Where is Renard Spivey Now?

renard spivey

Renard Spivey – Some people say that Renard Spivey is now in jail in Harris County. They say he is there because he did something bad to his wife, Patricia Spivey, a few years ago. However, we are not sure if this information is true.

Before this, Spivey made the news in 2019 when he was arrested for hurting his wife. What was surprising was that he used to be a police officer and worked as a TV bailiff. After his arrest in 2019, he was let out of jail by paying $50,000. He stayed out of the public eye, and even though some people say he got 14 years in jail, we do not know for sure if that is true.

How do we know Renard Spivey? Who is he

Renard Spivey was born on July 20, 1956, in Texas. He started his job as a detention officer in 1996 and became a deputy in 1998 at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Besides his work as a police officer, he also tried acting. 

He acted in different shows and movies like “Corruption,” “Married Men and Single Women,” and “Dead of Knight.” He was even the bailiff on a famous TV show called “Christina’s Court” from 2012 to 2016.

However, in July 2019, something big happened to Renard Spivey. A video from the TV show “Christina’s Court” went viral because it showed a couple arguing about their marriage. When they asked Spivey about his own marriage, he said he had been married for more than 27 years, and people in the courtroom laughed.

Sadly, things turned really sad when we heard the news that he was arrested for possibly hurting his wife, Patricia Ann Marshall. According to the court papers, he called 911 on July 28, 2019 at around 3 a.m., and asked for an ambulance.

Renard Spivey is being blamed for causing the death of his wife

Renard Spivey is said to have done something bad to his wife. He said they had a fight about a gun, and she got shot by accident. When the police went to their home situated on Briscoe Street in southeast Houston, they found Patricia’s body in the main bedroom closet. There was also her phone, three empty bullet casings, and a 9mm gun on a pile of clothes next to her.

Renard got shot in the leg and went to the hospital for treatment. He said the fight happened when they both wanted to get the gun from the nightstand. That is when three shots were fired – two hit Patricia, and one hit Renard. 

Patricia’s brother, Ezra, told the detectives that they were arguing because Patricia thought Renard was not close to her anymore.

Patricia also thought Renard might be using special medicines or seeing someone else. What is interesting is that Patricia’s dad was in the house during the time, but he said he did not hear or see the fight between the couple.

The doctor’s report showed that Patricia got shot two times, and one bullet went through her right arm. They also saw some bruises on her wrist, which does not match what Renard said about it being an accident.

Remember, this information comes from what we know from reports and court papers. The case against Renard Spivey is still happening, and we might learn more as it goes on.

We do not know where Renard Spivey is right now. He was first taken into custody on July 29, 2019, because his explanation of what happened to his wife did not make sense.

Because of his history with the police, the government asked for much money to let him go free while the case was going on. They said he might run away or be dangerous. However, eventually, he got released by paying $50,000. The judge said he could not go to Patricia’s funeral. He was able to pay the $50,000 because the judge made it lower than the original $100,000 the government wanted.

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When Did Renard Spivey Go to Trial?

The last time we knew that Renard Spivey went to court was on August 2, 2019. The last time we heard about any more trials was then.

What is Happening with Renard Spivey Now?

We do not know where Renard Spivey is or what he is doing after the judge lets him go. We are not sure if he has been found guilty because we have not seen or heard anything about him since he got out on bail in late 2019.

However, as per TV Show Stars, they say that the ex detention officer has been said to be found guilty of hurting his wife and is in the Harris County Jail now.

Renard Spivey’s Decision

After he got out of jail by paying $50,000, the judge gave him some rules to follow. He had to give up his passport, wear a device on his leg that tracks where he goes, stay home from 3 p.m. to 9 a.m., not have any alcohol or drugs, and not talk to his late wife’s family, especially Patricia’s brother, Ezra.

In 2019, they were looking at his job at the sheriff’s office. The court also said he had to pay more than $10,000 to his daughter and  ex-wife. His ex-wife took him to court because she said he was not taking care of their daughter.

What Was Renard Spivey’s Punishment, and How Long Will He Be in Jail?

There are some reports that say Renard Spivey got a 14-year jail sentence, but we cannot be sure if it is true. Other reports say he is in the Harris County jail in Texas.

How Much Money Does Renard Spivey Have?

Renard Spivey is said to have about $300,000 as his net worth. He earned this money from his different jobs, like working as a detention officer, being a bailiff on a TV show, trying acting, and being a drill instructor.

Who Renard Spivey’s Wife Was?

Renard Spivey’s wife was Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey. Born to her parents on March 11, 1967, Hardie Marshall and Bennie. She was the 5th child and single daughter in her family. She went to schools in the Houston Independent School District.

When she was fifteen, Patricia became a mother and had Patrina Marshall, her daughter. Her obituary says she spent 31 years working at Methodist Hospital. She began in the mailroom and worked really hard to get promoted. Eventually, she became the Executive Administrative Assistant.

Even though she did not want people to notice, Patricia helped Historically Black Universities and Colleges. She went on the Tom Joyner Foundation’s Annual Cruise, which helped raise money for these schools.

Patricia Spivey married Renard Spivey after dating for one year in 2015. It was Renard’s third marriage. They were married for almost four years until Patricia’s sad death on July 28, 2019.