The Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Products For 2021


Sustainable has become a huge buzzword of late, and for good reason. Whilst most of us take care to recycle our containers and wear ethical fashion, there are some products that are easily forgotten about when it comes to the environment. Do you ever stop to consider how eco-friendly your beauty products are? Read on for our top picks for vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable make-up and skincare.

Face Base

It’s fundamental to get that base right and a flawless foundation is key. Hayley’s Beauty does an awesome vegan matte foundation that provides good coverage and is also super-inclusive in its color range. Opt to revitalize your whole range of make-up products with mineral powders, vegan concealers, and even eco-friendly brushes.

Keeping it Tight

Anti-aging is important to all of us and great face moisturizers are hard to come by. Look for the Vegan Society stamp on your creams to be certain that no animals were harmed in the production and testing of the product. Avoid any palm oil whatsoever, an ingredient that is unfortunately rife in anti-aging skincare due to its hydrating properties. Palm oil harvesting is one of the world’s largest contributors to deforestation, so no matter how plump you would like your skin, it shouldn’t come at a cost to animals and wildlife.


Sunscreen is an everyday essential and if it’s not part of your beauty routine you must add it in immediately no ifs, ands, or buts. Look for an eco-friendly version such as Nivea, by ensuring it complies with the Hawaii Reef Safe Bill and contains no oxybenzone and octinoxate. These two chemicals have been associated with coral reef bleaching and are known to be harmful to our oceans. Do your bit by opting for this type of cream, alongside water-resistant versions which will mean less product ends up in the water. There are also biodegradable screens which mean that whatever product does make it into the sea will be quickly broken down before it becomes harmful. What a way to save the turtles!

Keep Your Smile Sparkling

Bamboo brushes are an amazing way to keep your gnashers clean and white without using harmful plastics. Available at most pharmacies, these brushes are becoming more and more popular, and rightly so. It can take 400 years for a plastic toothbrush to degrade! There are also amazing ethically sourced toothpastes on the market to keep you fresh all day with minimal harm to the planet.


Hairbrushes made of wood with synthetic or wood bristles are great for detangling and smoothing your hair. Make sure you’re buying versions without animal bristles, avoid boar brushes which have sadly saturated the market. Even big-name brands are in on the vegan action when it comes to hair dye. With hundreds of color options, you can be as cool or as crazy as you like without mistreating animals.

Will you be trying any of these eco-beauty options? Let us know what’s in your next haul!