Some Effective Ways To Handle & Reduce Stress

ways to handle stress

Stress has entered the blood of one and all, and this has further given rise to unlimited health issues which are not at all beneficial. There are various mental and physical effects of stress. This is because we cannot hold control over every situation, but yes, this does not mean that we cannot live a stress-free life. We definitely can relive stress, and so all we need to do is to smartly manage stress with stress relaxation techniques. Now you must be thinking how to relive stress? Here we bring you some amazing ways to handle stress.


Continuous stress impacts a person very adversely especially from the health point of view.  There is wide range of mental and physical effects of stress. Mind you that opting for options like taking alcohol, gambling, over spending when you are stressed is not the right solutions. So, better stay away from all these negativity. Talking about the damaging impacts of stress on health; they could be any of these:

  • Feeling Dizziness all the time
  • Insomnia
  • Muscular pain shoulder, neck or face
  • Continuous headaches
  • Pain in chest
  • Depression
  • Upset tummy & Indigestion
  • Panic attacks
  • Clenched jaws
  • Hastening heart
  • Chilled and sweaty palm all the time
  • Excess tiredness
  • Heart diseases
  • Either loss of appetite or increase in it leading to weight loss or increase respectively
  • Irritation, angriness and exhaustion in your attitude
  • Sexual issues
  • Palpitation (shaky motion)


Some of the effective ways that will help you to reduce and handle stress are as follows:


The first and foremost way to handle stress is to discover the gateway of stress, meaning thereby; where is the stress coming from. You must be thinking that how will this help to reduce the mental and physical effects of stress. Well, if you know the reason behind your stress then taking action against it will be much simpler.

Trust me it one of the best stress relaxation technique. There could be any reason like: dispute with your boss, any of your upcoming business projects, business meeting, a family issue or anything such but the solution to stress will only be attained after understanding the gist of the problem. Discovering the gateway of stress will take you much nearer to organize things and make your life stress-free.


Never let your passion and love go waste! Even though you try to manage and do best at your job but still somehow, more or less, it is stress central. Now the question is what you can do to be stress-free in such a situation? Or how to relive stress? Quite simple… pick out one or two hobbies of yours that you are passionate for and include them in your daily life at any cost.

Though in the beginning it might be a little hectic for you within few days you will surely start loving this change. In case, if you are not sure about what you should do, then you can probably try few different activities and do a selection. You will even love those new experiences. Try it out!


This is one of the biggest stress agents in the lives of many. No one would deny this fact that the list of our to-do activities is always bigger than the time available. Hence, with less of time and lot more to do in pipeline gives ample place to stress. Reply honestly… how many times have you wished to God to have few more extra hours in a day?

A lot many times, isn’t it? It is understandable that you are trying to be best but still, no one can ever conquer the world in one day so sit, relax and supervise your time in such a way that you fulfil all your priorities. The more efficiently you manage your time, the more relaxed you will be.

ways to handle stress - physical effects of stress

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To add on, many times it has been noticed that your habit of being too good and helpful also becomes a reason for stress in your life. So, you need to learn to say polite NO to remain stress-free. It is good to be helpful but not at the cost of being stressful because when the time is limited and work is more, there will always be something or the other that will be criticized. So it’s better to be not overloaded unnecessarily. There are always soft phrases that you can use gently, like:

“I am sorry, but I can’t promise to do this as I have another precedence at this time.”
“I’d love to do this for you, but …”

Such phrases will not even hurt the person asking for help and also not leave you to stress free.


Understand this way that you are stuck in a huge traffic jam and your patience is no more your good friend now. Then taking a deep breath or relaxing on your seat with eyes closed for two minutes will be an awesome stress reliever. But the same technique won’t work if you have an unavoidable urgent business meeting to attend because stress is sure to capture your mind. So, you need to make a tool cabinet for yourself with different techniques for different situations. This ways to handle stress will help you to manage various such situations completely stress-free.


Pull out some spare moments to sit and understand your everyday activities and analyze which of them needs a break. Here the meaning is that there are few such activities which have left you stressful so either they should be changed or completely removed. You need t understand that whether you are doing a particular work because you are interested in doing it or just because you have to do it to please others. If your heart does not favour any of your actions and make you feel that you are doing it forcefully, then it’s high time to make the right judgment. You are sure to experience a hell lot of difference instantly.


At times there are such matters which do not require any of your special attention. But it happens that you being physically tired due to excess of physical and mental work or less of sleep, you keep on thinking on the same thing without any productive purpose which again turns out to be a stress factor for you. Mind you; when you are fully relaxed (physically & mentally), your thinking power is lot more times much better, and you do not take small things as a stressor.

So, instead of thinking how to relive stress? Sleep well and give adequate rest to your mind and body and trust me it is the best stress relaxation technique. It reduces the mental and physical effects of stress. On holidays, like Sunday try to take more sleep than usual so that you feel relaxed at all the three: heart, mind and body.


Do not intermix the terms ‘caring’ and ‘worrying’. To care is fine but over caring turns out to be ‘worrying’. The worst part is that we don’t even realize when our care gets converted to worry and then there begins the stress part in our mind. Make sure that you only take that amount of burden that can be borne by you else no one can stop you from entering into the stress world which is very unhealthy from every point of view.


If you are the one who is a regular lover of alcohol, then it is high time to impose some restriction on yourself. Drinks that contain nicotine, alcohol and caffeine contents are more subjected to enhance the stress level in you. In spite of these, prefer and include herbal tea, diluted juice of natural fruits and ample of water in your daily diet because these are not only good for health but will keep your body hydrated and this in return will deal with stress very effectively.

Moreover, also diminish the intake of refined sugars in your daily diet and increase intake of more and more green vegetables and fruits. A little adjustment with your everyday diet and following this stress relaxation technique can keep your happy and can reduce mental and physical effects of stress.


Exercise serves to be the best medium for a healthy body and mind. Exercise is the best answer to question how to relive stress. Especially, when it is about attaining relief from the disaster termed as Stress, then you just can’t miss on doing exercises and yoga even for a single day. There are some specific exercises that are even known as stress Relievers or stress relaxation techniques. Laughing your heart aloud is one of them. These exercises give you a lot of relief in all the three: mind, body and soul.


With whomsoever you are comfortable with, do share your talks, worries, feelings and whatever is there in your mind. This trick will bestow you with a lot of relief and is the best way to handle stress. Your heart and mind will become burden-free. Mind you; that the person with whom you share your feelings is very reliable and trustworthy. This person could be anyone in your family and friends.


Since ages, meditation is known as the best remedy to reduce mental and physical effects of stress. It releases the emotions out and supplies you with instant benefits that will do well to you in many other ways too. The advantages of meditation are limitless especially in terms of kicking out the stress of your mind. Try the technique of meditation and you will get the answer regarding how to relive stress through meditation. It also helps in reducing the mental and physical effects of stress.


You can even take the help of a counsellor to overcome stress because their advice and way of understanding our state of mind are very efficacious. The other way could be to take good stress management class so that they guide you on how to relive stress and keep your life stress free. Both of these ways are also superb options to help you to reduce stress.

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Hope these ways to handle stress prove a great help to you and pull you out of a stressful life. The key to unlocking the stress-free life is to remain positive in every condition. Be happy at heart, do what you wish to do, act according to the time, be more social and friendly, smile and spread smiles. Now stop thinking about how to relive stress and try the above mentioned stress relaxation techniques and do let us know about your experience.