socialites, and even royalty through the years. You’re going to see an elegant gemstone pendant gracing the decolletage of many of these famous style-loving women throughout the ages. 

At first glance, these pendants don’t have much in common. They can range in size and style from big and ornate to sleek and simple and immediately elevate any ensemble. These days, the big and bulky versions are not quite as favored, but gemstone pendants are still loved worldwide.

Fortunately, you don’t need the buying power of these more famous gemstone pendant fans. Countless gemstone pendants on the market make a huge impact but don’t break the bank. Choose a pendant setting that speaks to your sense of style, but with a gemstone that will complement multiple clothing options.

Classic Tennis Bracelet

When you hear the term tennis bracelet, your mind will automatically conjure an image of a line of little diamonds affixed to a thin gold armchain. Indeed, it was sometimes referred to as a line diamond bracelet in the past. More commonly, though, it was called an eternity bracelet. 

But although this style icon usually is made of diamonds, this is not always the case. Everyone can enjoy the glamor of a tennis bracelet without the high-style price tag. You can find tennis bracelets made from other, more affordable gemstones, and even less expensive metals, like silver. 

If you’re wondering how it earned the new name ‘tennis’ bracelet, it’s because of a memorable tennis moment back in the late 1970s. Yes, it is related to tennis! Female tennis player Chris Evert, already known for her stylish sportswear, started playing her matches wearing a delicate eternity bracelet. 

One day in 1987, it slipped from her wrist mid-game, gaining even more attention. The name ‘tennis bracelet’ was coined, and the rest is history.

Stylish Gold Statement Necklace

Archaeological evidence shows that gold jewelry has been worn for centuries. Throughout history, gold has symbolized abundance and prosperity. Even today, gold is a metal that is synonymous with luxury. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on gold jewelry to look luxurious.

You can capture the essence of luxury on a budget if you stick to one or two stylish gold statement necklaces that work with your style personality. A stylish gold statement necklace will certainly always make a statement. Better still, it never goes out of style. 

Although most statement necklaces are large and bold, they don’t have to be bulky. However, if you want a statement piece, that’s affordable but also works with most of what you wear, stick to more modern pieces. It will look stunning whether you have a shorter hairstyle or wear your hair in an elegant updo.