In video games, the relationship between Miyoung and Disguised Toast represents one of the most contentious issues. Have they been romantically involved? Do they know each other? It seems that nobody will ever have a response to this question. Fans, on the contrary, can confirm that they interact great, at least when watching on stream. In a recent appearance, Miyoung made a Toast-related revelation piqued society’s interest.

For several reasons, people assume Miyoung and Toast are dating!

They frequently appear on each other’s streams and engage in adorable and absurd activities combined. Disguised Toast’s girlfriend has already been annoying Miyoung’s dog to the point where she has also had to tell him to stop. She replied by delivering him a gift for Christmas that’s been encased in countless levels of duct tape, making it clear that the gift was just not worth Toast’s labor of love. Toast also sent him a piece of clothing he could wear during a recent appearance, which Toast could not comprehend. It was entertaining to see Toast figure out how to utilize the gift Miyoung had sent him. That hasn’t prevented people from guessing that the two are together even though they have previously said they are just pals. She and Toast have incredible chemistry on their respective feeds, which even a general audience can see. Maybe they would not get along as well off-screen as they do in front of the camera.

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Why was a Toast Plushie given to Miyoung?

She said, “I managed to take a small toy along with me,” referring to her move-in with fellow Twitch presenter Valkyrie. Next, she aimed the Disguised Toast plushie at the recording device. “I was capable of obtaining one even though it was run out!” She exclaimed, “I got one!” while excitedly squeezing the plush toy in both arms. It is my lone plush toy. 

She added, “I cannot ever respond back at him,” making reference to the numerous times Toast had rendered her the focus of his tolling schemes. She then confessed that instead of screaming at bread when angry, she would smack the plushie to make herself feel better. Eventually, in the debate, she suggested that Disguised Toast not be informed of the information, saying, “But just don’t tell him anything.”

Which was the chat’s response to her cuddly toy?

The conversation exploded when it became apparent that she had to carry a Disguised Toast plushie. As one of the participants in the discussion typed “Evicted,” Valkyrie might kick her out of her home for saying whatever she did. Others joined in the joke by remarking, “Last stream at Rae’s,” but Miyoung was fully preoccupied with displaying her Plushie.

As soon as the plushie was displayed, the chatter became frantic, and everyone entered “TOAST POG” in the dialogue box, which caused a flood of texts. They also mentioned how everyone desired a Toast plushie but could not find one owing to a lack of availability.

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Is it intended to insinuate that: Are Toast and Miyoung dating?

The reply is that we will never understand. However, one thing is certain: Irrespective of their relationship, both streamers are skilled at using rumors about one another to boost their popularity as broadcasters.

Miyoung departs as a result of Disguised Toast’s offensive remarks!

On a live, Miyoung played the Nintendo Switch game Luigi’s Mansion 3 alongside Disguised Toast’s girlfriend at her side.

She donned Luigi’s trademark green cap and mustache whilst playing the video game, demonstrating her adoration for the Italian plumber. On the contrary, another streamer, Disguised Toast, constantly flooded her channel with odd jokes. Whenever it attempted to attack one of the player’s bosses, the evil creature made a foreboding noise, and Luigi had to employ a vacuum cleaner to capture the ghost. This gaming component allowed Disguised Toast to make numerous sexual insinuations, which caught Miyoung off guard. 

Dude, what are you saying? Are you serious right now? That’s so disgusting.”

Toast took full advantage of Miyoung’s necessity to employ the vacuum cleaner to eliminate the spirit to annoy her more because she must face the boss.

Disguised After a while, Toast seized control of the controller from Miyoung and started making comments, calling ghost p***sy “g***sy.”

You well? Do you have an issue with the g***sy in any way? There’s nothing incorrect with g**sy, right?

Miyoung decided to give up on Disguised Toast and his annoying jokes as she got out of her chair and prepared to leave his room. When Toast asked if she would like to play co-op with him later, she was about to leave, making her angrier.


In conclusion, some claim they are a couple, but others say they have chemistry on screen. Pictures Holding hands made people confused about their bond. Hope the article was helpful to you in telling ‘Who is toast dating?’

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Q1) What Is The Age Difference Between Toast And Miyoung?

Ans: Disguised Toast and Miyoung are roughly 4 years apart in age. Miyoung is only 26 years old, whereas Disguised Toast is 30. Disguised Toast would commemorate his birthday on November 25. In addition, Miyoung was born on November 9th, 1995, at her parent’s rural South Korean home, where she was born by a midwife.

Q2) What was done with the dog by Disguised Toast?

Ans: Toast asked her dog, “Nabi,” “What are you doing?” after picking him up.

“, to which he responded, “We’re hardly done yet,” before using his hands to make the dog dance. Nabi was perplexed and likely wondering what it had done to merit such treatment. He made the decision to comply with the therapy because, judging by the expression on the dog’s face, it was clear that the animal had come to terms with his predicament and accepted it.