Best Hourglass tattoo designs: Symbolization & Meaning of Hourglass with wings

hourglass tattoo

If you are looking to get a tattoo, you must definitely consider getting an hourglass tattoo as they look really cool and have profound meanings. Apart from being in trend, Hourglass tattoos are very innovative and creative. The meaning of Hourglass tattoo designs is similar to the dictionary meaning and of an Hourglass. An hourglass tattoo with wings displays the passage of time. Let’s see what does an hourglass symbolizes?

Among many historians, the mystery of the Hourglass is still intact. These hourglass tattoo designs provide a mysterious personality to the bearer that is considered an extremely attractive trait in a person’s personality. Hourglasses are majorly famously in England, where they can be seen on different items. These types of tattoos are popular, and they have been popular for a very long time.

It is claimed that the invention of the Hourglass was in Egypt, ranging from 350 AD to 150 BC. You can embody many different types of hourglass crafts, including the Hourglass tattoo, piercings, etc.

As per many, Hourglasses symbolize the continuous passage of time and its inevitability. It symbolizes that time doesn’t wait for any man, and it must be used wisely. To others, this hourglass tattoo symbolizes the inevitable circle of life and death, as the two bulbs are placed upon one another and are reversed after the sand transfers entirely from the top to the low.

Symbolism Of Hourglass Tattoo

People get hourglass tattoo designs for decorative value and deep symbolism. The hourglass tattoos symbolize time and have been around for centuries.

Time is the most precious and is also limited. Many people do not value time until it is too late. One day time will run out just like the sand and will go by in a blink.

People need to be reminded of the value of time and hourglass tattoo designs serve that purpose right.

Another popular opinion is that the hourglasses symbolize the contrast between joy and sorrow and how they both come and go inevitably. That being said, let’s look at various types of hourglass tattoo designs. These hourglass tattoos are suitable for both men and women.

There are many different designs and symbols of hourglass tattoos. Let’s take a look at some of the best Hourglass tattoo designs that represent time, life, death, joy, and sorrow.

Stunning Tattoo Design For Hourglass Lovers

The hourglass tattoo design has become a popular choice for tattoo lovers all around the world. These hourglass tattoos not only look spectacular but will fit on almost any body part.

Neo-traditional hourglass tattoos

This approach to designing hourglass tattoos is really diverse and attractive. These pieces are timeless and mysterious.

As apparent from the image, this hourglass tattoo is meant to be made on the chest, and it visually includes the Hourglass tattoo design in which the quantity of sand is divided equally among the two bulbs. Another thing to be noticed here is that the colors used are remarkably contrasted, giving the overall tattoo a very vibrant look. The Hourglass is joined by the wings at its side, a profound symbol.

This Hourglass with wings symbolizes that the bearer is mindful of the fact that time flees away inevitably.

Here the artist made an interesting choice to draw a broken lower bulb of the Hourglass that makes the sand leak out of the Hourglass; the colors and the borders are bold. This gives a unique look to the whole hourglass tattoo.

This tattoo includes a raven along with the Hourglass; drawing a raven is a tough task, and the artist uses deep shades of back and purple to provide the raven a more realistic look; there is also a graveyard as the background in this. This is one of the darkest hourglass tattoos on this list.

The meaning and the purpose behind this tattoo are really deep and conscious. Here the artist tries to symbolize that after destruction, there is a new beginning. This message is heavily symbolized by drawing an explosion in the upper bulb and a bud in the lower one. The colors are in contrast to each other in this tattoo design as well.

 Hourglass skull tattoos

Head skull tattoos are also trendy, and here are a few examples of hourglass skull tattoos. In the following piece, the maker applies gray and black colors to give the tattoo a spookier look.

This skull tattoo uses full black and white colors to focus on the shining light that is supposed to be reflecting off the sharply polished surface in this masterpiece

In this tattoo, the skull is incorporated inside the Hourglass, and a realistic candle is burning at the top of the skull and inside the Hourglass.

Tree of Life Hourglass Tattoos

A creative way of designing the hourglass is getting a tree of life hourglass tattoos. In these hourglass tattoo ideas, the natural elements into the glass globe leave stunning imagery.

If you would like to pay tribute to any of your favorite outdoor spaces then getting a tree of life tattoo will make sense. You can also add significant animals and plants to your tattoo design to customize the design.

This hourglass tattoo design has a deeper meaning.

  • Take care of the environment before time runs out.
  • spending time with nature.
  • See outdoors as much as possible as life is short.
  • Take care of the environment, time is running out.
  • The world is full of beautiful things with so little time to see it all.


Flowers & Hourglass Tattoos

There are so many ways to incorporate flowers into your hourglass tattoo design. As flowers are known for their unique meanings you can choose any of the flowers that resonate with you.

Flowers are temporary delicate beauty and when paired with a timepiece design it reminds of Vanitas art.

Here are some of the symbolism associated with floral hourglass tattoo design:

  • Wait for your time, till then appreciate the natural beauty around you
  • Don’t be blinded by material possessions, you can’t take anything with you.
  • Stop and sniff the roses
  • Embrace your inner feminine side
  • Honor the women of your life.

Black-work Hourglass Tattoos

Blackwork hourglass is tiny tattoos that look best on the hip, wrist, or ankle. This tattoo idea uses simple lines and dark-filled areas to depict the sand inside.

Also, these symbolize that life is short and we have limited time spent to complete our goals and chase dreams.

Abstract Hourglass Tattoos

An abstract tattoo with other elements makes an interesting style of hourglass tattoo. Your tattoo artist can build a unique connection by using their creativity.

People who believe that time is infinite and connect the belief with their own spirituality get this tattoo.

Neo-traditional Hourglass Tattoos

Neo-traditional tattoos are colourful designs that look like from some other time. its symbolizes guidance from someone you loved in the past.

If you believe in spirits or guardian angels they are paving the way to you towards a good afterlife.

 Unorthodox colorful designs of hourglass tattoos

As per tradition, hourglass tattoos are generally made by using a black, gray, or a dark shade of pink. But here are various examples of colorful hourglass tattoos that look outstanding.

In this hourglass tattoo design, the artist combines red ink with the conventional black and grey ink to give the tattoo a more realistic look, as the red ink is used beautifully for drawing the splattered blood.  

This is yet another hourglass tattoo that uses a burning candle inside it, but this time, the fire is made from a yellow it to make the tattoo come to life.

Floral Hourglass tattoos

There are certain floral designs that were used by sailors of that era for measuring speed and time. The colorful designs and shades will look spectacular. Your arm is the best place to get these hourglass tattoo ideas.

Broken Hourglass Tattoos

A broken hourglass represents death and also not caring about time. Broken glass is fragmented pieces.

Here are some common meanings represented by Broken hourglass tattoo ideas.

  • Being rebellious
  • Playing with your own rules
  • Feeling unlimited
  • Neverending potential to achieve things in life

Innovative Hourglass tattoos

Here are many examples of tattoos that are innovative and set the bar really high. These tattoos also represent how a tattoo can look marvelous without even using different colors.

In this piece, the maker uses gray and black ink shades to make a very different sort of Hourglass; in this particular Hourglass tattoo, there are little silhouettes that are falling from top to bottom instead of sand. Guess what does this Hourglass symbolizes?

This is a tattoo that is another hourglass with wings tattoo. In this, the artist uses the line-work very carefully to draw very detailed feathers of the wings attached to both sides of the Hourglass tattoos. This tattoo also symbolizes that time has wings, and it flies away quickly.

This is a matching hourglass tattoo for both hands, and it is highly saturated with gray nd black ink; there are wings attached to the Hourglass in his tattoo as well. The details of the wings’ feathers and the similarity in both hands are really attractive in this tattoo.

What does an hourglass with wings symbolize? Tell us in the comment section as we have told you that already.