Backyard Activities for Warm Summer Nights


There are any number of outdoor events and backyard activities that will allow you to better enjoy everything that warmer seasonal evenings and nights have to offer. While hosting friends and entertaining is something that can be done year round, moving the party outside often makes for a more memorable event during the warmer months. Arranging an open-air movie night is a great way to keep things fresh and to ensure that you and your guests are able to start the summer off in style.

Setting Up Your Theater

While setting up a theater outdoors can seem like a daunting task, the actual set up is often much easier than you might think. While a projector can make a welcome addition to your existing home theater, there are plenty of other alternatives if purchasing new equipment proves to be too expensive. A large enough flat-screen is often all you need and repositioning your television or borrowing one from a friend takes hardly any effort at all. Placing the screen, speakers and other equipment under a patio, deck or other covered area will ensure that your electronics remain protected from outdoor elements.

Furniture and Atmosphere

A dark yard is hardly a festive environment and viewing a movie while sitting on the ground can quickly become very uncomfortable. Pier 1 provides a wide range of outdoor furniture options as well as candles, hanging lanterns and other decorative options that can provide you with everything you need for your movie night set up. Seeking out a few helpful tips for hosting a backyard movie night can give you all sorts of ideas for planning your next event and help to ensure that nothing important goes overlooked.

Snacks and Refreshments

No movie would be complete without a trip to the concession stand. While conventional movie snacks like popcorn, soft-drinks and candy are always a surefire hit, they are by no means your only option. Screening a movie outdoors can provide you with the perfect opportunity to fire up the grill and planning a combination movie night and barbecue requires very little in terms of additional set up. Cooking a full meal is certainly not necessary, but turning your movie night into a backyard dinner party can also be a lot of fun. Pairing your snacks and menu plan to coincide with your film selection is a simple way to turn a casual screening into a more memorable event.

While a movie night setup can involve a little time, effort and planning, the results are often well worth it. Confining your guests to interior environments and limiting the range of activities to only the entertainment options that can be found indoors could prove to be more of a missed opportunity than you might realize. Repositioning your television, setting up your speakers or simply renting a small projector could be all it takes to begin transforming your yard, porch or deck into the perfect environment for a backyard movie night. The addition of quality furniture and the right lighting options can provide you with everything you need to move the party outside.