5 Free And Helpful Travel Applications That You Need

travel apps

Before, when we travel across countries or local areas that we are not familiar with, getting lost can be frustrating and scary. Having no place to stay can put your life at stake if you are out wandering around an unfamiliar place. Looking for places and finding the nearest accommodations can be possible if you use travel applications to help you with all of that.

Nowadays, traveling is easier because of travel applications that we can download and install on our mobile devices and use wherever we are. You can plan itineraries to make your travel experience worthwhile. Planning trips has never been made easier. The travel apps will not complicate your travel planning since they give you options to suit your needs. 

Airbnb A Hotel And Accommodation Application

If you are one of those who love to travel or go from one place to another, these travel apps will guide and help you with your great traveling experience. Whenever you travel, you will always look for money friendly and safe places to stay. Airbnb can offer you a list of Hotels, room accommodations, and condo units that you can rent with only your phone.

Booking a place to stay has been made easier by Airbnb. You can choose to stay in a house, apartment, dorm, villas, cottages, and hostel beds. If you want your stay to be extra fun, some rentals give you places with swimming pools and gardens for you to have a good time and enjoy your leeway time, making travel experiences more exciting and memorable.

The suggested places you see on the app depends on the filters you select on their application, giving you similar places to choose from. Input information such as the date range of your stay, number of people you are with, and the price range that you can afford. Added features that Airbnb offers are recommendations for great experiences like travel tours, hiking, etc.

Roadtrippers Itinerary Planner, A Trip Planning Application

Suppose you want an application designed to give you a great experience by providing you locations that you need to see within your proximity. In that case, it is possible through the Roadtrippers application. This will give you a list of travel destinations and tourist spots for great adventures. You can download this for free or upgrade with Roadtrippers plus that costs $7.

Klook, A Great Travel Experience Application

If you plan to take on a trip or go someplace new, you will think of getting a decent home or finding a good place to stay that will not cost much. Spending money on a place wherein you sleep should be budget-friendly. Klook is an excellent travel application for everyone. It can also book flights, room accommodations, travel tours, and more.


A weather bug is considered to be one application that is efficient and helpful in terms of weather monitoring. You can access their features for free, and if you want an ad-free experience, you can upgrade by paying only $4. A real-time weather application that you can check whenever you travel from one place to another.


Tripit is an itinerary planner that can be accessed freely. If you want to be a pro member of this application to have unlimited features, subscribe by only spending $49 in an annual payment. This application will organize all of your trips in one file. Form booking your flights, hotels, travel tours, and more. A very efficient way to plan and book everything you need for travel.

This application has navigating capabilities to guide your way from a specific origin to another place. Thus, keeping you safe whenever you travel in unfamiliar places. By launching the application, you can access all the plans you have created with Tripit.


These applications listed can be your reliable and helpful travel buddy. This will prevent you from getting lost in the places you visited. Travel applications will provide you safe and affordable places to book if you are going to stay longer. These travel applications can help you in ways that you did not expect. They go beyond their services to provide safe traveling.