How To Get Dodoco Tales?

Get Dodoco Tales

To obtain Dodoco Tales in Genshin Impact, you must have Mini Harpastum. When you’ve finished the Final Act of the Summers Island Expedition, you may unlock the “Harpastum Weapons Packed—Blow ‘Em Away!” assignment. When you have a sufficient amount of Mini Harpastum, you can exchange them for Dodoco Tales. We’ll see that this provides an excellent arsenal for Klee!

Little Harpastum

To obtain a few Mini Harpastum, complete the mission “Harpastum Bombs Packed… Blast ‘Em Off!”. See the project information underneath.

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Can you still get Dodoco Tales?

  • Dismantle the 3/6/9 monster encampment.
  • To defeat 2x adversaries consecutively in one assignment, utilize Direct Shooter.
  • Finally, defeat 3 adversaries twice in one assignment by using Floaty Splodies.
  • To complete one assignment, employ Floaty Splodies to defeat three adversaries four times.
  • Users will get 300 miniature harpastum every time they wipe out a monstrous encampment and complete one of the aforementioned tasks.

These monstrous encampments are marked with a Dodoco emblem. Once you get to one of the following locations, deploy the Harpastum explosives, and then proceed as normally planned with your Wind-Blessed Harpastum. So arm it, point it towards your enemies, and throw it. Take into account that you will only be able to utilize such weapons in the missions listed above.

Is Dodoco Tales for Klee?

  • When you’ve collected an adequate quantity of Mini Harpastum, you may buy the Dodoco Tales from either of the festival stores. You must pay 800 miniature harps for it.
  • You can enhance this novel with Pieces of Purity once you’ve bought it. Every one of these shards has 250 Mini harpastum.
  • You may level up Dodoco Tales to Level 5 if you acquire all four. As has already been mentioned, Dodoco Tales is an excellent Klee tool. Now that she possesses the finest free-to-play weapon, her terrorist bombings will be much more potent!


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