How an ESA Helps A Person with Disability

esa animals

Having a disability is a difficult and stressful thing to manage, being unable to complete certain tasks, or struggling to leave the house can put a strain on many aspects of life. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that we can do to try and help our situation to return to what we could call a normal life. When it comes to physical disabilities, we can get access to care if we need it, talk to physical therapists, or use aids like wheelchairs to assist us. When it comes to the hidden side of disability and we talk about mental health issues, then we can seek medical advice, get therapy, or something not many look for, get an emotional support animal.

They Provide Companionship 

Whether your disability is physical or mental, having an emotional support animal will help you feel like you are never alone. That’s what’s so great about emotional support dogs, cats, rabbits, or other ESAs, you’ll always have your companion around and they make everything seem as though you are capable. If you’re facing a stressful situation, sometimes we can feel as though we won’t be able to cope if we go at it alone, and this is where your ESA comes in. Being able to tackle any task, whether it be big or small will no longer leave you feeling stressed and anxious. Having your ESA with you will make it seem as though you are never alone.

They Help Stabilize Strong Emotions

With stress comes anxiety and it’s something that many with disabilities face every day, even the thought of not being able to do something can cause a panic attack or trigger some unwanted emotions. Stressful situations can cause high anxiety which in turn can cause panic attacks. If you have ever experienced one, you know that they aren’t fun in the slightest. So anything we can do to help prevent them is an amazing attribute. Emotional support animals are comforting in their own right and it’s been shown that just having an animal around will help reduce the daily stress of a person. Facing stressful situations alone is a horrible prospect, so it would be good to have your furry companion to walk through with you.

Improve Your Physical Health 

Your emotional support animal will rely on you just as much as you rely on them. It’s a two-way relationship and you’re both getting just as much out of it as each other. On one hand, you have yourself, someone that needs emotional support and some help to get through stressful situations, and the fact that they are around will help alleviate any feeling of discomfort. On the other hand, you have the animal that wants to be loved, fed, and walked. If you can meet in the middle, then everyone’s a winner. Taking the dog for a walk will mean you leaving the house and getting some exercise, the dog will love it and you will get closer by doing so, but you will also be getting some valuable time working on your physical health. If you’re feeling a lack of self-confidence then starting to exercise might make you feel that little bit better and the endorphins it will release make you feel a whole load better when you’ve finished. All of this comes from the need to walk the dog. The start of a journey comes from stepping outside your door with a furry friend.

Gives You a Sense of Purpose 

Something else many people struggle with is a sense of purpose. As previously mentioned, your relationship with your emotional support animal is a two-way street as all relationships should be, and this is the start of having a feeling of purpose. Waking up in the morning knowing that your dog is beside the bed and can’t wait to get up and have breakfast with you is an amazing feeling and one you should never get used to, you are always worth it and people will always care, even your ESA!

The number of benefits emotional support animals can give for anyone with a disability is enormous. People with physical difficulties need emotional support as do people with mental health issues. There’s a lot of stigma surrounding disability, whether it’s hidden or not and it’s important to remember that we are all human and we all deserve to live a good life. Emotional support animals are an excellent way of improving our standard of living and helping us reach our full potential. Don’t hesitate to look into it if you’re struggling, it could be the best thing you ever do.