Stone Island opens first-ever store in Canada


Stone Island, the Italian brand, has opened its first-ever store in Canada in order to expand its presence in North America.

Stone Island chose the city of Toronto as its home base for Canada. The Italian brand opened a store in Yorkville Avenue, which is 190-square-meter in space.

The two-level store has an advanced and airy feel with a lot of space for the Stone Island and Shadow Project assortments as of now showed. Furnishing is dark recolored natural oak, while holders are made out of carbon bars and anodized aluminum. Racks are in shades of anthracite.

The interior design is created by Marc Buhre, an industrial designer from Heidelberg (Germany) and founder of Zeichenweg TM architectural film. The design follows a similar concept, as seen earlier in Stone Island stores.

The opening of the store marks the brand’s third store in North America, followed by the opening of stores in New York and Los Angeles.

Stone Island, the Italian brand led by Carlo Rivetti, has now 26 discrete stores with 18 shops in malls. A significant amount of stores are in Italy, also in Europe, with a few numbers of stores in Asia.

Stone Island is known by its compass fix that catches onto the upper sleeve of the left arm.

Initially, the patches were green edged, identifications from around the year 2000 onwards became dark edged. There is additionally a run of rarer ‘white identifications’ which were initially made on specific coats to commend the new thousand years. The white identification is currently clear on coats that utilization materials that Stone Island creates themselves in-house. Original coat plans incorporate the “Fluid Reflective” coat, which utilizations a vast number of little shards of glass that reflect light.