How To Get Scutes in Minecraft?

tips to get scutes in Minecraft

Who likes things going monotonic or who doesn’t like the changes? Nobody likes following or playing with the same thing with no changes. We all love change and the addition of new features to our favorite game is another level of fun. So the same happened with the Minecraft game in 2018 when they introduced turtles, turtle eggs, and scutes to the players. 

Players found it really cute, amazing, and exciting but still there are many players who have no idea about How to get scutes in Minecraft and then how to use them further in the game. So considering the same problem of insufficient knowledge among the Minecraft players, here is this article to tell you everything related to the scutes, how to get them, how to use them, and so on.

But before getting into every minor detail of How to get scutes in Minecraft, let us understand a little about scutes, and what it is. However, if you look at scute it does not seem to be that big of a matter but when you will see its use, it is huge. It is a very crucial element that contributes to the making of a turtle’s helmet. 

In simple words, scute is nothing but a drop that a baby turtle drops while growing up into an adult turtle. This scute is counted as the most basic and important element for the players of Minecraft who want to add a helmet to their turtle as an extra amazing effect. 

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How do turtles drop scutes? 

There is only a single way to get the scute when a turtle drops it while they grow into an adult. Being a Minecraft player it is very important for you to know that every baby turtle when it reaches its maturity stage releases or drops scutes but the main point is each baby turtle is capable of dropping only one scute.  

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How to safely raise a baby turtle and faster into an adult? 

Just like the grown-up turtles, baby turtles also really love eating seagrass. If we look at the percentage of contribution a seagrass has to the growth of a baby turtle then it is around 10%. Basically, if you feed one seagrass to a baby turtle then it will lead him 10 percent closer to adulthood. 

So, if we calculate it with the percentage mentioned, if you feed 10 seagrasses to a baby turtle, it would be enough to take them to the stage of a completely grown-up adult turtle. Now the most important part and the matter of concern that comes in is, How to raise a baby turtle?

Since both, the eggs of the turtle and baby turtles are really fragile, it becomes quite a task to properly handle them with all the care. Any push or jump by the mobs can harm or break the turtle eggs in no time. Also, the baby turtles are the food for most of the animals in the Minecraft game.  

Such animals that could probably end up killing or eating the baby turtles are- Zombies, Drowned, and skeletons. They will willingly attack turtle babies and kill them immediately. The list of foes doesn’t end here, it also includes the animals like- wild ocelots, wild wolves, stray cats, and foxes. 

So taking good care and precautions for the safe growth of turtle eggs and baby turtles is very necessary otherwise they will end up dead in no time. But now the question that comes in is, How? How can you keep them safe, away from the eyes of the foes? As a solution for the same, you can hide them by building something around them. Like you can construct walls and fencing to keep them all safe from such threats. 

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If you are new to Minecraft and have just begun playing it, you might not know all the amazing features that Minecraft has. One among them is the feature that has been introduced only a few years back in 2018. The most essential part of this new feature is to collect the scutes and many players do not know How to get scutes in Minecraft. But no worries, the above article has everything you need to know regarding scutes and how to get scutes in Minecraft.