Acorns – Highly Recommended Superfood That Can Fight Against Chronic Diseases Like Cancer


We have all seen squirrels eating Acorns in most of the cartoons, animated series, and even in movies, we watch. Apparently, the new trend started where squirrels have to fight for their winter staple with their humongous rival called Humans.

According to the reports of the Wall Street Journal, it is found that Seoul’s Acorn Rangers from Yonsei University are protecting the Oaks trees in their local surroundings as the humans have become greedy and snatching the food from their very old & loyal consumers, squirrels.

A report from wildlife published in 2018 shows that about 30 percent of the squirrels’ population get declined from the past ten years in South Korea.

Unfortunately, the main reason behind the consequence is that more people are consuming acorns across the world after getting aware of the nutritional benefits.

However, apart from all, a study report published previous this year in Journal showed that acorns contain carbohydrate isolated molecules that seem to have highly good effects on mice’s health. Feeding mice with acorns fibers showed it improve the relationship between the creature’s brain and gut health.

For humans, acorns prove to be a scourge for obesity, mortal foe for cancer and can be the nemesis for diabetes. There is no doubt that acorns have undertaken all the dashing nutritional benefits and become one of the most excellent superfoods in the world.

But how would you eat them? If you eat acorns raw as they are, you might get a severe stomach ache. The best way to eat them is to roast them.

Miles Irving, the author of Forager Handbook, suggests that “You wouldn’t quite snack on it like you would peanuts.” He recommends to eat them like chop the roasted acorns and add hem in a rice pudding by adding some raisins together.