Baby drool & teething rash: causes, treatment & prevention

Baby drool Rash

Are you the new mum and worried about the problem of baby drool rash/ teething rash that your child is suffering? Relax and don’t worry. Here, through this piece of information, about drool rash treatment and prevention we will try to help you out.

Babies suffer from the problem of drool rash/ teething rash especially at the time of teething. It is when their gums get little swollen and teeth are ready to pop out. We can call it a common fall out during the teething process. But in many cases, babies drool apart from teething as well. Well, whatever the reason is; it is important to find out the solution to the problem.

Understand: What is a Drool Rash?

The continuous existence of saliva over the soft skin of your baby especially over the neckline, chin and chest is termed as Baby Drool Rash. Sooner, these gradually turn into red irritation spots. These are likely to be also found in cheeks and mouth portion of the baby. Such rashes appear like patches which are flat or slenderly raised in the form of tiny red coloured bumps. They can even appear roughened and cracked. Drooling is likely to develop if too much saliva is resulting into causing wet skin for a long time or also if there is left over of food particles on the mouth or cheeks of the baby for too long.

Drool Rash prevention method?

Prevention is better than cure! So, why not to try to prevent such circumstances rather than treating them!

Though keeping your baby away from drooling is a tough task because the excretion of saliva is a natural process, but few things can always be kept in mind for drool rash prevention this problem. As per the experts of medical science, it is believed that the salivary glands of a baby start working when they are of two to three months age. Now, irrespective of the fact whether your baby is teething or not, this can further result in drooling.

  1. The best way out to forestall this problem is to always keep the skin of your baby very clean and dry. The half battle is won if you can do so. To add on; as the precautionary measures, first of all, you will always need to keep a soft cloth or handkerchief handy so that whenever you see drool it can be cleaned immediately. Make sure that you do not rub it hard, just wipe it off very gently.
  1. Secondly, make it a habit to clean your baby’s neckline and mouth as often as you can, especially when you are done with feeding him or her. Mark a point that no extra pressure should be applied when you are cleaning or wiping off else it might end up in irritating your baby’s skin.
  1. Using bibs is also one of the most effective ways to preclude drool rash. This wouldn’t let your baby or his body parts getting wet from the excretion of saliva. Moreover, keep on changing bibs from time to time as and when you find that the old one has got wet. This will let the baby’s skin remain dry and prevent drooling.

Treatment of Drool Rash/ teething rash

Being a mother, you need to be extra cautious and peculiar. Few points that should be on board while treatment of  drool rash are:


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  1. Make sure that twice in a day you gently wash the drooling impacted areas of the baby’s body with warm water and a soft cloth and then pat dry. Don’t let it remain wet at any cost.
  1. Once done with the above step, you can apply sanative cream or ointment such as petroleum jelly or Aquaphor. This won’t let the drool make a direct contact with the skin of your baby thereby keeping it safe. Moreover, this will also render smoothness to his or her skin.
  1. While making your baby bath, use an unscented & gentle body wash only else anything harsh might heighten the redness and irritation of the drool rashes. Same goes for the body lotion as well. But deflect using any sort of lotion over the drool rashes instead prefer only sanative ointment or hydrocortisone cream.
  1. Another thing to take care of is to wash the clothes of a baby in an unscented laundry detergent, and same goes for your clothes as well because it is you who make direct and regular contact to the baby. Also, deflect wearing perfumes over your clothes or applying fragranced lotion on your body for the time being. You can also use medicated liquids to cleanse his or her clothes.
  1. Moreover, if you discover that drooling is caused due to teething, then you can make him, or she has something cold but not frozen. This could be cold teething ring or a cold washcloth. This will soothe the swollen gums of your little one and give him or her lot of comfort. Later, don’t forget to clean and dry your baby’s face or mouth with a soft cloth.
  1. Always make your little one wear such clothes that are very soft and friendly for their skin. We cannot deny the fact the more comfy clothes the baby wear, the happier he/she is.

Right time to visit the Pediatrician

Though the above measures are given to prevent and treat the problem of drool rash in the best possible way at home still, exceptions are always there. In such exceptions where home treatment might not work then it is the time to visit and consult the Pediatrician. They can be:

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  • Firstly, if the drool rash does not show any betterment even after a week time of giving the relevant home treatment and prevention methods, then it is the time to visit Pediatrician.
  • Secondly, if the teething rash has turned weepy, roughened or cracked and resulting in pain and irritation to your baby.

In such conditions, no one apart from the paediatrician can help you and lend a quick comfort to the baby. He will examine the teething rashes and prescribe the necessary creams or ointment to cure.

With a hope that your little one always stays happy and healthy, hope this proves helpful to you in the tough time of your baby. Do write to us and share if you have any other thoughts.