Is John Travolta Gay

Is John Travolta Gay
Actor John Travolta poses for photographs on the red carpet for the new movie "The Forger" during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto on Friday, Sept. 12, 2014. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, /Nathan Denette)

is john travolta gay – Once more, John Travolta was the subject of gay sex rumours, raising the age-old article Is Johis john travolta gay Travolta gay?

Many people have come forward over the years to make fun of John Travolta for identifying as gay or, worse yet, for sexually harassing them.

Thanks to the ensuing court struggle and media scandal, everyone including individual masseurs even prostitutes to freight personnel even his company staff felt as though the actor’s reputation was almost swinging like a thread at one point. Nearly while into the actor’s professional career, these gay rumours have persisted.

The accusations gained new life in September 2022 when Joe Rinder, an older senior Scientology member, asserted that he had seen Rivera kiss a male masseuse.

In order to protect the Church’s reputation, he further claimed that the organisation assigned him the responsibility of clearing up the issue surrounding Travolta’s extramarital affairs.

Although a Church of Scientology official has since refuted these allegations, they were highlighted in Rinder’s autobiography, “A Thousand Years: My Departure into Living at the Upper Ranks of Scientology,” which has reopened the debate about whether John Travolta is gay.

John Travolta:  is john travolta Gay?

Claims that John Travolta is gay have been publicly refuted. The “Pulp Fiction” actor claimed that several of his interviews that the accusations against him being gay were an attempt to blackmail him, which he dubbed “a celebrity’s Achilles heel.” The symbol revealed:

People simply wanting money is “IT.” THAT IS IT. IT OCCURS ON A RANGE OF LEVELS.

He also clarified why he was the target of such accusations. Like most famous people, Travolta said he was reluctant to tackle it head-on, which allowed the rumours to spiral out of hand.

Due to persistent rumours, the public will continue to speculate about John Travolta’s sexual orientation; nevertheless, the actor’s adamant denial of requiring anything in the gay sex claims shouts louder.

History of John Travolta’s Gay Scandals:

(the timeline too is John Travolta gay history) 

  • Since the 1990s, the actor has been the subject of scandals related to LGBT claims. However, it does not prove John Travolta’s sexual orientation.
  • In fact, once testimonies become inconclusive, the majority of these earlier LGBT scandals ultimately came to an end. A Beverly Hills masseuse especially another from Atlanta accused the celebrity of touching them in sexual battery lawsuits filed against him in 2012.
  • When the Los Angeles assault was allegedly committed, it was learned after the court proceedings that the actor was away in New York filming a movie. Both cases were ultimately dropped.
  • He also came into contact with Fabian Zanzi, a former worker at Royal Caribbean Cruises. The worker said that in 2009, while on a cruise, he nonconsensually pressed his nude body against his person.
  • At some point, the parties concerned jointly signed paperwork dismissing the lawsuit. Later arrived ex-Stanford aviator Douglas Gotterba, who asserted that he and Travolta had a protracted love affair in the 1980s.
  • A tell-all book describing his life’s journey, including his extramarital adventures, was another threat he made. The defence team for Travolta was unsuccessful in keeping him from sharing his “confidential” account. Ultimately, the judge ruled in Gotterba’s favour, allowing him to express his allegedly catastrophic truth in court.

The Sexuality of John Travolta Based on His Past Relationships

Despite the widespread claims claiming that Travolta is gay, the comedian has never been in a love connection with another person of the same sex in public.

He has been linked to celebrities like Anita Gilette, Kate Hyland, Brooks Shields, François Deneuve, and Lauren Preston on his Hollywood dating page.

 In 1976, John Travolta started dating Diana Hyland, who was 18 years his senior. After starring together as both parents in his debut TV movie, “The Kid in the Plastic Bag,” they grew close.

They eventually got married and lived happily ever after until Hyland’s death from breast cancer in 1977. In 1980, he switched to French beauty Catherine Deneuve. 

Travolta and young Brooke Shield were rumoured to have a relationship in 1981. Due to their fictitious age difference, it looks like their relationship stayed platonic. Before falling in love with Kelly Preston, he seems to have dated Jennifer Henner. So this was all about the article on- is John Travolta gay? 


  • Which individual is John Travolta’s spouse at the moment?

Kelly Stennon is his wife, from 1991 to 2020

  • What happened to the child of John Travolta?

After having a seizure while on a relative’s excursion to Grand Bahama Island in 2009, Jett passed away. He was 16 at the time.

  • Travolta learned to dance in what way?

He attended a theatre programme in New York City, where he learned acting, dancing, and voice under the tutelage of his mother, who is also an actress and dancer. He made the decision to integrate any and every one of his talents and pursue a career as a musical comedian.