Best Motorized Surf Board For Expert Surfers

motorized surf board

A motorized surf board, also known as a jet board, enables you to surf on almost any body of water by motorizing your surfboard and propelling you through the water. A jet board will give you one of the most exciting and adrenaline-pumping water sports experiences, even in flatwater conditions.

Even in some of the world’s top surf areas with ideal waves crashing, your surfing experience is strongly influenced by climate and sea conditions. Unless you have a motorized surf board, of course.

The most excellent powered surfboards are light, speedy, and have a longer riding time. Most are driven like jet skis, and some, like the Raise eFoil, include bow thrusters that uplift the board above the water. Jet boards are all portable and come with a variety of customizing choices.

Types of e-Surfboards

There are two types of jet boards available today: motorized surfboards and electric hydrofoils.

Electric surfboards are similar to longboards or funboards, and they range in length from 7 to 9 feet. It is a type of craft that lets the user cruise about on the ocean, canals, rivers, and dams and catch waves while standing.

There are stiff and inflatable variants, but most e-surfboards are built of lightweight carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum.

Surfboards with an electric hydrofoil construction are known as electric hydrofoil boards.

It’s a speedier board that lets the rider make rapid, sharp turns while gliding inches above the water’s surface.

Motorized foil boards are also much more dangerous. They should never be used in busy areas or near famous bathing beaches.

Power and Speed

A powered surfboard may travel at incredible speeds. The fastest high-end electric boards include a dual jet propulsion system and two batteries, allowing riders to glide effortlessly across the water. What is the top speed of an electric surfboard? 

Motor power varies from 5 to 15 kW at a total rate, giving optimal stability and control. Depending on typical speeds, a powered surfboard may attain speeds of up to 40 miles per hour (65 kilometers per hour) and a ride time of roughly 45 minutes.

Batteries, impellers, grips, triggers, fin configuration, leashes, foot straps, and various tool kits are all removable components and spare parts available on nearly all accessible models. So how long does an electric surfboard last?

It depends on the model, size, and weight of the board and the batteries utilized. The size, weight, and kind of battery used to drive the built-in motorized system all have a role.

You may discover motorized surfboards that need to be recharged after 20 minutes and others that will enable you to ride for six hours at maximum speed.

Almost all battery-powered motorboats have many power levels and changeable batteries, allowing you to get the most out of your outings. Although charging times vary, the most excellent electric surfboards may be charged in 60 to 120 minutes.

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Best Motorized Surfboard

Here is a list of some of the best options for a motorized surfboard.

Awake Ravik S Motorized Surfboard

Awake, a Swedish company, makes stylish electric surfboards. Its a top-of-the-line model of  Ravik S Motorized Surfboard. The top characteristics of this surfboard are agility, speed, and stability. The board has thin tails and soft sides, which increase agility while reducing buoyancy compared to the older versions. When surfers are out on the water, this design gives them more control.

 This board has a top speed of 56 km/h, and surfers can surf at four different power levels. It also features a solid twin fin which ensures stability in the waves. The board’s high-end characteristics of this board make it the first pick among surfers looking for the best possible experience.

Lift Foil Motorized Surf board

The eFoil is a very unique model. It’s a motorized surf board that gives you the sensation of soaring across the sea. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and its motor is tranquil and placed on a carbon fiberboard.

With the Wireless hand control that accompanies it, you can manage all great functions. It has a peak speed of 40.2 km/h, thrilling. This eFoil’s design is exquisite, and it’s constructed in such a manner that it can be disassembled and reassembled easily, making relocating and traveling with it a breeze.

 According to the company, beginners and pros alike may use Lift Foils, and it is perfectly safe. People above the age of 16 are advised to use the electric surfboard.

And, with the new addition of the premium Lift 3, you’ll receive a revised form for improved handling, smoother turns, and a little longer cruise duration of roughly 2 hours.

Ocean Carver X Motorized Surfboard

Ocean’s Carver X is one of the fastest boards on the market. This motorized surfboard has two batteries and a twin jet propulsion system. The board’s strength allows riders weighing more than 90 kg to enjoy full planning. This is the motorized board to purchase if you’re a little bigger yet always want to glide effortlessly across the water’s surface.

This board produces 10kW of power is one of its main selling points. This implies it has twice the strength of the average Carver model from the company. The Ocean Carver X comes highly rated when it comes to speed.

The Carver X is operated via a cordless remote controller for ease of use. This gives you the option of selecting from 5 power levels while allowing you to manage the pressure settings. There are a variety of alternatives available to suit various riders and locations.

When riding at varying speeds, the surfboard is composed of 2 batteries with a 40-minute duration. So if you’re searching for a genuinely enjoyable experience, the Carver X will not disappoint.

JetSurf Electric

The Jetsurf Electric is a solid electric board with excellent handling characteristics. This electric surfboard is available in various styles and colors to suit your preferences. Jetsurf Electric is also relatively light, making it highly portable and maneuverable.

Jetsurf Electric features an electric engine and a large battery with a riding time of 35 minutes. In addition, this electric surfboard includes an incorporated button on the steering cable and grip for raising the strength and enjoying a higher degree of turbo speed.

The board also has twin foot bindings to make your feet more comfortable. Because of its versatility of usage by both beginners and pros, the Jetsurf Electric is definitely one of the best-motorized surfboard models.

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 SUP Jet Electric Stand-Up Paddleboard

SUP is a well-known name in the world of motorized surfboard production. This electric paddle board is ideal for usage daily. Here’s where we get into the nitty-gritty. The spine of the SUP Jet Electric Stand-Up Paddleboard’s robust shell is comprised of high-quality EPS foam. 

The paddleboard is lightweight and corrosion- and chemical-resistant, preventing it from being damaged or harmed by water. This one has a top speed of around 8 kilometers per hour.

 As a result, it’s ideal for taking a leisurely boat journey, mainly if you can’t paddle any longer. It can’t compete with the Lift eFoil or the Awake, but this board isn’t for adrenaline seekers.

The board’s electric motor produces no emissions, so this is the motorized board for you if you’re concerned about the environment. Furthermore, the battery on this SUP is removable and simple to charge. 

One of our favorite features of this board, which makes it a top third pick, is that the engine can operate for up to 1.5 hours once charged. It also helps that the board has a beautiful appearance and includes a rear fin and an ankles leash.

Mertek S1 Inflatable Motorized Surfboard

Mertek is a good choice for people searching for a beginner-friendly, low-cost electric surfboard. Their S1 Inflated motorized Surfboard is extremely user-friendly; it is easy to transport and takes up very little room in a car or luggage because it is inflatable and foldable.

 It also has a peak speed of 26 km/h, much lower than some other versions on the market, making it suitable for younger or less experienced surfers. Riders control the board using a wireless remote, which has an eight-speed model and gives the user a lot of control.

 The board also has overboard stop technology, which causes the board to come to a complete stop if you fall off.

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​Where can you buy electric surfboards?

All of the options listed above may be purchased through the website or directly from the company’s website. Some provide free delivery in the United States, while others demand extra taxes and delivery fees. So, before making a final decision, think about these things. These are unquestionably one-time investments with negligible maintenance and operational costs because most of them are battery-driven.

Suppose any of this is your initial time acquiring an electric board. In that case, we strongly advise consulting with a professional or expert before deciding.

Motorized surf board is getting popular since they are environmentally benign and will continue as technology improves. One of the most crucial features to look for is long battery life since this will ensure that you get more bang for your cash.

 Also, find out about the warranty, since this will be crucial if you have any problems with the electric surfboard. You’re more likely to have issues with them than with a regular surfboard since there’s more room for mistakes.

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So there you have it, our list of the most significant electric surfboards available today. Electric surfboards are still in their infancy today, and there is plenty of room for advancement. One of the main reasons for the high pricing is that there is currently no mass production. 

We want to see the day when electric surfboards are within everyone’s grasp, and all surfers are having a fantastic time; when that day comes, we’ll let you know first.