An Interesting story of the Ten Commandments of Seven Deadly Sins

seven deadly sins 10 commandments curses

Do you know about seven deadly sins 10 commandments curses? The Ten Commandments of the Seven Deadly Sins is a list of ten rules that summarize how people should act to avoid facing “judgment day” or Judgment Day. As written by Billie Wilder, the Ten Commandments must be followed to be spared from facing judgment day. These commandments have been compared to religious teachings but have evolved and are now being used as a guide for different groups and societies across the globe. 

The Ten Commandments are on the same level of power as the Four Demon Kings, monsters who rank amongst the most powerful beings in history. When they were alive, these ten warriors were considered close to invincible. Lust has three commandments: Irresistible Voice, Undetectable Trap, and Instant Death Drug. There are three commandments of Gluttony: Holy Protection Seal, High-Speed Regeneration, and Paralysis Coating. Finally, there are three commandments of Greed: Great Eye Wisdom, King Bow, Enhanced Vision, and Invisibility Mixing Skill. 

There are two commandments of Sloth: Self-Portrait Painting and Illusionary Maze Tower. They were all Demon Clan Nobles. Although they have now been reincarnated as humans, they still share a bond and survive together in an organization called Ten Commandments, which is an elite group not affiliated with any country. People created the Ten Commandments because it was necessary to rescue all of the reincarnated Demon Clan Nobles from completely disappearing from history (death).

Background story:

Seven deadly sins 10 commandments curses were created by the first-generation leader Billie Wilder. They were created when humans destroyed the Demon Clan, and the Four Demon Kings were killed. Billie Wilder was gathering the most vital Demon Clan members for them to survive and escape from being killed by humans. 

To avoid getting killed by humans, they had to pretend to become human and be affiliated with different countries. According to ancient records of reincarnated noble members, the reincarnated Nobles were given a unique signature skill—the ability to make their laws. The members of the Ten Commandments are now struggling to find the last surviving Demon Clan member—Greed. They know that becoming the Demon Clan’s final member will allow them to rebuild the Demon Clan.

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The Seven Deadly Sins:

Why does the series have such a name? Billie Wilder states, ‘ the seven deadly sins are considered virtues by demons.’ When you read about them, it is clear that they can be applied either way: towards good or bad. For example, one part of the Bible speaks of Pride as one of the seven deadly sins; in other parts, Pride is praised as being ‘humility’ and ‘the virtue which allows one to be courageous. In this series, the seven deadly sins are:

  • Optimism – Optimism sees all good things as beautiful, and nothing wrong can happen to them. The optimist never gives in to negative emotions or thoughts. They keep their head up high and their hearts at peace.
  • Thinking – A thinking person is not just someone who thinks logically but also someone who is open-minded and accepts the truth—even when they disagree with it. Such a person can accept defeat if needed to make a more significant impact in the future by helping others along the way. They do not mind making a mistake or two. Their Pride should be in their ability to think through things accurately and not in the opinion of others.
  • Blame – The blame-lover asks others to help them solve their problems, even while solving them themselves. They are afraid of confronting their responsibility and willingly put themselves out there to take all the blame. They make decisions based on emotion, not logic.
  • Ornament – The ornament person puts on clothing that they think makes them look good and does things that they think will help them get ahead in life but does not achieve any significant gains for him or herself. They often do things that are useless and time-consuming. 
  • Anxious – The anxious person constantly worries about the future, especially the outcome of their actions. They spend all of their time agonizing over the past, like what they have done in the past and what might have happened to them if they had done something differently. Anxious people also tend to be afraid of what others might say or do, so they focus on how others react to them rather than how they act toward others.
  • Resentment – The resentful person hates an unfair world in which some seem more fortunate than others. They hate when ordinary people are getting ahead of them and feel resentment towards them for it. The resentful also hate themselves for their shortcomings or failures.
  • Guilt – A guilty person struggles to forgive others for things they have done in the past and does not move on from it so quickly. They hold grudges against those around them and refuse to let themselves move forward in life. They do not mind taking revenge on someone who has hurt them, even if it does not solve anything.

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Fraud in of Selflessness:

The fraud had initially been assigned to watch over the newly-reborn Demon King. But he saw that the Demon King was being manipulated by humans and became enraged. So he secretly went to the reincarnated Billie Wilder, and they formed the Ten Commandments. It is how the 7 Deadly Sins and Ten Commandments’ founding leaders were born.

The Seven Deadly Sins are powerful reincarnated demons who appear in “The Seven Deadly Sins.” They consist of Meliodas, Elizabeth, Diane, Ban, King, Gowther, and Merlin. Their goal is to find all of the Demon Clan’s hidden descendants and help them fulfill their ambitions to rebuild the Clan and restore its former glory while defeating anyone who stands in their way.

Derieri of Purity: 

Derriere was a student at the human army academy who quickly rose through the ranks. He eventually became the leader of a minor, mobile unit (an elite unit of the human army, similar to a Navy Seal Team). King dispatched him to investigate and find the members of ‘The Seven Deadly Sins. Derriere is also considered one of the Ten Commandments’ leading figures, as he is second in command.

Gilthunder of Justice: 

“The Seven Deadly Sins” manga’s first meeting with Gilthunder at the beginning differs from his Queen-like look in “The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival”. He does have large ears and a small nose, but besides that, he looks younger than everyone else. Gilthunder’s mission is to spy on The Seven Deadly Sins, which he agrees to do because he is in love with Elizabeth.

Helbram of Compassion: 

Although it was never stated why Helbram joined the Seven Deadly Sins, it seems like a good decision because he gets to see his wife again. He was a great warrior who fought for his Kingdom and was greatly admired by the citizens.

Veronica of Lovelessness: 

Veronica used to be a Princess of Tristan’s Kingdom, but she betrayed her country and disappeared after being manipulated by Meliodas. The Seven Deadly Sins are powerful reincarnated demons who appear in “The Seven Deadly Sins”. They consist of Meliodas, Elizabeth, Diane, Ban, King, Gowther and Merlin. Their goal is to find all of the Demon Clan’s hidden descendants and help them fulfil their ambitions to rebuild the Clan and restore its former glory while defeating anyone who stands in their way.

Other Information:

The Tristan kingdom was in a very dark period. A young Princess Veronica, who has been known as a prodigy, suggests the King seal off the Demon Clan. The Princess had a mysterious power. With her power, Veronica could destroy most Demon Clan members and drive them out of the Kingdom. However, the Princess was possessed and taken over by the Demon King, who tried to kill everyone in her way. 

As she tried to kill one of her best friends named Helbram, she was stopped by Helbram with all of his might. He also wholly removes his body to free Veronica from that evil spirit. The Seven Deadly Sins is an exciting anime. I have watched the first ten episodes. I liked everyone because of their funny dialogues and unique concepts. But, some questions are still in my mind regarding the plotline.

They aren’t related to other characters; they only appear separately. Also, they seem to be living together in a small home. So, how will the plot go forward in the future? What will happen to them? “The Seven Deadly Sins” is an action-fantasy adventure manga series written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki.


1. I’m a reincarnated demon. Can I be a member of the Ten Commandments?

The only requirements for joining the organization are that you must be of the Demon Clan and have been reincarnated as a human after being killed. However, it does not matter how strong or weak you are since all of the members had originally been the strongest demons in history and were still considered the strongest even before becoming humans.

2. Is it possible for demons to be reincarnated?

No. Only humans killed by other humans can be reincarnated into different races in different worlds, like animals, vampires, elves or dragons, etc.

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The story of seven deadly sins 10 commandments curses revolves around different emotions and goals that the characters have due to reincarnation, which is quite interesting to watch. The production team has done a fantastic job with the anime, and it is truly delightful to watch. There doesn’t seem to be a dull moment in the anime; it’s full of action and humour. The only downside about this series is that it’s been marred by several unpleasant rumors about its creator, which has depressed the fan base.