5 Tips That’ll Help You Plan, Pack, and Prepare for Your Next Move

moving tips

Let’s face it, moving can be challenging for many reasons. At any point in time, moving entails lots of time planning, preparing, and packing. Not to mention the hours of searching the real estate market for a good deal on your perfect home. It’s safe to say that as a buyer, you’re ready to simplify and streamline some of this process. Keep reading to learn five ways that will help you navigate this transition with ease.

1. Make educated choices.


As you embark on your home buying journey, you want to plan with confidence. Part of this planning means finding a smart price on a home that you love. If you want to ensure that you’re getting transparent, honest advice on the available inventory for your new home check out nalula.com. Their site allows you to view fair market values, the price per square foot also known as sf price, and other essential services for both buyers and sellers in Hawaii. For example, if you want to buy or sell your home in Kauai, you can search your particular location to find specs on other homes. These details reveal if your desired neighborhoods are in a buyer’s or a seller’s market. Nalula is also transparent about the median home price for each location including the price by the square foot and overall deal. Their smart price services will tell you if each for sale home in Kauai is a good deal, a fair deal, or a bad deal that should be avoided. By using their services you can make knowledgable and informed choices for your next move or potential investment property.

2. Find a place you love.


An important idea to consider is moving to a place that you love. If you plan on staying in your new home for quite some time, move to a place that you don’t need a vacation from. For some people, that’s the beach. If you love the beach and can keep your job, move to somewhere like Hawaii and look for homes near the Kauai cities or the Oahu cities. If you’re more of a mountain person and love skiing, you might like Denver, Colorado. No matter what you decide, be sure to consider what activities make you and your family happy before the big move. This way, you can relax knowing you will love where you live.

3. Pack with a plan.


Now that you’ve set your sights on homes, you might be wondering about packing. You can approach packing up your home by breaking it down into steps. One integral part of these steps is making sure you have plenty of boxes and totes for moving. When you’re packing up items, keep them sorted by room. This way, you can place that box in the appropriate room for future unpacking. Make sure that you also have a way to transport your planned packed goods. However, if you’re moving quite far and ground travel isn’t an option, consider getting rid of unnecessary or unwanted items. You can try to sell your furniture for some cash or donate old items that you don’t want anymore. This decluttering step is critical for moving so that you bring everything you need, without excess stress from other items.

4. Search for the best loan rates.


Arguably one of the most stressful parts of getting a home is the home mortgage loan. Be sure to check your eligibility for a mortgage loan before you start looking at properties. You can use an online mortgage calculator to figure out what your monthly payment and interest payment might look like once you’ve been pre-approved for the mortgage loan you’ll need to purchase a new house. When you’re looking for the right lender for your home loan, keep in mind the various factors that can affect your home loan’s monthly payment. Some of these factors include your credit score and credit history, the loan amount, the down payment, term length and type of loan. There are also different loan rates like fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages. If you’re looking for a great rate, this fixed rate home loan is a great deal, much better than many higher rates on the market. If you choose a fixed-rate loan, you have more options and discount points like no monthly fees, a rate lock on the monthly mortgage payment and an interest-only option. Overall, these mortgage loans are a good deal for your move so that you don’t break the budget.

For those over the age of 62, a Reverse Mortgage for Home Purchase could be a beneficial solution to consider, further easing the stress associated with home financing. This unique financial product, a type of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), allows seniors to purchase a new home using the loan proceeds, thereby ensuring they won't have to make monthly mortgage payments. The repayment of this loan isn’t due until the homeowner leaves the property permanently, sells the house, or passes away. Hence, it provides a secure and stable financial foundation for those in their golden years. 

ARLO’s down payment calculator is a handy tool to get an idea about the down payment you might need and the terms of your HECM. This calculator provides you with an estimate of the amount you will be eligible to borrow based on variables such as your age, the appraised value of the home, and the current interest rates. With this information in hand, you can be better prepared for the financial requirements of your new home purchase.

5. Unpack steadily.


If you found your dream home, you’re ready to unpack once you’re in. Unpacking can feel overwhelming. Boxes upon boxes of items seem never-ending. However, if you previously labeled your boxes, at least you know where items need to go. Start by unboxing one room at a time. Focus on getting all of your items into the desired room, and take frequent breaks if you’re feeling overwhelmed. If you enlist the help of others in the home, you can tackle the rooms at double the pace. By utilizing all of these moving tips and ideas you can get ready to enjoy your new home in no time. And, of course, if you’re living in a place you love, you can always head outside for a breather in between boxes and breathe in that sweet Kauai air. You’ll be sure to come back refreshed and ready to keep unpacking.