Best Bedroom Decor Ideas For New Couples

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Brainstorming bedroom decor ideas can be an exciting project when you’re moving into a new space with your partner for the very first time. It’s an interesting time to discover shared design sensibilities, sleep patterns, and living habits that’ll bring back some novelty and fun into being with each other.

When it comes to the bedroom, things can get a little tricky. If you’re used to your bedroom being a personal sanctuary of rest, having another person involved in your bedroom decor ideas can be a challenge, no matter how much you love them.

Ensuring you’re getting the input of your partner as you’re selecting elements of bedroom furniture that you want improving is going to be an important part of sharing this new space with them. When it comes to knowing what you want from your master bedroom decor, a good place is to start is the function of the space itself: rest.

Investing in key pieces of your bedroom, such as the best mattress for both you and your partner, or an adjustable bed frame that allows you both the flexibility you may desire is an important step in ensuring that you’re both able to find comfort and relaxation in your shared space.

Ultimately, your bedroom furniture should be a reflection of the shared taste between you and the person you share your space with. While getting the best mattress you can is a great start, here are some of our top tips when it comes to cohabitating, and coming up with bedroom decor ideas that don’t feel like a good compromise between you and your partner.

A good relationship is built on good sleep

It may seem like an over-exaggeration to emphasize the importance of healthy sleep hygiene to the success of your relationship, but studies indicate that couples who sleep well actually get int less conflict than those who struggle with a lack of sleep.

More generally speaking, healthy sleep hygiene habits allows us to achieve a more balanced and optimal sense of wellbeing, so it’s important no matter what that your bedroom furniture supports you getting the right amount of rest.

With prospective on the line, it is little wonder you should look into investing in the best mattress you can for the kind of rest you want. Memory foam mattresses tend to be a popular choice among people who cohabitate, mainly due to their versatility when it comes to providing comfort for every type of sleeper.

The molding capabilities of memory foam make them the best mattresses for side, back, or stomach sleepers since you’re equally supported and comfort through your night’s rest. The best mattresses are also ones that are engineered to be durable while still keeping their quality intact, so ensuring you’re protected by a warranty of some kind is a great way to secure your investment.

Creating comfort with your bedroom furniture

Finding the best mattress for your room first will allow the rest of your bedroom furniture to fall into place. When selecting a bed frame, one of the key factors to take into consideration is how much space you have in your bedroom overall.

If you’re looking to create space in your room, you may want to consider getting a bed frame that allows the option of creating storage space underneath your bed. You might also wish to get an adjustable bed frame. Adjustable bed frames are particularly good for couples who have radically different sleeping styles, or schedules.

The best mattresses made of memory foam will have motion absorption qualities that allow you to toss and turn in bed without disturbing your partner. The best mattress requires good quality bedding. VisionBedding dragon styles have some great options worth checking out. Similarly, an adjustable bed frame is a piece of bedroom furniture that can allow you to customize your rest a lot more personally.

Weighted blankets are another sleep accessory that is gaining popularity for those who struggle to get good quality rest. If you’re struggling to stay asleep because of a particularly restless partner, a weighted blanket works to distribute pressure evenly across your body and lull you into a state of calm that leads to uninterrupted rest.

Whether you’re looking for the right weighted blanket, best mattress, or adjustable bed frame, keep in mind that proper research is necessary before you settle on something that works for your particular needs. It is also important to clean your mattress on time to ensure their longevity.

While the best of any piece of bedroom furniture really depends on your individual requirements, ensuring that some universal features remain true – trial periods, warranties, and financing options if you’re looking to invest but aren’t sure how exactly you can go about it are all going to be vital as you make your choice.

Customizing your space to share it

From having a minimalist room to one that is cluttered with all types of art, your bedroom decor ideas can range from functional to incredibly extravagant. What’s important in it all is that you and your partner are able to agree on the most important pieces of bedroom furniture in your space, all while being able to retain your individual design sensibilities when doing so.

Art, other functional pieces of bedroom furniture such as your nightstand, wardrobe, and any additional shelving you’ll want to be installed, are all going to rely on how much space and budget you have left after you’re done filling up the main components of your space. Some adjustable bed frames come with lighting and massage zones of their own, eliminating the need for bedside lighting.

Bedroom decor ideas that rely too heavily on one person’s taste is also going to result in a space that doesn’t feel truly shared. Part of moving into a new home together is about experiencing the process of deciding everything from what furniture you want to where you want to stay, and doing so together.

From finding the top rated mattress to settling on an adjustable bed frame, a room that’s full of compromises will result in a room that’s co-owned and will be the first step to making your shared space a home.