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baki watch order

BAKI WATCH ORDER – Baki, Some of the most commonly read manga series worldwide, is the Grappler series. The series, which follows the journey of a youthful martial artist named Baki in his attempt to establish his dominance as the world’s most muscular man, has sold more than 80 million copies. Additionally, several networks have turned it into an anime TV series.

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Some TV networks decide to begin their anime series with the first manga saga, while others choose to concentrate on the middle because the storylines may stand alone.

All of this may make it challenging for viewers who want to engage with the Baki anime in chronological order, that is, in the order in the graphic novel was created. If this describes you, continue reading to learn how to enjoy the Baki manga series in chronological order.

Ordered List of Baki Series

● OVA (original animated or home video) Grappler Baki The Supreme Fighter, 1994.

● Episodes 17–24 of the anime TV series Baki the Grappler from 2001.

● Episodes 1 through 16 of the anime TV show Baki the Grappler from 2001.

● Grappler Baki: Maximum Tournament, the second season of the anime television series Baki the Grappler.

●  Episodes 1 through 24 ran from July 23 through December 24, 2001.

● 2018’s Baki Season 1 Episode 1.

● (2018) Baki the first season Part 2.

● The greatest Raitai Tournament Saga is the title of Baki Season 2’s sequel, Baki Hanma, which will air in 2021.

The Best Baki Watch Order

Grappler Baki The Supreme Fighter OVA (original animated video and home video) 1994 should be shown first before Baki if you want to watch them both. The Great Raitai Competition Saga (2020), Baki Hanma (2021) and The Grappler anime television series 2001 episodes 17 through 24. The Grappler anime TV programme 2001 episodes 1 through 16. Grappler Baki: Maximum Championship 2001 episodes 1 through 24.

(Original Video Animation and Home Video) Grappler Baki The Supreme Warrior 1994

If you’d like to see Baki in order, YouTube should be your first stop. A 45-minute home film on one of the series’ very first arcs—the Karate Tournament Arc from the first saga, the Underground Arena Saga—can be seen there. Grappler Baki, The Supreme Fighter OVA, is how it is referred to.

Episodes 17–24 of the anime TV series Baki the Grappler from 2001

The next Baki animated movie you should watch is the first season of the Baki The Grappler animated TV series, which premiered in 2001 after seeing Grappler Baki The Supreme Fighter OVA. If you wish to see Baki in order, start with episodes 17 through 24, as there are an overall 24 in the series.

The Underground Arena Saga, the first saga edition of the Baki manga series, is covered in episodes 17 through 24. Baki’s early martial arts training, the different battles he gets into, his entry into subterranean ring fighting, and his meeting with his neighbour and eventual love, Kozue Matsumoto, are all followed in this story.

Anime TV Series Baki the Grappler (2001; Episodes 1–16)

You can return to watching episodes 1 through 16 of Baki The Grappler’s first season after seeing episodes 17 through 24. This article deals with the second saga of the manga series Childhood Saga. Baki’s battles with some dreaded foes are the main subject of the childhood story. He comes across the Yasha Ape in a forest as one of them.

Baki the Grappler: Maximum Tournament, Season 2 of the anime television series

Season two of the anime TV series Baki The Grappler, which debuted in 2001, should be watched next if you want to watch the Baki season in order. Grappler Baki: Maximum Championship is the name of the game. It contains the third tale of the Maximum Tournament manga series.

Baki competes in the maximum competition against American, Chinese, and Japanese fighters. To win the title, he defeats them all.

Parts 1 and 2 of Season 1 of Baki (2018)

After seeing Grappler Baki: Maximum Tournament, you will then view the current Netflix Baki series. Baki season 1 parts 1 and 2 serve as the introduction. It includes 26 episodes and follows the epic following the Maximum Cup epic in the manga series. The Most Significant Evil Deadly Convict Tale is the name of the narrative.

Five death row inmates are followed as they escape from prisons worldwide and go to Japan in search of a rival. American Kaiou Dorian, British assassin Hector Doyle, Russian prisoner Sikorsky, American prisoner Spec, and only Japanese prisoner Ryukou Yanagi are the prisoners.

While Baki defeats some prisoners, he has already defeated most of them. Yanagi is one of the opponents that Baki defeats. Despite the win, Yanagi poisons him, leaving him frail and on the verge of death.

The Great Raitai Championship Saga, Baki Season 2 (2020)

You watch Baki the first season, parts 1 and 2, and then move on to the Great Raitai Tournament Saga, which is effectively the second season. The Great Chinese Competition Saga & the Godlike Clash part of the Children Saga are covered in its 12 episodes.

The renowned Raitai Tournament, an athletic competition that takes place in China once every 100 years, is where Baki, as well as other protagonists from China, Japan, & the USA, participate in this story. Baki advances in the competition and wins with ease. On his approach to winning, he eventually defeated Mohammad Ali Jr., his love rival.

The Baki Hanma (2021) sequel to Baki Season 2

The season two follow-up, Baki Hanma, should be viewed after that in chronological order. It had 16 episodes when it first began streaming on Netflix in 2021. It covers the epic jail battle saga and the combat shadow battling saga. When Rumina Ayukawa challenges Baki, the latter accepts. He defeats Rumina and imparts combat techniques to him, including shadowboxing and visualization.

Additionally, Baki knowingly commits a felony and is imprisoned in an Arizona state prison solely to compete against Biscuit Oliva, the strongest guy in the USA.

Streaming Sites For Baki The Grappler

On Netflix, you may see Baki The Grappler. The Great Raitai Championship Saga (2020), Baki Hanma (2021), Baki Part 1 (2018), and Baki Part 2 (2018) can be viewed on each streaming site.

Crunchyroll, a website specialising in anime shows, is another location to watch Baki The Grappler. Seasons one and two of the Grappler Baki: Absolute Tournament anime TV series from 2001 are available on Crunchyroll.

You can also look at boxed DVD sets of seasons one and two, which are also available. On YouTube, you can see Baki The Grappler in action. Grappler Baki The Supreme Fighter OVA 1994, the first ever Baki cartoon, can be found on YouTube.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) How to watch Baki in order?

Ans. The Ultimate Fighter’s Baki The Grappler.

First season of Baki The Grappler: Kid Tale/Underground Arena Saga.

Maximum Tournament Saga from Baki The Grappler Season 2.

Baki: The Special Anime of the Most Horrible Death Row Inmates.

Baki: The Most Evil the Death Row Convicts Saga, Season 1.

Q2) What order to watch baki? 

Ans. (2001) Baki The Grappler

The Ultimate Fighter: Grappler Baki (1994)

The Ultimate Tournament, Baki The Grappler Episode 2 (2001)

(2016)’s Baki: Most Horrible Execution Row Convicts Special Animation Episode

Baki (2018)

The Great Raitai Tournament, Baki Season 2 (2020)

Son of Ogre, Hanma Baki (2021–present)

Q3) How to watch baki in order on Netflix?

Ans. Before seeing Baki Hanma, watch Baki Its Grappler & the Baki series to grasp the plot better. Even though Baki and Baki Hanma are enjoyable, viewing Baki the Grappler first provides some much-needed background information.