7 Best Street Foods To Enjoy In Goa


Goa is an ultimate attraction in the Indian sub-continent off the Konkan Coast. People majorly know it for its beaches, forts, churches, seafood, resorts, casinos, bars and pubs, and much more. Tourists throng this place to enjoy the carnival festival, and on special occasions like to visit the bars and casinos.

However, if you are in Goa and just in the mood to go shopping, snacking, and sightseeing, then play the latest casino games at casino.netbet.com on your mobile. Still, you can enjoy the yummlicious Goan street food at places like Panjim, Miramar, Mapusa, Margao, etc. They serve delicious local to traditional Indian snacks to Italian and Lebanese food. Although there are many street food varieties available in Goa, below are a few you cannot miss trying on.

Chorizo Pav

The locals enjoy Choris or the Goan Sausages as a breakfast item or as a tea-time snack. People eat with bread known as Pav. The locals prepare it using the spicy pork meat sauce using the pre-cooked sausage and potatoes and onions. You can see locals serving this local dish as early as 7 am.


You can see various stalls in Goa selling Frankies with a wide variety of stuffing. The flatbreads are grilled and then stuffed with regular or spicy vegetables according to your taste. The vendors tantalize your taste buds with amazing stuffing, and you can find Frankies with Chicken too. These rolls are made in such a way that they can hold the soya chunks, eggs, vegetables, and chicken.


Though it’s a foreign delicacy, it has made its way to Goa food streets too. Known to be far away from the Khati Roll, it is not as spicy as this roll. It is served with tartar sauce and hummus. The roll is wrapped in Pita bread and served with pickles too.

Ras Omelet

It is the main delicacy that you can find anywhere in the Goan food streets. It is again mouth-watering made with the regular egg. It is served with chicken gravy, and you can enjoy it anywhere in Goa, but the spot where it is most famous is Panjim.

Gadbad Ice Cream

It is one of the famous desserts in Goa available in the local market or restaurants. It is known as Gadbad because it combines various ice creams and is served in only one serving in the bowl or the tall glass perfectly topped with jelly and noodles. This one is a perfect summer special on a hot summer day when you are tired of shopping around in the markets located in Mapusa or Panjim.


You can find Samosas everywhere, especially in the North Indian states. However, you can find it near the Goan bus stops, pantries, tea stalls, and many more places. It is a kind of flour-type pastry that is loaded with fresh and hot fried vegetables. You can enjoy the Samosas with the sauce (chutney) of your preference. This crispy, golden pie is loaded with stuffing like meat, vegetables, mutton, chicken, and other Konkan stuffing. But, the unique beetroot samosa is enjoyed both by locals and tourists.


The bread sellers during morning and evening sell the local Goan bread, namely Poi, in the markets. You can recognize these breadmen because of their cycle’s horn and the big basket they carry with the blue sheet. The Poi is made of rice husk, and this bread is fluffy and sweet. You can eat with your favorite curry or just with butter during snack time.

Hey! Planning to visit Goa during summers to get awestruck by its beaches, try these local street foods while you are in the city.