List Of Best Armchair Expert Episodes

Best Armchair Expert Episodes

Best armchair expert episodes – Dax Shepard, who is renowned for his appreciation of cars and motorcycles and frequently discusses them on his popular podcast, best Armchair Expert Episodes, was recently photographed riding about Los Angeles riding his Ducati Sport 1000.

Shephard, an actor best known for roles in films like Idiocracy and television series including Punk’d and Parenthood, presents a likeable and grounded public demeanour, yet the rule is the same personability that has helped him flourish as a podcast presenter on his show, which he co-hosts with Monica Padman.

Thanks to Dax’s approachable and disarming personality, as well as his casual and occasionally in-depth conversations with some of today’s greatest personalities and thought leaders, the best Armchair Expert episodes have grown to become one of the most well-liked and frequently downloaded podcasts. It’s just a few of the top episodes mentioned by Redditors when they discuss their favourite shows.

Sophie Bush, episode 63

Sophia Bush’s meeting with Dax is one of Redditor Bellevert’s favourites: “… while she equated racism to saying, “You experienced had tough too and had many genuine challenges, but race wasn’t one of them. Speaking with family and friends who disagreed with the notion that racism is a problem in the US was incredibly helpful.

Sophie Bush has been in several spin-off series and the television programme Chicago PD, which depicts a fictionalised version of the Chicago Police Department. She didn’t only talk about race and privilege in her podcast comments, but she didn’t avoid the subject when it came up. An early episode featured her chat with Dax and demonstrated the trust and candour he can foster.

Ep. 290 and 163: Adam Grant

The following are the episodes with a psychotherapist as well as journalist Adam Grant that Redditor jthompson84 suggests: “I frequently find myself going back to these sessions to hear him reiterate all of his bombshells. I’m now a fan of his work on Twitter and follow him there. Grant’s fascination with these “truth-bombs” is a recurring theme in his shows.

Grant talks about many types of bias in one of his recent visits. The subject of appropriateness bias, or how individuals respond to surveys with responses categorised as “appealing as opposed to their honest opinions, is particularly fascinating to me as an organisational psychologist since it demonstrates his curiosity in the concept underlying group-think alongside the way people react to one another.

Michael Pollan on Spotify, Exclusive for July 21-

A more particular preference is expressed by takeahike08, who writes, “I generally enjoy focusing on Expert programmes to the celebrity ones. Recently, Michael Pollan spoke on the topic of drugs. That episode piqued my interest quite a bit. Michael Pollan is a professor at UC Berkeley as well as an author and journalist.

Cooked, a Netflix documentary from 2016, is the greatest way to learn more about him and his work. The focus of Pollan’s works (The aforementioned Is Your Perspective on Plants and The Omnivore’s Dilemma) is on how man interacts with both edible and therapeutic plants.

His conversation with Dax focuses on the issues of herbal remedies and recreational drugs, as well as how the distinction between the two is frequently hazy. Particularly fascinating is their discussion of addiction in relation to these subjects.

Spotify Exclusive for January 2007

Max Greenfield I earned broke about twelve months following I began tuning in to the podcast, a Redditor named clownstastegood says in reference to the impact the show may have on a person. The way Dax talks about being sober, not a single guest (although Maxim Goldstein was a recent one), was what helped me.

Dax is not one to avoid a challenging subject, and the series frequently discusses his struggles with sobriety. When a conversation with Greenfield, who worked the two spent a considerable amount of time talking about the subject of alcoholism and how to sustain it despite challenges.

Ep. 2: August 21, February 22 Exclusive on Spotify: Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard’s wife, is, naturally, one of the podcast’s most frequent guests. Redditor Bellevert says, “I love their chemistry and the show scenes are amazing and so festive.” The performer offers an extensive repertoire of personal interests and adventures that are a great match for Shepards.

They talked about their children, their house, and Bell’s current medical concerns during her most recent visit; it was comparable to sitting in on a discussion in their kitchen. Along the way, they had a fascinating conversation about her when necessary most recent series, a parody of a bored-housewife criminal thriller called The Woman In The Apartment Down The Highway To The Girl In The Window.

Bradley Cooper Exclusive on Spotify for November 21

“These guys seemed both so refreshingly vulnerable, while I enjoyed taking a glimpse under the veil of everyday celeb relationships,” says jthompson84 in favour of the Bradley Cooper episode. also BC’s laughter. So infectious. This is undoubtedly perhaps the more laid-back and informal episode.

Actors Bradley Cooper, as well as Dax Shepard, have been close friends in real life from the beginning of their recovery journeys. They cover everything from business and relationships to crazy behind-the-scenes anecdotes in this episode, which is very light but quite entertaining.

Jason Bateman, episodes 35 and 240

His most recent talk with Dax about blogging and their individual lives was hilarious. With fellow actors Will Arnett and Sean Hayes, Bateman had just launched their own podcast, SmartLess. The conversations they have while drifting through this unhurried episode are quite amusing.


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With a monthly viewership of 20 million, Forbes ranked Armchair Expert as the fourth-highest-earning radio in the nation in 2020, putting its sales during that period at $9 million.

Charlamagne Tha God claims that Million Dollaz are the podcasters with the most successful businesses. During a recent interview on Worth of Game with presenters Gillie Du Kid and Wallo267, he made the following claim.

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Dax Shepard, presenter of Armchair Expert, actor, and comedian, may have a net worth of $40,000,000,000, but he still knows how to save money. Dax Shepard, an actor and comedian, has received recognition for his work in television series, motion pictures, and his popular podcast Armchair Expert.