Back to School Essentials: What Your Child Really Needs


Getting your kids ready to go back to school can be hard on your family savings. You not only need to buy uniforms or clothing but buy books and other school supplies. These expenses can add up so fast! Fortunately, there are tons of sales when it comes to back to school. So, before you start shopping, you first need to decide what your kids really need before they head back to school.

Writing Materials

Your kid will need writing materials for any grade they are starting, whether its Kindergarten or Senior year. Here are a few must-haves:

Notebook – You will need several of these, typically for each class. Some instructors may even require notebooks with pages that are wide-ruled to give more space for the kids to write on. Many teachers even ask for loose-leaf paper instead of notebooks.

Pencils – Pick pencils that can be conveniently gripped by your kid’s hands and check with the instructor if these kinds of pencils are allowed. Teachers love Ticonderoga pencils because of their durability. They are more expensive but are of higher quality. This also saves time from pencil sharpening in class.

Sharpener – Check your child’s school policy about sharpeners. If they are allowed, it is good to choose one that is small and will easily fit into a pencil pouch.

Erasers – There are two types. The first fits on the top of the pencil. This is a good choice because it stays with the pencil so it isn’t lost as easily. The other is a large, typically pink, rectangular pencil. It is a good backup and is great for large errors.

Bags and Other Storage Materials

Pencil box or pouch– These typically hold items that are commonly used, more than just pencils. They typically hold markers, crayons, sharpener, and extra erasers.

Backpack – Invest in a heavy-duty backpack that can carry essentials including lunch boxes, water bottles, and books. Choose the right kind of bag that will fit your kid’s body frame. A good tip when buying a backpack is to find one that has a clip or an area that you can clip a water bottle, lunch box, or even a jacket.

Lunch box – Packing a healthy lunch is important. Meals and snacks are best stored in insulated and reusable plastic boxes. Consider buying a small ice pack to keep perishable food and drinks cooler.

Water bottle – Consider buying a water bottle that is spill-proof to help your kids be hydrated all day long. This also limits the usage of water fountains, which could be contaminated and cause your kid to get sick. Buy water bottles that are BPA-free and can hold at least 12 oz. Purchase one that is able to be clipped onto a backpack for easy carrying.


Even though their instructors may not ask you to buy them, always remember these items to keep your kids clean and prevent them from acquiring diseases.

Tissue – These are commonly requested because they will be used by the entire class.

Hand Sanitizer – Hand sanitizers or wipes will help cut down on the germs in the classroom that can be passed between kids. Wipes are best for desks.

Change of Clothes – In case of emergencies and other messy activities, instructors usually require their students to keep an extra set of clothes in school.

Research Essentials

Your kid’s educational needs do not end when they go back home. Here are a few important tools that will help your kids be better at school. Buying these during a back to school sale could save you a lot of money.

Laptop or Computer – Your kid will likely use a computer for everyday homework. Laptops are great because they can easily be taken anywhere. There are many learning games and apps that you can add to help your child with any subject.

Clothes, Shoes, Hats, and Gloves- During back to school sales you can find many great deals on clothing. It is best to choose clothes that are appropriate for age and activity. This is the time to prepare for fall and winter where your child will need a hat and gloves. Many times, even when it is cold outside, kids will spend their recess outside so they can run and play.

Be sure to start off on the right foot by getting these important supplies your kids will need before going back to school. Make a list of what your child will need and even want. Look out for sales at your favorite stores so you can get everything on your list for a good price.