5 Foods That Causes Inflammation – Avoid These Food Including in Your Diet

foods that causes inflammation

This post is based on the foods that causes inflammation in body that one must avoid consuming.

Inflammation is a natural way of Body’s inbuilt function to protect itself from internal injuries or sickness. Inflammation can be good or bad, basically, depending on the situations the Body is going through.

To the good side of inflammation, it helps the body to defend and fight against certain illnesses and stimulate the healing processes in the body. On the other side, sustained and regular inflammation leads to the cause of chronic diseases and increases the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, stomach issues, and obesity.

There are certain foods that you are unaware of and may lead to increase the inflammation in the Body.

Thus, it is essential for one to keep care of such foods and avoid them as much as possible. This is the best way to avoid the risk of increasing rates of chronic diseases and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here are five foods that are responsible for causing the lousy inflammation in the Body that causes health hazard diseases.

Avoid Eating Artificial Trans Fat Food

Artificial trans fat is created by mixing the hydrogen to the unsaturated fats (liquid fat), in order to give them the consistency like solid fat. The many nutritionist and researches consider artificial trans fats as unhealthiest fat one can eat.

Despite the naturally obtaining trans fat from dairy products and meat, artificial trans fats are the causes of increased inflammation and the risk of chronic diseases.

Eating food that consists of artificial trans fats leads to increased levels of inflammatory markers like CRP (C-reactive Protein).

Try to avoid eating food products like fried fast food, French fries, packaged cookies & cakes, processed food, margarines, and packaged food with vegetable oil.

Do Not Go For Sucrose and High-Fructose Corn Syrup Content Foods

Food that contains sugar is highly inflammatory affective and causes many skin related diseases. High sugary food is responsible for increases acne issues and increases the fat in the Body.

Sucrose (table sugar) and High-Fructose Corn Syrup are the two primary sugar that is added in the western-style food.

Sucrose contains about 50% Glucose and 50% of Fructose, whereas HFCS contains 45% of glucose and 55% of Fructose.

These sugary products are the main reason that half of the US population is suffering from the increased inflammation that increases the risk of chronic diseases.

Completely stop or try to avoid eating foods like chocolate, soft drinks, sweet pastries, candy, some types of cereals, cookies and doughnuts.

Refined Carbohydrates

foods that causes inflammation

First of all, one thing to clear is that not all the Crabs are bad for health, but they are the primary source of energy to our Body. Since the years ago, our ancestors consuming unprocessed and high fiber carbs in the form of roots, fruits and grasses. Crabs have a lot of health benefits to our Body.

It is what bad is Refined Carbs. These types of carbs are created by removing all the fibers present in the food products. In most of the modern diet, it is found that this food mostly contained refined carbs that are causing increased blood sugar levels and inflammatory issues.

Avoid consuming soft drinks, processed packaged foods, cakes, potato chips, pasta, breads, cereals, pastries, refined flour and sugary products.

Stop Drinking Excess or Zero Consumption of Alcohol

inflammatory foods

Yes, you read it right. Consumption of Alcohol is also the reason behind increasing the bad inflammation in the Body. However, moderate consumption of alcohol does not have ill effects on Body, but it promotes health benefits.

Higher amounts of drinking alcohol lead to an increase in the levels of inflammatory marker CRP. The more people consume, the more the levels of CRP increases.

Moreover, people who drink heavily have higher rates of increasing the problems of bacterial toxins moving out of Colon to the Body. This is called a leaky gut that is the cause of widespread inflammation that leads to damage to the internal organs.

Processed Meat

Consumption of processed meat leads to an increase in the risk of stomach or colon cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Some very common types of processed meat available in the market include bacon, ham, sausage, smoked meat, and beef jerky.

Studies show that Processed meat mostly contains more amounts of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) than most of the other meats available in the market.

These AGEs are formed when cooking the processed meats and some other processed foods heat at a high temperature. These foods are the causes of higher inflammation.

Most of the diseases associated that people face with consumption of processed meat, is Colon Cancer, one of the major and most robust diseases and damages internal organs.