How To Choose The Best Baby Blanket?

best baby blankets

Being parents do you also worry about your baby’s comfort? Without any doubt the answer you would get from all the parents would be a big yes. There are many things that contribute to the comfort of a newborn baby but the most comforting thing which needs to be best is the baby’s blanket. After the arms of parents the biggest comfort a baby could get from is the soft blanket. The best baby blankets work like a comforter when the parents are not around. 

If you succeed in choosing the best baby blankets then it would act no less than a cuddling partner of your little one. Though sometimes it gets a little tough to choose a perfect, comfortable, and the best blanket for your baby, it is not impossible to find one. There are hundreds of brands and options available in the market from which you can choose any one for your baby. 

Now the question arises, How to choose best baby blankets among the wide variety of options available in the market. Here is this article in order to give you the clarity and help you with the selection of the best baby blanket. So while you go shopping there are a few things you need to consider and take care of. The essential buying tips include, softness, proper comfort, cool fabric, beautiful prints, light colors, sufficient size, and so on. 

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Few of the best baby blankets!

  • Luvable friends. 

When it comes to choosing baby bedding products this brand is considered to be one of the best renowned and authentic brands. They know what is best for the baby and what’s not. They use only the best quality materials in making every baby bedding product. Also, they make sure to keep their products 100% cotton which then turns out to be amazingly soft and hence does not harm the sensitive skin of the baby. 

Along with the material and comfort, the luvable friends brand also works well on the design pattern and color combination of the blankets. We all know that light colors of blankets are the most suitable ones, especially for babies. So in order to provide pleasant light-colored blankets, this brand wisely chooses all the colors of blankets while manufacturing. But the best part about the blankets of luvable friends is that along with the high quality they are long-lasting as well i.e. does not turn out to be rough in a few uses. 

There are multiple activities that a baby does and for every action, we need a separate cloth to handle. But with the blankets of luvable friends, things get a little easy to manage because you can use their blanket for multiple purposes. You can use the blanket while making your baby burp. Also, you can treat it as a changing mat when lying down your baby. In fact, you can even use it while you are traveling or going out or when placing the baby into the cradle. 

  • Hudson baby forest. 

Another perfect example of the best baby products brand. Hudson baby forest brand is not limited to only producing bedding products for babies. They manufacture almost all the accessories that a baby uses, like- footwear, bathing, feeding, clothing, and so on. Basically, Hudson baby forest is an all-rounder company that covers everything a parent would require for the comfort of their baby. 

Since the brand offers premium quality blankets you can not question its authenticity and hence it has earned a huge reputation in the market worldwide. The reason behind the comfort and softness of the blankets of this brand is their amazing fabric. They use a fabric called sherpa which works like magic in making the blankets soft and highly comfortable. Also, they have a wide range in colors and prints of blankets, somewhere around 20-25 which I guess is more than enough for the best baby blankets. 

As we all know that children love animated stuff and seeing any such cartoon images instantly brings a smile to their faces. So, following the same strategy for the sake of bringing a smile to a baby’s face along with the warmth, this brand manufactures forest print baby blankets. Such forest print best baby blankets are completely covered with different-different creatures like- owls, squirrels, foxes, bears, and many more. 

The size of the blanket is big enough i.e. 30*40 inches that you can easily cover your baby from head to toe and even when your little one grows a little older. It is so feasible to use in every condition even when you are traveling somewhere. Also, the blanket that Hudson baby offers is quite durable so that it won’t tear apart in a few washes. In addition to the benefits of blankets of this brand, the best one is that they give dual-sided blankets. This dual-sided feature is what makes it unique, more usable, and highly on demand among the parents. 

  • Boritar 

Keeping a note of all the fears that parents have for their newborn baby, Boritar takes full care of the proper safety and comfort of the baby. Hence they manufacture the blankets that are double-layered which ensure more safety for the baby. Any beautiful print or images of different creatures brings a smile to children’s faces immediately and following the same approach Boristar makes blankets using cool and funky patterns. 

They produce blankets in almost 8 different variants. The fabric that they use is 100% super-soft polyester which has a warm, gentle and ideal touch and hence is perfect for the sensitive skin of your baby. Their way of stitching is clear-cut proof of the quality and durability of the blanket. Boristar blankets are designed in a very unique manner and are dual-sided. Both sides have their own advantage, one is smooth, soft, and plain while the other is dotted. 

The blanket can be used for multiple purposes, like- as a burp cloth, a feeding cover, and the list goes on. As we all know the usage of chemicals is not good, especially when it is concerned with the babies and so for the same Boristar is well aware. They avoid using harmful chemicals while making the best baby blankets. 

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  • Wonder Miracle. 

The fluffy, unisex, and comfy blankets of wonder miracle are no less than a treat to have. It comes in a variety of 15 colors and designs. The thing that contributes to the amazing softness of the blankets is the polyester fabric they use. The stitching technique of miracle blankets makes it easy to distinguish them from 100 other baby blankets. 

The blanket size is quite large enough i.e. 28*40 inches that would perfectly cover your baby from top to bottom even after your little one grows a little older. It is a multipurpose blanket and would serve in many events, like- it can be used as a travel blanket, cradle blanket, decorative blanket, and the list goes on. In addition to the multiple events where miracle wonder blankets can be used is as a diaper cover. 

You might think that the blankets are large enough and how they can be used as a diaper. But you are saying this because you haven’t used wonder miracle blankets yet. Once you use them you will get to know how soft and light in weight they are that they can easily be draped on your baby. Whatever be the brand or style of clothing but it should not affect the breathing of children and Wonder Miracle designs its blankets that ensure proper breathing. 

Points you may consider while buying the best baby blanket!

Yes it is better to explore and see the variety of options before buying or sticking to any one. But having more choices also may result in a big confusion. So there must be some deciding factors on the basis of which you can decide the best baby blankets. The points that your need to consider for the same are as mentioned below:- 

  • Check the quality.

There are a variety of fabrics used in the making of blankets. But not all proves to be best and comforting. Some might cause itching and irritation that is not good for the baby’s delicate skin. Also, the point that comes under the quality check is whether the cloth of the blanket enables proper breathing or not. 

  • See the comfort. 

Even if the blanket looks excellent and beautiful in appearance it does not give the surety of comfort. So do not select it just by seeing, touch it and feel the fabric whether it would give proper comfort to your baby or not. Because comfort is the first and the foremost thing babies need to get into a sound sleep. 

  • Select the perfect size.

As per your baby’s length, find a blanket of the right size that will cover up your baby perfectly, neither too long nor too short. Because smaller size would create problems in covering the baby properly and in case of larger size it is possible that your baby might face breathing difficulty. This breath risk factor would get even worse or risky if you are not around to look after your child due to any reason.   

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